Month 16

Self-esteem starts early and your child is beginning to realize if people like her or not. She knows when people are happy or upset with her actions. She needs to know that you still love her and accept her even when she misbehaves. Your child’s self-esteem is made up of the thoughts and feelings she has of herself. This is effected by the way people treat her. It is important that she knows she is loved and important. Building self-esteem is an important job for parents and caregivers.

Your child is becoming very independent and wants to do everything on his own. Your child can be very self centered and selfish at times. Allow him the opportunity to express his personality and do as much as he can for himself. Support him and guide him when he needs help. If he gets frustrated, he is unlikely to try again.

Your child can understand simple commands and likes to please you-most of the time. While she still enjoys reading and looking at books, her attention span is short and she may not listen to an entire story. She does like to point to pictures in a book and talk about them. This will also help her vocabulary to develop.

It is a good idea to give your child meals and snacks around the same time each day. Breakfast is very important to ensure that your child stays active and alert throughout the day. If he does not want to eat right after he wakes up, that is okay. Offer him breakfast an hour or two after he wakes up. Because of their small stomachs, snacks are important to make sure your child is not hungry. Offer nutritional snacks mid morning and mid afternoon. Encourage your child to eat the foods that you have prepared and don’t make separate meals for him. Your child can eat what you eat at this point.

Water play is fun for young children. Give your child a small tub of water or pool to play in. Offer her measuring cups and spoons, assorted containers, water wheels and anything else that holds water. Bathime is always a great time for water play.

Developmental Milestones – 16 Months Old


  • Climbs on furniture
  • Tries to run
  • Throws a ball
  • Tries to walk backwards
  • Walks with items in each hand


  • Understands more than he can say
  • Can turn pages in a book-a few at a time
  • Learning to hold conversations
  • Beginning to say `no`
  • Understands and completes simple commands


  • Enjoys playing with other people
  • Does not like to share
  • Self-centered
  • Not very good at giving things

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Balls
  • Books
  • Large cars and trucks
  • Baby dolls
  • Simple crafts
  • Winding toys
  • Ride on toys
  • Building materials
  • Puzzles with chunky knobs
  • ABC toys
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  1. Alexa 31 December 2015

    CONGRATS SABSI AND SUE!! so how many us are prego? Ashley,me,sabsi,sue,sandy who else? I know im forgetting someone, and when is everyone due?

  2. tgal 31 December 2015

    I'm preggo too, Alexa:) Due July 11th. We had our 12 week ultrasound this morning and everything looked great. I do agree that the second time around goes much quicker. Congrats Sabsi! So happy for you!

  3. JenMN 31 December 2015

    You guys make me so jealous!! I want to get started on baby #2 :(

  4. Queenie 31 December 2015

    Oh my... Everyone is getting pregnant again! CONGRATS!!! Angel4, is right, nap now, cause 2 will keep ya hopping, lol... two was the biggest adjustment... 3 and 4 were a breeze. Best wishes ya'll!!!!!!!!

  5. Jennabug 31 December 2015

    I found out last week I'm pregnant again, so I'm around 7 weeks right now. I'm so excited and so nervous about going from 1 to 2 babies!!

  6. Alexa 31 December 2015

    tgal, jennabug omg! lol I totally forgot wow alot of us are prego! This pregnancy has FLOWN by! Im already going to be 34 wks on sun! But its bittersweet bc this is it for us no more kids! lol So we decided to move to my moms in two wks until our house is finish being built at the end of feb which works out bc Ill have extra help at my moms. Plus all the showings at this house and having to keep the house at tip top condition is getting harder and harder for me to do.

  7. iluvmylilguys 31 December 2015

    Hi everyone! I'm from month 5 and was just wondering if you all could do me a HUGE favor. I am trying to finish up my thesis for grad school and need people to take a short survey about working mothers and life satisfaction (it's for SAHM's too). It is completely anonymous and will only take a couple minutes. Thanks in advance! Here is the link:

  8. SueUK 31 December 2015

    Alexa...Bellydancer is another preggo lady...can't think of any more. Wow so many!! I'd love 3 or 4 children(one of the ladies on here has 9!!!) but I started a bit too late so 2 is it for us!

  9. SueUK 31 December 2015

    Thanks for all the congrats and good wishes....I can't wait to meet our new little man. And I don't have to buy much! Which is great considering we are still fiancially skint! ha ha

  10. Alexa 31 December 2015

    Im glad you guys enjoy 3 or more kids lol as for me 2 is my number I do always hear how its easy after 2 though, this lady told me why dont you just have 6? it just gets easier after 2.

  11. Sandy127962 31 December 2015

    Due April 2nd over here..Augustbaby who posts here and there is also due April 29th ANd this one will be our last also like Sue we got started a bit late in life but happy with it..two girls ahh I can just imagine the fights now..haha me and my sister are 3 years apart and do I remember those fun fun

  12. babymama 31 December 2015

    Good morning ladies! Happy New Year's Eve (or in some cases) Happy New Years! Warmest wishes to you and your families! :)

  13. SueUK 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year everyone!! All our best wishes for 2009. May it bring all that you wish for, and may all your worries be small ones! x

  14. Sandy127962 31 December 2015

    This morning I woke up to find Mickey Mouse in bed with me. I put him to bed with Dana last night and somehow or Dana thought I needed some company. Too cute. She never woke me up just put mickey in bed with me and went back to bed herself.

  15. littlecavalier 31 December 2015

    Sandy: That is so sweet!! I'm sure she can tell you're sad about your puppy so maybe she just wanted to comfort you! Travis has been saying mama for a long time but he has just started saying it when he wakes in the middle of the night and if he would've been doing this before I never could've let him cry!!! When I hear 'Mama' in a sad crying voice I run to him, it's impossible to resist!!!

  16. Kristy 31 December 2015

    Happy new years everyone! And Grace did it again last night! I think I just have to find the right balance between naps and nights now.

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