Month 21

Even though you might be interested in getting your child involved with other children her own age, she is most interested in you and her own things. She enjoys playing and interacting with you and other close caregivers the most. If there is another child that your child is exposed to often, she will develop a friendship. You will even notice that your child fusses and fights less with the familiar child than she does when exposed to strangers. Play is the main way that children learn and develop new skills. You can encourage your child to play with other children, but never force her to do so if she is not interested. During playtime with other children, have 2-3 duplicate items on hand to decrease the chances of fighting. At this age, children do push and poke each other to say hello. Show her how to be gentle, caring and sensitive to the feelings of other children.

Most parents of toddlers this age notice that children tend to `act up` and be on their worst behavior when they really want them to be on their best behavior. Learning how to deal with your child’s behavior, and even prevent naughty behavior is important. You should be reasonable in your expectations. Everyone knows that children this age do not have long attention spans, do not like to share and often have a hard time sitting still. Therefore, a trip to the library for storytime should be kept short. Playtime with friends needs to be carefully monitored and again, should be kept to a shorter time frame. Prepare your child before you go out by telling them where you are going and how you want them to behave. If he needs to be quiet in the library, tell him so. If you are going somewhere that he might get bored, tired or hungry-prepare for that. Take a snack or a few toys with you. Praise your child for positive behavior and if you see that he is not behaving properly, pull him aside and remind him quietly of how he supposed to act and what the consequences are.

Your child’s language skills are really taking off! At this point she can say approximately 20 words. She still enjoys reading books, singing songs and saying nursery rhymes. Even though your child tries to follow directions, remember to keep any directions simple and clear. If you want her to pick up her toys, take them to her room, get her teddy bear and get ready for bed, tell her one command at a time. If you give too may instructions at one time, she will get confused and frustrated. Although she really does want to please you and other caregivers, sometimes she will refuse to do what you have asked her to do.

Your child is becoming more and more independent. As long as you have showed your toddler the proper way of doing so, he can wash and dry his hands after using the restroom, playing outside or before a meal. Children need to be shown how to properly wash their hands so that germs are limited. Your toddler can hold a cup and drink from it. If the cup does not have a lid on it, be prepared for some spills. Children this age still need to learn how far they must tip the cup to drink from it. You may also notice that he can put his own shoes on his feet. He may occasionally put his shoes on the wrong feet and he can not tie the shoelaces yet.

Developmental Milestones – 21 Months Old


  • Can walk upstairs with both feet on step
  • Likes to run
  • Still likes to climb
  • Enjoys dancing
  • Tries to jump


  • Can say about 20 words
  • Tries to follow directions
  • Enjoys reading, but may tear the pages
  • Likes tiny objects
  • Can recognize and name people from photographs
  • Can put together a simple 3-4 piece puzzle
  • Can wash and dry hands


  • Becoming less self centered
  • Beginning to enjoy other children
  • Parents are still favourites
  • Stingy and selfish sometimes
  • Knows what is his and what is not

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Puzzles
  • Books
  • Climbing toys
  • Stringing beads
  • Shape sorters
  • Art supplies
  • Outside toys
  • Musical toys
  • Interactive educational toys
  • Pretend pla
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  1. BabyHelton 01 January 2015

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I welcomed in the New Year with my first episode of morning sickness!! YAY~lol. Thanks again for all the congrats from all you wonderful ladies. :)

  2. BabyHelton 01 January 2015

    coli: I am so much more afraid of EVERYTHING this time around. Ignorance was definitely bliss!! My sister just had her 4th kid. The first 3 she did the whole epidural thing. On the last one, she took relaxation/hypnosis classes and did that instead. So I thought I'd recommend that to you b/c it worked for her. It was called HypnoBaby I believe.

  3. Coliflower 01 January 2015

    Thanks for the comments ladies. I am not really sure why the pain is making me afraid this time when I felt that I could handle it last time. I am afraid of everything involved this time I think. I really think that it isn't the contractions that are scaring me but more the being checked and fear of not dialating properaly again. I really can't go through the pain of being dialated manually again. I hope to hell my cervix does what it is supposed to do this time and doesn't crap out on me like last time. I read a lot of books on natural child birth the first time with Edwin and I think that helped for sure. Plus I went in thinking it would be 100 time worse than it actually was which also helped. This time I know how it is going to feel, what they are going to do, what the end result is, how tired I will be how I won't get sleep again for a year and it scares the hell out of me.

  4. Coliflower 01 January 2015

    Also have I mentioned I have nothing prepared for this baby? No crib, no dresser, no change table, 1 single small bin of clothes, no diapers. I also will have no money until close to the time the baby will come which is also making me freak. I am nerves on wheels these days.

