Month 17

Toddlers at this age are learning about expressions and feelings. More than likely, you have seen your toddler happy, sad, mad, frustrated and everything in between. Children will learn about their feelings best if you put a name with the feeling. If you notice that your child is sad, tell him that you are sorry he is feeling sad. Your child will soon learn that feelings have names and you understand how he is feeling. Help your child deal with and accept his feelings. If he is frustrated, help him. He will learn that you care about his feelings and that it is okay to show how he feels.

Children at this age are very curious about the world they live in. Keep your child’s environment safe and help her to learn what is appropriate and what is not. Most seventeen month old toddlers love to put things in their mouths. This can be very dangerous and you must teach your child that is is not safe.

Children at this age can become spoiled. Parents can spoil their children if they do not set and enforce limits and rules. When limits are set and enforced, children learn that there are rules to follow and generally will succeed at following them. Your job as a parent is to set realistic expectations that can be enforced.

Your child likes to drag things around and can climb stairs at this point. She still has long babbling conversations with herself. Your child will understand more of what you say than she can actually say. If you ask her to do a simple task, she probably will. Continue to encourage her vocabulary by using clear descriptive words and reading to her.

Toddlers need discipline. Catch your child being good and praise him. Instead of telling your child what he shouldn’t be doing, tell him what he should do. Often times, spanking teaches children that hitting is okay and a way to solve problems. Do not threaten your child with empty threats or promises. Do what you say or your child will learn that he does not have to listen.

Developmental Milestones – 17 Months Old


  • Can walk upstairs if one hand is held
  • Runs, but bumps into things
  • Likes to drag items around
  • Enjoys dancing


  • Understands more than he can say
  • Imitates sounds and actions
  • Will do what you tell her to do
  • Has babbling conversations


  • Self-centered
  • Greedy and selfish
  • Stubborn
  • Bossy
  • Likes to hug and kiss

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Nesting toys
  • Stacking toys
  • Shape sorters
  • Art and crafts
  • Push toys
  • Ride on toys
  • Balls
  • Books
  • Musical instruments
  • Dolls
  • Cars and trucks
  • Bean bag toss game
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  1. aneila17 30 December 2015

    Jaxon's mama: i was at WIC the other day and I was a little concerned because my DD has been very picky lately. she's teething and I was worried because she's already quite small for her age(only weighs 20 lbs 11oz) The nutrition consultant said that it is very 'normal' at this age for pickiness to occur. I said she hasn't been eating many veggies and she asked if she eats fruit of course she loves fruit and sometimes is all i can get her to eat. she said that there are just as many vitamins in fruit (i know there's more sugar but its only temporary) and she will be fine as long as she's getting her vitamins. I have also begun to supplement with vitamin drops because of my fear. She rarely touches meats and loves pasta when she's not teething horribly. I think its a phase and we shouldn't worry too much. tomorrow things could change we never know. As long as he's growing and healthy everything should be fine.

  2. AnnnSean 30 December 2015

    HELP!!! I think my daughter is having night terrors!!! ANd the past 2 nights they have gotten worse!! She wakes up screaming and crying, but shes not awake!! Shes laying in her crib, eyes closed, still sleeping, but screaming and crying!!! The night before was really bad...she didnt stop crying or wake up until I took her out of her crib and downstairs!! Last night, about every hour or so, she woudl let out these screaming cries a few times, and then go back to sleep!! Is anyone else experiencing this?!? I'm getting like NO sleep!! But when she wakes in the morning, shes refreshed, energized, and ready to play!!!

  3. rosye13 30 December 2015

    Ann-n-Sean - We went through this a little bit when Gracie was younger, 10 months or so? Anyway, she would just completely freak out in the middle of the night, screaming as if she was in pain or terrified. And when I went in, she wouldn't calm down, it was like, she couldn't see me . . . It was very weird and creepy. We'd bring her out into the living room in the light and turn on nick jr until she finally calmed. She only did that a few times, but she still wakes up through out the night whining and crying in her sleep. And same thing, she wakes pretty refreshed in the morning. We've kind of learned to sleep through it. It just seems to be the way she is. It's crazy. Our 4 month old is a better sleeper than Gracie.

  4. aneila17 30 December 2015

    from what I heard you arent' supposed to wake children who are in the middle of a 'night terror' i suffered with these for many years as a child. My parents even took me to a Dr and had sleep studies done. There was nothing at the time that they could do for me. My mother had to let me grow out of it. she said she was horrified every night. She would just sit with me on my bed and just be there in case I woke up. I don't remember any of it. She said I would sit there screaming my head off and crying with my eyes open but I was not awake. I don't know what I would do if my children ever had to go through that. I would talk with your child's Dr just to be sure that this is what she's going through.

