Month 19

Every child develops differently and learns new skills at their own individual pace. The average age for a child to begin talking is anywhere from 8-24 months. Continue to foster a love for learning and expose your child to learning experiences. Reading to your child several times throughout the day will increase their vocabulary. Children naturally enjoy learning and you can help them by not pushing or criticizing your child. As easy as it is, try not to compare your child to other children. More than likely, your child enjoys saying `no`. She can follow simple directions and enjoys naming objects that she sees in pictures and books.

During mealtime, expect a mess with your nineteen month old. Although she is doing better, she still does not have enough control to completely eliminate a mess. If you are worried about the mess on the floor, place a sheet on the floor under the highchair. You can shake it out after each meal and wash it when it becomes dirty. Bowls with sides make eating easier because she can push the foods against the sides. A spoon with a chunky short handle will be the easiest for your child’s small hands. Serving your child’s food at the same time the rest of the family is eating will help establish a mealtime schedule. Your toddler will also see how you eat and will begin to develop table manners.

Your child may have a security blanket, stuffed animal or other object. Many children claim objects and hold possession to their favorite item for a long time-usually until someone makes fun of them later in life. For many children, their security item offers a `friend` and they share everything together. Some children are not able to leave their security item at home when they go somewhere. You dot need to take the item away or make fun of your child. Allow your child to enjoy his `friend` and with time he will realize that the item can not solve any of his problems.

Your child learns by imitating what you do. If you don’t want your child standing on chairs, don’t let him see you do it. However, if you show respect and love for others, he will too. Enjoy your toddler during this time. Of course some days are better than others, but every day offers new chances for learning.

Developmental Milestones – 19 Months Old


  • Runs
  • Can kick a ball
  • Can throw a ball
  • Tries to catch
  • Likes to dance
  • Likes to swing


  • Likes to say `no`
  • Follows simple directions
  • May point to body parts
  • Learning new words
  • May imitate animal sounds
  • Enjoys dressing up
  • Can brush teeth


  • Likes to cuddle
  • Prefers to play with adults over other children
  • May have a security blanket or toy

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Books
  • Musical instruments
  • Building materials
  • Art supplies
  • Pretend play
  • Dress up clothes
  • Balls
  • Ride on toys
  • Interactive educational toys
  • Dolls
  • Cars and trucks
  • Outdoor play toy
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  1. Pumpkins23 28 December 2015

    My LO bed time is in between 730 and 8, 830 at the latest she sleeps throught till 8. She only has an hour window. She goes to nap between 1130 and 1230 and sleeps for two hours normally. She gets out of routine pretty quick too. then we just do a cry it out for a night or two and she gets the hint. :-)

  2. lovemy2girlsKim 28 December 2015

    onebaby...camping?!?! summer?!?!? I am SOOOO jealous. I so miss the outdoors and can't wait to take these girls camping. I am NOT fan of snow and cold weather. Plus I can't figure out what to do with these girls all day on the weekends. I got them an indoor climber/slide thing, but that only can occupy them for so long. I need to move! ; ) pumpkin that's cute! That's why we got the guitar...she always wants to play her Daddy's! Lately while he plays his guitar she stands on the piano stool and dances while banging the keys with her butt at the same time to play along with him...hilarious!

  3. lovemy2girlsKim 28 December 2015

    oh Riley has started this thing lately where she blinks her eyes excessively but holds them shut tightly for about 2 seconds. Any of you noticed that in your LO? I got overly paranoid and convinced myself it was some early sign of tourettes but she doesn't do it all the time and doesn't do anything else's really strange. I don't know if her eyes are dry, if she's just having fun mastering some sort of new skill or 'trick' or if it's something to be concerned about. I'm just going to see how it plays out and keep watching it but I was just curious....

  4. Dahlia 28 December 2015

    My guy has started squeezing his eyes shut while walking around. it makes me so nervous, but I think he's figuring out what his eyes are for. He'll come up to me with his eyes squeezed shut then open them and laugh. I wouldn't worry about it unless it persists. My guy has also started sticking his fingers in his ears then pulling them out...discovering that sound changes. It's so neat to see their exploration! (except the fingers in the snotty nose!)