  5. 1blessedmomma 01 January 2015

    coli:--It'll all be fine! Each labor is different, plus your body has gone through the dilation now so I would think it would be easier for you this time. Since you go in knowing what to expect, you'll be much better prepared and can even kinda know what's happening when. :-)

  6. 1blessedmomma 01 January 2015

    Happy New Year ladies!!! It really is hard to believe that this is the 3rd time we've done this together. AMAZING!!!

  7. 1blessedmomma 01 January 2015

    coli:--I totally slacked this last time too. Had nothing til the end. I went shopping 2 weeks before she came because I didn't want to deal with all the clutter until I absolutely had too. Also, you really don't need a dresser yet anyway. Because of space constraints we use one of those sets of plastic drawers for her clothes and did the same for Abe. Takes up way less space. Did you use a bassinet for Edwin or just the crib? Also, if you've got a pack n play you can use that for Erika's bed for a while. Also takes up less space ;-) Don't worry, you'll get it all done. And whatever you don't, can just wait!

  8. may08mommy 01 January 2015

    I check up on here but don't talk to much but wanted to share:) I am preggers again with #2! Found out for sure on the 30th but have pretty much known for a while - so super excited but just as nervous this time around! Anyone know how soon I should call the midwife? I called my doctor last time and he took 12 weeks to see me - going through a midwife again but not sure when is the right time...

  9. leahsmom 01 January 2015

    Hi everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Does anyone have resolutions to share? I need some inspiration. Home from vacation today... It was great but my MIL, who I usually get along with, was a huge PAIN in the butt. She is not a baby/toddler person and was annoyed by Leah for doing totally normal toddler stuff. I think that is the LAST time we'll share a living space when we're traveling.

  10. bluebeanz 01 January 2015

    Happy New Year ladies! Mine was pretty crummy. Simone has her 1st cold so we've barely slept the last two days. I literally tried to sleep sitting up on the couch with her on me because she can't breathe lying down. My poor little sweet pea. :( Claire's cold lasted only a few days so I'm hoping this will be the same.

    Congratulations May08! Let us know when you are due. I would call the midwife as soon as possible. I know here there is a waiting list for them and you have to call pretty much the second you find out you are pregnant. It might not be like that there, but it can't hurt to call right away anyway. :D

    LEAHS- Glad to see that you had a nice vacation. Sorry to hear about the MIL. I think a lot of people forget what it's like having toddlers around. I'm not one to make new year's resolutions normally but I have a couple this year. 1) to become more active (I know, I know.. everyone says that).. I feel like such a blob lately. I'm used to getting out and walking at least a few times a week (for about 2-3 hrs. at a time) but because winter is here it's just too cold to take the munchkins out. I got Wii Fit Plus for Christmas so I'm committing to using it! It seems like fun & not that intense. #2- Staying in touch more with my family and friends. I've been slacking there lately because I've been so busy with the girls. I'm going to try to do what I can even if it's just an email or a card to let them know I'm thinking about them even if I am very busy. I needed to remind myself that my babies will eventually leave me (sob, sob) so I still need to cultivate and work on my friendships and relationships with others that I love. I'd also love hearing other people's resolutions! Great idea.

  11. leahsmom 01 January 2015

    blue- I like your resolutions. I could do better at those two things as well. I actually bought some workout clothes today for the first time in years. I'm taking over Joel's gym membership when he leaves. I just need to make the time after work to get my butt there. Sunday is the day we drop Joel off at the recruiter's office to leave for boot camp. I'm in an okay place, mentally. I'm sure it'll hit me emotionally once he's gone.

  12. sickasadog 01 January 2015

    Happy New Year everyone, it has been awhile since I have been on. My resolution is to eat healthier this year. Try to limit fast foods and processed foods and use more fresh and organic foods. I still need to get 10 lbs off of me.

  13. i-am-pregnant 01 January 2015

    I've started thinking about 2nd birthday ideas. Maddy loves Dora and Elmo and I have thought about those, but worried about the same thing with her just getting one of those things as toys. I can't believe that March 6 she will be 2!

  14. babyfever 01 January 2015

    Okay so potty training is not going so well for us. Everytime my son is naked he crawls into my bed and pee's!! I am so annoyed! I think it is not going well because he is to young AND we are not consistent nor is he in big boy underwear. I to am thinking of switching him over to underwear instead of diapers....I just don't know.

  15. Carolinagirls 01 January 2015

    WOW!! 2nd birthdays!! CRAZY!!! We did Mickey Mouse last year for her birthday and I should have waited to do it this year because it's her FAVORITE!! Would it be stupid to do it again this year??? Do you think people would know (besides family)? I could kick myself for doing it last year!!! UGH!!!