  5. jaxonsmama 30 December 2015

    aneila17- thanks :) I guess since he is growing then it's all that matters. (by the way, ignore that last post, it was from my old profile.. )

  6. Parkersmommy1 30 December 2015

    Ann-n-sean: we have been going through night terrors since Parker was about 6 months old. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it except to make sure they dont get hurt if they are thrashing, or trying to sleep walk/crawl. It can be brought on by being overtired, change of routine, and is also hereditary. It usually won't happen until after a year, in case you are wondering why it started now. I took Parker to our dr, and he diagnosed night terrors. It has to do with the stages of sleep. Our dr told me we can wake him up, but the only good it would do is to give us peace of mind. Kids will have absolutely no memory of it. A change in temperature will snap them out of it, or wake them up if you want to. I found when I was nursing, if i let parker nurse it would wake him, now that we arent nursing, I see if he will take a sip of water, and that generally gets him to calm down. He rams his head into the walls, the bed, thrashes around until he almost falls out. Its very scary, but luckily, its only traumatic to the parents! Kids will outgrow them. Also, they only happen within the first couple of hours of going to sleep, to do with the early sleep cycles. If its happening all night, you might want to make sure that its not anything else.

  7. cait 31 December 2015

    I need to call the surgeon about Jason's belly button again..I really am hoping its nothing serious. It keeps coming is a blah day but I think if I can shower and get Liliana ready for bed I am going to get to go to the irish pub and grab a drink & some music so I should run

  8. cait 31 December 2015

    I need to call the surgeon about Jason's belly button again..I really am hoping its nothing serious. It keeps coming is a blah day but I think if I can shower and get Liliana ready for bed I am going to get to go to the irish pub and grab a drink & some music so I should run

  9. AmyEliz 31 December 2015

    I just sent Ron to 7-Eleven to get me a cherry slurpee for my sore throat and hoarse voice...well he locked his keys in his car with the car running. lol. AND we only have 1 set for his I have to load up Ryleigh and take him a hanger and a screw driver to unlock his car. Very funny I think. All for a darn slurpee...I could have gone and got it myself!

  10. Nikkig07 31 December 2015

    amy, that sucks! especially when you're not feeling well! hope everything works out!!

  11. cait 31 December 2015

    ha amy that is pretty funny! Sorry its a pain to go out but funny still. So girls I got to go out tonight and boy do I love ME time!!! Being a stay at home mom is amazing but being able to go out for laughs is great. I can't believe I had three drinks of course they didn't hit me until like 20mins ago now I am off the walls. This is what 2 years of no drinks did to me HA I really wish we lived closer boy it would be amazing to meet you girls face to face imagine the laughs we would have? I hope you girls had a great new years I doubt I will be on tomorrow lots of cleaning and cooking since people will be coming over but be safe and have fun girls =)

  12. Chasesmomma 31 December 2015 Oprah didn't work...we should try Ellen next..she should have us on for mothers day!

  13. AmyEliz 31 December 2015

    Good idea Ali! I just got back from the doctor....and I didnt gain any weight! Weird since I ate like a pig! Baby is down low but no dilation or anything. Snack time!

  14. Chasesmomma 31 December 2015

    I go to the Dr at 11:30 and Im getting checked since I have been feeling like I have my period! Wish me luck, not ready for this baby yet, though chances are he would be ok at 34 weeks

  15. AmbriellesMommy 31 December 2015

    Does anyone elses site keep putting all kinds of jumbled words where the comments are supposed to be?

  16. JenMN 31 December 2015

    Yes, my site was doing that yesterday every time I tried to post something. I just got all of this mumbo jumbo all over the screen.

  17. AmyEliz 31 December 2015

    mine is doing that too. They must be working on the site. Ali: Keep us posted!

  18. AmbriellesMommy 31 December 2015

    thank god, I thought my work was getting on to me getting on here too much and scrambling my site up lol!!

  19. babymama 31 December 2015

    seems like a reboot of the server is in need...doesn't seem to be happening to me much today :) not as bad as yesterday

  20. Nikkig07 31 December 2015

    so, i finally decided to use the gift my husband gave me for valentine's day earlier this year. an hour long, full body massage....figured it's a good way to end the year of all its stresses! hope everyone has a fantastic new year's and stays safe and sound! see everyone tomorrow....18 months, right?

  21. TyandLivysmomma 31 December 2015

    About the drinking while prego, I have also heard the same about a glass of wine here and there... I know lots of people who have done that and have perfectly healthy babies, but for me, if I can't have 2 or 3 glasses, I might as well not even have one! LOL Its like teasing I steer clear while prego.. and the smell of beer made me SICK both times..weird cause I love an ice cold beer in the summer!!

