Month 18

Your child loves to help you around the house. He sees you sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and folding laundry and wants to do the same. Although his `help` may not always actually be helpful, try to find ways that he can help. This will teach him how to be an active member of the family and also give him a sense of accomplishment. When you are washing dishes, give your child a dampened washcloth (no cleaner) and allow him to wipe down the table or the cabinets. Buy your child a set of child-sized household tools-a broom, mop and a vacuum. He will learn how to do these things correctly by watching you. Don’t scold him if he makes mistakes or does not do things that same way you do. Praise him for a job well done and continue to show him how to do things properly.

Your child is interested in playing games with you right now. Play should always be a fun form of learning. When she gets tired of playing, stop. If you turn games into work or contests that she never wins, she will become discouraged and will not want to play anymore. Do not be surprised if your child gets very upset when things do not go the way she wanted them to.

Even though it should not be expected yet, begin to lay the foundation for sharing. Children have a very hard time understanding the concept of sharing and are very good with saying, `Mine, mine!` It is perfectly okay to tell your child what is his, yours, daddy’s, doggy’s and so forth. However, whenever you can teach about sharing, do so. For example, when you cut a slice of cheese, tell your child that this was your cheese but that you would like to share with her. Then, hand her a piece of your cheese. If you have other children in the house or if your child is frequently exposed to other children, sharing may be an easier to task to learn.
Because your child’s appetites vary from day to day, it is unfair to expect your child to eat everything on their plate all of the time. Your child knows how hungry he is, let him stop when he is full. It is not wise to bribe your child with food or sweets to get good behavior. Parents and caregivers should never punish their child for eating too little or too much. Doing so may cause him to feel ashamed of his appetite and he may begin to feel guilty about eating all together. If you notice that there is always food left on his plate, you are probably giving him too much. If your child asks for more of a certain food, give it to him. If none is left, simply tell him that it is gone and offer him what is left.

As always, remember to show your growing toddler that she is important to you. Dailly hugs, kisses and words of praise will let her know that she is special. Make your child feel proud when he accomplishes a new skill. You have the power to develop who your child becomes. Many families think that their toddler knows how much they love her. This should not be the case. Always take the time to express and vocalize your love for your child.

Developmental Milestones – 18 Months Old


  • Runs
  • Climbs stairs
  • May jump
  • Creeps backwards downstairs
  • Uses one hand more than the other
  • Grabs anything he can reach


  • Can say about ten words
  • Can name some common objects
  • Tries to sing and likes to be sung to
  • Remembers where things belong
  • Can turn pages in a book
  • Can build a tower of 3-4 blocks
  • May be able to string large colored beads


  • Likes to show off for attention
  • Is afraid of thunder, lightning, animals, etc..
  • Has temper tantrums
  • Likes to cuddle when tired

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Large beads for stringing
  • Push toys
  • Ride on toys
  • Climbing structures
  • Balls
  • Books
  • Musical instruments
  • Dolls
  • Pretend play items
  • Trucks and cars
  • Building items
  • Bubbles
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  1. soon2be3 31 December 2015

    That's a rough combo nmck! Onions always bother my stomach, unless they are in a soup or pot roast. Combine a salad or other veggies with it and I am doomed. The leafy greens probably just gave those onions fuel for the fire! Sorry. LOL!

  2. soon2be3 31 December 2015

    It is snowing so hard! Hubby and the kids have been out sledding. The weather advisory said only 5-7 inches, but it is coming down fast. CM...I hope you will make it out of Seattle tomorrow!

  3. AverysMommie 31 December 2015

    Hi mommies its official, I'm 6wks and 1dy along. Due on Aug25th. We were able to see the heart today.

  4. HeatherT 31 December 2015

    avery- congrats again how exciting to see the little heart beating! I am just sore and still laying in bed. I did sleep pretty good last night. Kids will be home in a few hours but dad is off the next 3 days and will keep baby tonight.

  5. thebigtomato 31 December 2015

    Here's a pic just taken a few minutes ago of D and Maci. Thought you all would like to see them together since you haven't in a long while!

