Month 21

Even though you might be interested in getting your child involved with other children her own age, she is most interested in you and her own things. She enjoys playing and interacting with you and other close caregivers the most. If there is another child that your child is exposed to often, she will develop a friendship. You will even notice that your child fusses and fights less with the familiar child than she does when exposed to strangers. Play is the main way that children learn and develop new skills. You can encourage your child to play with other children, but never force her to do so if she is not interested. During playtime with other children, have 2-3 duplicate items on hand to decrease the chances of fighting. At this age, children do push and poke each other to say hello. Show her how to be gentle, caring and sensitive to the feelings of other children.

Most parents of toddlers this age notice that children tend to `act up` and be on their worst behavior when they really want them to be on their best behavior. Learning how to deal with your child’s behavior, and even prevent naughty behavior is important. You should be reasonable in your expectations. Everyone knows that children this age do not have long attention spans, do not like to share and often have a hard time sitting still. Therefore, a trip to the library for storytime should be kept short. Playtime with friends needs to be carefully monitored and again, should be kept to a shorter time frame. Prepare your child before you go out by telling them where you are going and how you want them to behave. If he needs to be quiet in the library, tell him so. If you are going somewhere that he might get bored, tired or hungry-prepare for that. Take a snack or a few toys with you. Praise your child for positive behavior and if you see that he is not behaving properly, pull him aside and remind him quietly of how he supposed to act and what the consequences are.

Your child’s language skills are really taking off! At this point she can say approximately 20 words. She still enjoys reading books, singing songs and saying nursery rhymes. Even though your child tries to follow directions, remember to keep any directions simple and clear. If you want her to pick up her toys, take them to her room, get her teddy bear and get ready for bed, tell her one command at a time. If you give too may instructions at one time, she will get confused and frustrated. Although she really does want to please you and other caregivers, sometimes she will refuse to do what you have asked her to do.

Your child is becoming more and more independent. As long as you have showed your toddler the proper way of doing so, he can wash and dry his hands after using the restroom, playing outside or before a meal. Children need to be shown how to properly wash their hands so that germs are limited. Your toddler can hold a cup and drink from it. If the cup does not have a lid on it, be prepared for some spills. Children this age still need to learn how far they must tip the cup to drink from it. You may also notice that he can put his own shoes on his feet. He may occasionally put his shoes on the wrong feet and he can not tie the shoelaces yet.

Developmental Milestones – 21 Months Old


  • Can walk upstairs with both feet on step
  • Likes to run
  • Still likes to climb
  • Enjoys dancing
  • Tries to jump


  • Can say about 20 words
  • Tries to follow directions
  • Enjoys reading, but may tear the pages
  • Likes tiny objects
  • Can recognize and name people from photographs
  • Can put together a simple 3-4 piece puzzle
  • Can wash and dry hands


  • Becoming less self centered
  • Beginning to enjoy other children
  • Parents are still favourites
  • Stingy and selfish sometimes
  • Knows what is his and what is not

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Puzzles
  • Books
  • Climbing toys
  • Stringing beads
  • Shape sorters
  • Art supplies
  • Outside toys
  • Musical toys
  • Interactive educational toys
  • Pretend pla
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  1. CarlsonLove757 29 December 2015

    Avo-sooo excited for you and baby Max!! Love the pics of FB too:) How is Miss Noelle doing with the new addition?=====================BabyHelton-CONGRATS!!! That's sooo exciting!! Can't wait to find out how far along you are!===================Leahsmom-I absolutely LOVE the pic you posted on FB of Leah in her little Hawaiian attire!! So gorgeous!===================MommyK-I was going to ask you the same thing!! I noticed on FB you are now listed as 'in a relationship'!! Things must be going good:)========================KBPC-I can't believe you are planning for Cole's bday either, but I should know better! You are on top of it!! Hilarious little Cole diving into the tub!!===================Have fun on the beach Jomama!!

  2. lynnepie 29 December 2015

    Hi Mamas, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Brinn has been sick so Christmas wasn't as fun as I pictured it being. She just cried and wanted to be held. She also took a pretty serious spill on Christmas and got a nasty goose egg on her little forehead. Looks like New Year's eve plans will be a family night in now that our whole house is sick...ugh.

    Congrats avo and babyhelton!!! I love that as one pregnancy journey ends another begins.

    kb-Glad Cole is ok. I think I would've just died if Brinn did that.

  3. JJmommy 29 December 2015

    How funny, JoJo got the red car as well and loves it! But he does not know how to stear it yet. He is turning 20 months on the 1st. Great gift!

  4. lynnepie 30 December 2015

    Thanks mayasmommy. The 'sorry' and 'Go Slimey' post is too cute. I'm trying to get Brinn to say the word sorry but no luck. We're still also working on the 'I love you's'.

    Lore-Brinn still takes naps. Lately they have been 2-3 hours long. Just curious, why your LO goes to bed at 12 am? Is that the family's schedule?