  5. flowerschild 28 December 2015

    Our nap/sleep schedule is- Wake up 7-7:30 Nap at 1:30-3:30 and Book/Bath and Bed at 7:45. We stick to this schedule and it works great for us.

  6. McMommy1 28 December 2015

    Yes Myles loves to stick his finger up his nose while deep in thought lol! They are very funny at this age.

  7. lovemy2girlsKim 28 December 2015

    Thanks. The eye thing has calmed down though shes still doing it a little. Im hoping its on it's way out the door. While I'm on a roll of diagnosing my I can also imagine her on that show Hoarders. The child's crib tonight had Elmo, a dog, Minnie mouse, a cabbage patch doll, a singing stuffed bird, 2 blankets, a silk pillow case she's obsessed with, and a toothbrush... Yes a toothbrush. She wouldn't let me take ANYTHiNG out... She cracks me up!

  8. margysd 29 December 2015

    Hi, My daughter is 6.5 months. Our pediatrician has recommended tummy time everyday to encourage her to start crawling. She frequently lifts her head and straightens out her legs like she wants to start crawling or walking. However, when I put her on her tummy after a minute or two she gets frustrated and starts to cry. It breaks my heart to hear her cry so I change positions and sometimes put her on her side to see if she wants to roll over in different directions to encourage movement. I want to do everything that I can to encourage crawling, but at the same time I want to create a positive experience. I was wondering if you have any advice about how you encouraged your babies to start crawling. Thanks.

  9. MomOf7 29 December 2015

    Christmas morning Mikayla decided she didn't want diapers any more and just started using the potty by herself!!! She is doing good - a few accidents, but usually when busy playing which is to be expected but I am SOOO proud of her!!!

  10. WubWub2 29 December 2015

    Hi mommies :) Brielle is on a slightly different schedule. We have a late sleeper. She wakes up between 9 and 10, naps from about 2 to 4, and then goes to bed between 9 and 10. She has always been a night owl. She wouldn't switch her days and nights no matter how hard we tried until about 10 months old. We worked her perfered bed time of 5am back to 9-10 and she wouldn't budge from there. It works fine for us. I'm off to work early but dh puts her to bed and gets up with her. He starts work at 10:30. Then on the weekends we get to sleep in! I'm 28 weeks pregnant right now and I'm sure this one will be an early riser, it would just figure :) I'm really hoping that we can get them on the same schedule!

  11. cristandm 30 December 2015

    I wrote a new blog and put up a couple pictures if you ladies want to take a look. :) Happy New Yea

  12. Rebecca 30 December 2015

    we are pretty consistant with naps and bed time here as well. I have a 4yo son who naps every other day from 230-4 then in bed at 8pm and sleeps till 730-8am, my 19 month old daughter naps from 1030-12 then again at 230-330/4pm and then in bed at 730 and sleeps till around 8am. Both of my kids have been really good sleepers, even from the time we brought them home. I cant imagine how hard it must be for some moms that I know whos babys still have sleeping issues. I feel for anyone who has to deal with that, it must be so exhausting.

  13. phatbaby57 30 December 2015

    we have a consistent routine but isaac still wakes during the night. i keep holding out thinking he'll out grow it. we'll see if my theory holds when he is a teenager.

  14. McMommy1 31 December 2015

    Yeah Myles still wakes up here too some night are better then others. I do need to work on getting him to sleep the whole night in his toddler bed. That will be my new goal! We just cut out morning nursing for about 3 days now so far so good well see! Happy New Year!

  15. jumpingbean 31 December 2015

    Keeley goes to bed at 8 8:30 and sleeps until 9:30 or 10:00 the next morning. She has a small breakfast when she wakes and then has lunch at 12:30 and goes back to bed by 1 pm and sleeps until about 3. She has always been a big sleeper. As an infant I had to wake her to feed because she enjoyed sleep too much.

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