  22. TyandLivysmomma 31 December 2015

    What is everyone doing tonight for NYE? We are staying in..going to Trader Joes for wine and food...making dinner and watching TV. WOOHOO..sooo exciting. lol :)

  23. babymama 31 December 2015

    my husband, alyssa and i will be spending time in the jacuzzi at his mom's house...getting ready to leave for Redding, CA, which is an 8 hour drive tomorrow morning...mostly relaxing with the family! :)

  24. AnnasMomma 31 December 2015

    I'm going to be meeting a friend of mine at the park with her 3 year old daughter in a little while. While we are at the park, Brandon is going to the gym. When we get home, Brandon is going to watch a movie with Anna in her room so I can do some yoga. I'm still trying to talk Brandon into doing pilates with me... I LOOOOOOOVE my pilates!! lol Anywho, we are doing a movie marathon tonight... if we can even stay up til midnight.

  25. AmyEliz 31 December 2015

    Our friends called and are having people over, and kids are welcome so we are deciding if we want to venture out. I am thinking I just want to stay in my warm house with my PJS!

  26. Phonics 31 December 2015

    When I put on lip gloss Raegan rushes to get some too. She then puckers her lips, rubs them together, and smiles when I say so pretty. I mak sure there is little to non on the tip before I put it on her so all she gets is the smell really. She also has been ooking in the mirror dancing a lot lately and I let her. I also have been letting her drink out of my cup a little more. She wants whatever I have. I tell myself that it is letting her get used to using a big girl cup so we can get rid of the sippy, but I know I am being a bit of a push over. Rod thinks I am trying to become her favorite because she always loves going to him and such. I just don't see anything wrong with her being a girlie girl or drinking from my cup. Am I spoiling her too much?

  27. Heather518 31 December 2015

    phonics: No! There is nothing wrong with ANY of that. That is adorable, and Hayden does the same thing. She LOVES chapstick! I mean, I don't give her a tube of chapstick and send her on her way, but if she's sitting by me and wants some, I'll give it to her! Same with my cup. If it's water, I always let her have some because I want her to practice drinking from a regular cup. I just don't let her leave the table or my lap with an open cup because I know she'll take that opportunity to dump it out haha

  28. Phonics 31 December 2015

    Well Raegan has been to a habachi a few times before, but the last time was like 8 months ago so she has matured a lot since then. I planned on feeding her from my plate and letting her eat on her disposable table mat that I brouth with us. Well the gy cooked the food before us as usual and gave everyone some rice first. She still had her plate a little in front of her, but to the side. I moved it since i planned on her eating my food from her table mat. She looked around and saw that everyone else was getting food from the dude so she grabbed the plate and held it up to the guy. He just looked at her and smiled and said, 'I'm sorry. I forgot about you.' and gave her some rice. She was so happy. So she started to eat the rice like everyone else. Then after he finished the veggies the same thing haopened. She lifted her plate for some jut like everyone else. And ate that too (mind you I am giving her more from my plate after she finishes). Finally the meat comes and the same thing. So by now she has shrimp, veggies, and rice. And eats it all. (now mind you my only gripe is my mom using her hands to try to feed her. i dont even do that and if i did I at least had washed my ha ds first. She had just smoked a cig. SO i keep telling her she can feed herself. She is 17 months, has teeth, and uses utinsels. She does not need you to mash her food up. I really wanted to yell at her for using her hands when she could have used the fork). So After Raegan eats a full meal she then eats her ice cream as well. She refused to let me feed it to her. I had to let her feed herself. I said all of this to say our little ones are growning so fast!

  29. Phonics 31 December 2015

    So on te way to the house from picking up Raegan from t he daycare I was listening to the radio. Moreso talking to my mom than listening, bt the song that says (all the way turn up..or something like that) came on. So after the first course you hear Raegan in the background saying All the way turn...and she kept saying it. So I was like there is NO way she picked that up that fast. My mom said hey she is singingthat song. I was like no she isn't. SO the course came on again and sure enough she started singing on beat. I was amazed. I know with Taylor in the car I listen either to cds that I know are clean and safe for her to listen to or talk radio. lol So now I have to be careful with btoh!

  30. MDBabyno1 31 December 2015

    Adisten does the same thing with chapstick or lip gloss as well with the cups. She loves drinking out of just a water bottle thanks to her auntie who has no idea what a 17 month old can do. Just tonight my sister said 'she's not going to spit up on the blanket is she?' Ummm, hello? She hasn't spit up since she was SUPER little. Needless to say, I would never ask my sister to babysit. My dad gives her cold milk out of a cup too. They are growing up way too fast. Oh, and Adisten knows where my nail polish is and will 'paint' her toes with the lid on. She also knows where my Louis Vuitton purses are, I had to hide them because I don't want her ruining them! She is such a girlie girl and I love it :)

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