    Question for you ladies...Brinn just started crossing her middle finger over her index finger and I was curious if anyone else has noticed their LO's doing this too?

  5. Coliflower 30 December 2015

    Awww another baby makes it's arrival and another is on it's way... can you beleive all that we have been through together for the last 2 years? Unreal. COngrats to Avo and BabyHelton! KBPC - Running dives? Really? Also I have some THomas ideas that I might share if inclined... I have not decided whether to do Elmo or Thomas this year for Edwin's b-day. Hmm obsession 1 or obsession 2? HArd to decide..

  6. MommyK 30 December 2015

    Hi everyone! Thanks for asking about my guy! He is so great. Honestly, I could see myself marrying him somewhere down the line, so things are going really well. Karen, I've been thinking about K's birthday too, but not in terms of themes. Last year I went all out, but this year it'll probably just be balloons and a truck cake or something. We'll see. Mayas, Kaeden hits too, but he says 'ow' when he does it like he wants a reaction that I try not to give. He says sorry too, but it breaks my heart, like someone will accidentally knock him over and he'll say 'oh, I'm sorry.' Interesting, he's a lefty also.

  7. kbpc3949 30 December 2015

    These adventure boys will be the death of us yet! Coli-we'll chat next Monday about your Thomas stuff....Katie-for all the crap you have gone through, I am so happy you have found happiness. :)

  8. LORE 30 December 2015

    Is any of yalls babys still taking naps? Mine takes a nap a day. The thing is that he takes like 3 hours nap?? Like he goes to sleep like around 12am. Then wakes up like at 10pm or 11. Then at 3 or 5pm he takes a long nap? Is this ok??

  9. TraciW 30 December 2015

    Do your kiddos know colors? Matthew calls everything yellow. Sometimes if we show him another color over and over he will temporarily remember it. But he always goes back to yellow. I think it is because he absolutely LOVES buses and they are yellow - haha. Also, the last week or so, everytime I start to sing a song to him he shakes his head back and forth and says 'no, no, no' and doesn't want me to sing. Gosh, I know my singing sucks but I thought he would like it until he was a little older, lol. I'm off tomorrow and going out for New Year's Eve. Everyone have a great New Year's! I've really enjoyed talking to each of you over the past year - don't know what I'd do without ya! Thanks!

  10. bluebeanz 30 December 2015

    Thought I would share this great article I read about toddlers & tantrums since some of us are there with our LO's already. I hope it can be useful to someone.

  11. JessicaDarling 30 December 2015

    traci- Devyn loves Red. Everything is red. I can show her different colors and sometimes she can say blue but her default color is red. It's just like when she and I are counting she can count all the way to ten with me but when she counts by herself it's always one, two, niiiiie (nine). And repeat. I think the fact that they can identify some is pretty darn good. ALSO i had to laugh because last night in the bath Devyn was playing with her foam letters and we were spelling her name and she was repeating after me. Dee Eee and then when we get to V she says Bee. So I guess she will be Debyn to people when she spells her name because she can't form the V sound yet. OH YES and then as she was playing with the letters one fell off the tub and she says 'OH SH*T'. A lovely word she picked up from my mother. I am just being calm when she says it and tell her no say Uh oh so the last few times she has said it, it has been 'oh sh*t uh oh' JUST A LOVELY phrase.. ugh

  12. lamama 30 December 2015

    Question ladies-Anyone else already started thinking of party ideas for the big 2?If so what are your plans. My son loves loves loves the movie Cars but he has 1000000000000 Cars toys and I was thinking If I threw the party and the theme was Cars that almost everyone will bring him Cars gifts. What do you ladies think.

  13. JessicaDarling 31 December 2015

    Congrats Babyhelton welcome to the preggo again club! We are 13 weeks now. Still haven't even had a doctor appointment because the doctor office was closed over Christmas and very busy before hand so I FINALLY get my first appointment next week and I will be 14 weeks. I just want to know that everything is going good. I want to hear that little heartbeat to put my mind at ease. I also want to know that there is only one because I keep dreaming that we are having twins and twins run in my family so yeah I am going crazy not knowing.

  14. Coliflower 31 December 2015

    God it seems like 5 minutes ago I was 13 weeks... I had a pretty huge freak out last night thinking about having to give birth again. Honestly I am much more afraid this time than the last. Ignorance is bliss...Anyone else more afraid the second time around?

  15. erlyos 31 December 2015

    Coli, I was definately more afraid the second time around. I was induced the second time though too, so I thought it would hurt worse. Now that its over, I can say that just like the first time, yes it hurt, but you get through it, it does come to an end, and knowing that you did something that amazing was worth it. Now that I have a boy and a girl though, I am never doing it again! haha

  16. MamaLuvnJah 31 December 2015

    Montana didn't take a nap yesterday and now today. I'm worried this is the end of nap time for good. I hope not.

  17. lynnepie 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year!!! Wishing you all health, happiness, and a fabulous 2010.

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