Month 15

Your toddler is really curious about the world around her! Encourage your child to explore her world. There is so much for her to see, hear, touch, taste, build, knock over, climb on and manipulate. Your quiet baby has become full of energy and she needs you to step up the pace, too. She is probably constantly in the go-crawling, walking and scooting. It can be tiring, but think of all she is learning. Putting your child into a playpen limits opportunities for active learning and it should only be done when necessary.

Parents generally discipline their children in one of two ways: Power control or reasoning control. If you use power control, you take privileges away, use corporal punishment, withholding affection and use force to control your child’s behaviors. Parents that use reasoning control usually explain in age appropriate terms why their child should behave a certain way. They choose not to use physical punishments, but instead point out why the child’s actions could harm others. Reasoning control generally makes children understand why what they did was wrong and children are usually more likely to cooperate.

Your child probably likes to climb and climb alone. He does not think he needs any help. He can climb up stairs, onto chairs and tables, and he can also climb out of his crib or playpen. He can walk well and may be able to run a little. Your little one can follow simple commands, tell you what they want some of the time and can point to familiar items in a book. Your child is learning about textures, but probably does not like anything sticky.

Your child has become an expert att putting things in her mouth. The bad news is that she often puts objects in her mouth that don’t belong there. The good news is that she is continuing to get better at feeding herself. Mealtimes are smoother and she enjoys eating with the family. There is no reason to buy separate foods-she can eat what you eat!

Because you have encountered the accident years, take every opportunity to make your child’s environment as safe as possible. Young children don’t know how to protect themselves, so it is your job do make sure she is safe.

  • Protect your child from falls with stairway gates and window guards.
  • Don’t leave chairs near open windows or cabinets.
  • Cover electrical outlets.
  • Keep you child away from hot stoves and heaters.
  • Avoid scalds by turning the water heater down to 120 to 130°F. (50-55°C)
  • Lock doors that lead to dangerous areas.
  • Keep dangerous substances locked up or safety capped.

Developmental Milestones – 15 Months Old


  • Walks well
  • Tries to run
  • Climbs out of cribs/highchairs
  • Climbs up stairs with help
  • Enjoys dancing
  • Can throw a small ball-still may be crooked


  • Can point to body parts
  • Can point to simple, familiar objects
  • May say 4-5 words
  • Can follow simple commands
  • May be able to ask for things


  • Likes attention
  • Does not like to compromise
  • Recognizes himself in mirrors or pictures
  • Recognizes familiar faces in pictures
  • Does not like to play alone

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Ride on toys
  • Musical instruments
  • Books
  • Balls
  • Dolls
  • Large cars and trucks
  • Shape sorters
  • Fake foods
  • Doctor`s kits
  • Climbing structures
  • Block
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  1. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    We only used timeout for hitting when he did it out of anger. We would sit him on the floor in front of us (after a warning) and wait for one minute. Then we would ask for a hug as his way of saying sorry. If he was still mad and hit again we would sit again as many times as it took to get a hug. If he was playing when he hit, we would just put him down or walk away him to show him if he is going to hit then noone is going to want to play with him. It just takes consistency and repetition. I dont know if he just grew out of it or what but he doesnt hit anymore, it was a phase that lasted about 2 weeks.

  2. sexibrowneyedmama2be 31 December 2015

    i would try tapping his hands and telling him no in a stern way, and if he crys..sit him down and walk away until hes done crying.. works with juliana

  3. DebsandGrace 31 December 2015

    Just quickly popping on to wish you all a very happy new year!! May it bring you all love luck and laughter! xx

  4. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    It is just showing them it ok to hit which if u tap hands ud b teaching the wrong thing ive never hit skyler and shes 5 and behaves well ive bit her when she was younger she went though the bitting stage and so i bit her back and she hadnt bit back since it was only very light and it didnt leave a mark so that worked for her things work for different kids take ya time and work out what works out for both u and ur lo

  5. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    well just under 4 hours to go till midnite so il say Happy new year to all of u and hope u all ave a gud year

  6. momentfrozenintime 31 December 2015

    We have tapped his hand before, but not for hitting just because that's teaching him it is ok when you are mad at someone. But he just randomly started hitting one day, and just kept getting worse. Sometimes he will hit and I tell him 'no, be gentle' and he will start rubbing my face gently. But it only works every now and then. I will try to put him down and ignore him.