  6. HeatherT 31 December 2015

    just sore not too bad but the gas still hurts in my shoulders. thanks! TBT so cute he is so handsome and she is adorable.

  7. colombianmama 31 December 2015

    That's adorable tbt. Soon, I hope so too, but it seems like we are just getting some rain here. Averys, congrats on the new baby!!!

  8. 3girls2008 31 December 2015

    ok ladies rick came home early so im off! have a very happy and safe new years!!!!

  9. soon2be3 31 December 2015

    I know you are all probably out celebrating New Years, but just in case anyone is around...small problem. Our original plan was to spend the night in tonight...just our little family. Then, hubby's brother mentioned that he thought it would be nice to get the whole family together. Well, I hate the idea of driving on the road after midnight with a bunch of drunks, so I told hubby that if they wanted to get together, they could come to our house. So, then they were all going to come to our house. Then, a bit later his brother calls and says that him and another brother were talking and they think it would be best to have it at their dad's since this might be the last New Years they could celebrate there. Hubby then tells him that Carter goes to bed at 7 and we were hoping not to have to wake him up to bring him back home. So then they suggested that we all just stay the night there.

  10. soon2be3 31 December 2015

    I don't want to spend the night there, because that means we have to pack up a bunch of stuff for one night and we only live 7 miles away. BUT, I also don't want to drive home late because we are getting about 5-7 inches of snow today. THEN, they call back and say that if we don't want to come over there, they can all just come stay the night at our house. UGGGG! Our house needs to be cleaned, I don't have anything to make breakfast. Plus, because it is so late in the day and none of this was decided until just an hour ago, we haven't even had time to go to the store and stock up on snacks and alcohol to have them over. AND WHAT I REALLY WANT IS JUST TO STAY HOME WITH OUR LITTLE FAMILY! But, how do you say this without offending his family? Why does everything need to be so difficult.

  11. soon2be3 31 December 2015

    Andy acts all indifferent. He says he doesn't care either way. However, he always does this...puts me in the middle. Then, I look bad if we decide not to go. Grrrr!

  12. soon2be3 31 December 2015

    I am having a hard time with his family lately. My family is very close, but we aren't glommy. We don't feel the need to talk every day or hang out all the time. When we do get together, it's like we were never apart. However, my BIL and SIL feel that we need to do everything together and that if we don't want to do the same, then there is something wrong with us. So, the more I get bullied into doing something, the more I resist.

  13. AmandaisRebekahsmommy 31 December 2015

    then explain to your hubby why and ask him to tell them that you decided as a family so that his family isn't seeing you as the bad guy...

  14. soon2be3 31 December 2015

    Is it bad of me if I say I really don't want to go? I don't know what is wrong with me lately.

  15. soon2be3 31 December 2015

    Thanks Kevin! LOL! It is snowing really hard. We have about 3 inches right now and it is suppose to continue through the evening.

  16. AmandaisRebekahsmommy 31 December 2015

    it's not bad hon, I am the same way, when I'm pushed I push back harder... Kevin tells me to hurry and I purposefully slow down...

  17. soon2be3 31 December 2015

    Ok, going home now. Thank goodness I only work 2 miles from home. Happy New Year everyone!

  18. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    I missed you soon but I'd simply tell them to pick up groceries on the way over...not unreasonable because they didn't give you notice to shop. 3girls even if they total the car you can keep it and fix it. They'll give you what they think it's worth and you can see how much it cost to fix...when that happened to my BIL it actually cost him a $100 less than what they gave him to fix it. It just kills the trade in value of the car.

  19. soon2be3 31 December 2015

    I think we got a good 4 inches of snow now. It is suppose to start up again tonight and then tomorrow too. Hubby is out plowing the driveway. Thank goodness we have a blade for our riding lawnmower or this could take forever!

  20. thebigtomato 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year, Mommies! Thanks for being part of my life for yet another year! Happy New Year to all the little ones too!

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