  7. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    Everyone disaplines differently and different things work for different kids my health visitor told me to walk away when they hit but it didnt work my dd has a chunk of hair pulled out her head hhead butted and her arms scratched with marks still there and thats just skyler bless her we will find sometime that works

  8. judi 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year!! Wow, it's gone fast! Wishing you all a lovely day and a year filled with love.

  9. judi 31 December 2015

    Biting to stop a kid biting and hitting to teach a kid not to hit are discipline techniques that just don't make sense; kids learn by example. Treat them with love, respect and kindness and they will learn those things. But for those whose little ones have decided hitting is a fun thing to do, well, you need to respond how you feel is gonna work for you and your lo. I'd recommend a mild negative response, like a stern or hurt look, and leave or ignore him for a while. But the hitting may be attention-seeking behavior, and a better avenue there is to reinforce appropriate behavior with lots of attention and ignore the hitting.

  10. HaileyMaysMommy 31 December 2015

    When Hailey hits, i first tell her no and i explain why it's not ok. I tell her it gives owies and that it's not nice. I will repeat this two or three times if she continues and then if she does not stop i will put her in her crib for time out to give her some time to calm down and again i explain why she is going to time out. She almost never hits anymore it is very rare. I know the explaining may sound silly because who knows if she even has a clue what i am telling her but i keep reading that that is what your saposed to do to help them understand. And so far it seems to be working as now all i have to do is tell her that it hurts and it's not nice and she stops.

  11. momentfrozenintime 31 December 2015

    I try to tell him that it hurts me, but he hits so quickly and then just dies laughing and I have no chance to explain. Shew gosh

  12. judi 31 December 2015

    You all have any New Years traditions? Tacos? Champagne?

  13. HappyMere 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year! Our tradition is to get together with our big family on my mom side (with all her brother sister, my cousin, nefew..ect.) we are about 60 peoples and we all bring something to eat and do funny activity outside (competition) ect..and take picture..This year every familie have to do the best funny snowman. We also dance the square dance (do a bridge and people one couple by couple pass under our hands, kids loves that, every person that can play an instrument brings it..some do a play, some sing ect..)well that's tomorrow the 1st that we celebrate since I'm a young toddler..Tonight we were at my home, I made some desert..and we played card with the family of my husband (not a big family) but it was ok. We have some wistle and poppers and hats....and count 10 to 1 and then hugs and kisses...after we say what we are thankfull for the year and what good is coming this year.

  14. HappyMere 31 December 2015

    Nathaniel hit maybe for a couple of days and stop after I told him a serious low voice No...I also hold his hand gently for 10 seconds when he doesn't listen and repeat that he can't do with him can't tell for his later years if needed I will try the corner but I think he's too young now..

  15. cupcake83 31 December 2015

    Hey girls. Sorry its taken me so long to post back. Yes ur right Ruby, it is indeed my man that is PISSING ME OFF! hahahah!!! I can't wait for the hols to be over and us all go back to our usual routines! Gah!! So rmber my venting post? Well it started from that- and yes Kathleen, sometimes it does feel like he acts like a teenager! It annoys me that he is so self absorbed. Even down to what we watch on TV. He can come in and just turn the tv over and no c how that is rude! Hopeful it did make me feel better that u said he sounds similar to your hubby tho. So on Xmas eve he did NOTHING. He sat around on the sofa or on the computer all day until we wnt to my mums. Then when we got back it was me who had to lug all the presents out and set them up by myself. Then on Xmas day i seriously did not get to sit down for 5 minutes. I cooked the dinner all by myself, I cleaned up all by myself, I sorted any probs the kids had, took care of Ollie, EVERYTHING. I ended up going to bed at 2am realising that i had a horrible day and he hadn't even noticed. Hopeful, u rmber u said once that u find it really hard when u are feeling resentful to just be OK? Well thats how i feel. It took my to literally start crying to get him to notice i was anything but peachy. You may say why don't u ask him for help? I would but he makes such a huge deal out of everything its a toss up over what is worse - doing it all or have him doing a shit job for 3 minutes til he can get back to whatever he wants to do. Can u tell im still mighty pissed off??!! hahaahah!! Hopeful, Eurgh. I get what u mean when u say about the big meals and stuff. The woman always has to accommadate any changes herself while everyone else carries on as normal. I hope it gets better for you guys. I also understand how sometimes u wonder if being unhappy a lot is right. Bummer that u didn't get much time to yourselves too. I think its great u accept his 15 yr old into your life so much. You seem to get on well. Ruby - Hey hun. Noooo about the mould! At least there is an upside of living away!! The help sounds fab!! Ollie is EXACTLY the same as Ayya and Ben!! Constantly 'in' everything!! Lol at chewing the rubber on the dryer!! Ollie is still pinching away! He drew blood above my top lip the other day, then Keira accidentally hit me in the face with a sign in the supermarket so i look like a bruised, swollen weirdo at the min!! Me too on the needing to sort myself out!! I need my eyebrows de-catterpillaring and a spray tan!! I am SICK of my jelly belly!! Its ok for u, you're only a few weeks post natal, I have no excuse!! 15 mths and its still jellying about...yuck! Thats my somewhat cliche new yrs resolution! Ashlee - i answered your question on the FB page hun! I would of replied here if i had seen it! Mf- Congrats!!!!

  16. Kathleen112 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year to all my gals!! We were just over friends of ours and had our little celebration with the kids at the stroke of 7pm (British New Years!). Now we're already done drinking and can go to bed early...and I couldn't be happier!! Lol. My how life changes with a kid. Sorry Cupcake. :-( I'm not going to compare our DHs 'cause I have to say mine is WAY more helpful than the average guy but he's still a guy and I hate that I have to ask him to do things. He should know just as well as I do what things need to be done when. I have a hard time asking too but I've learned to suck it up and ask rather than stew over it silently and just resent him. AFter some fights my DH is pretty good about following a job through to the end now but I know what you mean about it almost being easier to do it yourself than watch him to something half assed and like he's doing you a big favor to boot. I will say that I think part of the reason my DH is helpful is that I simply won't tolerate him not being helpful lol. I didn't have this baby...WE had this baby. I know thta probably wouldn't work with many (or even most) men and I guess you could say that those men wouldn't live up to my standards (nor would they enjoy being in a relationship with me lol). You get what you put up with, you know?? I know we've talked about this before and you've brought up that you and Karl have been together since you were teen and I'm sure that changes the dynamic. We all know men and women mature at MUCH different rates (particularly after a baby) and I bet Karl has just gotten used to things being a certain way. All relationships need to evolove to survive and maybe it's time to lay down some new ground rules. :-) I too am being totally cliche and vowing yet again to lose my toddler weight as I've come to call it. I don't have any excuses either (though I did try both Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem after Ben was born and they didn't work...oh and there was that whole post partum depression thing...ok, I always have excuses lol) but now I am officially only 13 weeks away from my hubby and kid free trip to Key West (YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!) and I have to lose 20lbs stat!! If I really stick with the program (Weight Watchers again, this time going to meetings instead of online) I can do it. **Congrats mfbrown!! **Ashlee--I don't know if the separation anxiety is related to breastfeeding I just think some kids get it a lot worse than others. Ben didn't develop it until around 12 months and it already seems to be improving. I guess the good news is that it's only temporary! But it's a really hard thing when you're going through it.

  17. Kathleen112 31 December 2015

    Hopful--when does your DH and stepdaughter leave? Have you officially given notice at your job? Any thoughts on the next step?

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