  16. bbcoop 01 January 2015

    Just a thought: My girls are 21mos and I really haven't ever had famliy or strangers telling me what to do or what I'm doing wrong--family nor strangers--anyone else have this, maybe everyone knows better these days...and its not b/c I'm doing everything right, thats for sure!carolinagirls: I'd feel no shame in doing Mickey again if she loves him! I think I'm going to ask for bigger potty chairs for their birthday to start actual training, lately they tear their diapers off as soon as I take their pants off and try to pee on the floor-if I say 'STOP-go to the potty!' they do, so I know they know, but when I put them on the potty they don't pee, they just make a 'Pssst' sound with their mouth or try to put it on their heads and run around (they are smal bjorn potties). I have done a ton of research and it looks like its no use until they are ready and sounds like boys usually take a little longer by nature. LEASHES: I have the dog/bear backpack leashes for my twins...I like to use them b/c I feel like they can feel independent and be less snatchable, they move so fast theses days and I move slower. My dh is ok with them, but I can tell he worries what other people think. I really feel like to each his own, I'm doing it in the best interest of my kids and it works for them and me--the tails are detachable, a lot of the time, I wind the tail up and tuck it in the pack and only use it if they get wild. They LOVE wearing the backpacks, they'll help each other put them on and wear them around the house sometimes!

  17. Coliflower 02 January 2015

    Thanks for the support ladies. I know in my head that I don't need all of that junk. My hormones tell a different story though... I bought the co-sleeper yesterday from a woman on Craig's List for $25! So that was a good deal. I also ordered the sleepywrap on Thursday and hope to have it arrive Monday. After looking into many wraps/slings I have come to the conclusion that this might be the best one for my needs. Anyone that has had any experience with this wrap and could lend me some advice or opinions on it that would be great. Congrats may08 on the pregnancy. I called my midwives right as soon as I found out that I was pregnant because their is sometimes a waiting period and I didn't want to see a doctor at all during this pregnancy but they didn't want to start to see my until I was 12 weeks. I think that is sort of the norm. Sorry your MIL was a pain in the butt Leah's I can relate trust me. I think I have made clear how I get along with my MIL on here before. :( Sorry to hear Simone has her first cold Blue. I spent the whole xmas holidays taking care of Ediwn because he had a sinus, eye and double ear infection all of this while travelling to a different house every night. So I understand. He is better now after being on antibiotics for a few days but now DH is sick with a stomach bug. I think I might cry a little if either Edwin or I get sick with this bug from him.

  18. Coliflower 02 January 2015

    Sorry I missed your post because I was writing Avocat. Glad to hear that Noelle is adjusting well to having Max home. Gives me some hope...

  19. may08mommy 02 January 2015

    Thanks ladies for the congrats:) I believe my due date is Sept 7 which is exactly what I wanted, being a teacher. I will call or stop by the midwifes on Monday (I work 2 minutes away from them), it just all feels weird since we aren't telling anyone! It's like telling a secret! LOL! Happy New Year All!

  20. bluebeanz 02 January 2015

    LEAHS- You are so much stronger than I am. I would be bawling like a baby begging him not to go. :( But I understand that he needs to live his own life and make his own choices. Being a mom is the TOUGHEST job ever! :(

    SICKASADOG- Nice to hear from you!! Please post again. :D

    COLI- I felt the same way when I was pregnant with Simone. We didn't have anything ready until a few weeks before she was born. Try going to a few 2nd hand places. That's what I did. I felt so much more at ease after that. And I was just like you are, worried and panicked by everything. Mostly about how Claire would adjust (she adjusted WAY better than I thought she ever would!). I just want to say that not even 1/4 of the things you worry about will happen in reality. And no matter what happens, you just find a way to get through! No one can predict how your body will react this time around so just be prepared to go with the flow. I hope it works out the way you want it to work out though! And I don't know if I said it but I LOVE the name Erika and it goes so great with Edwin! :D We are all here for support at anytime you need us. Hugs! Oh and I have the sleepy wrap and LOVE it! It's perfect for when they are newborns. You just have to get the hang of tightening it to the way you prefer. It's all about practice. I thought it would be really complicated but it's so not! And I never felt like Simone would fall out (like I did with the slings). You should get a thing inside that shows you the different ways of putting it on. If not, check their website there are lots of pics. of moms using them in different ways. I found that helpful.

  21. suzi 02 January 2015

    anastasija has had a fever of 103 fevers since this wed....we took her in thur and they checked her out no ear infection, or anything... so she continued to have high fevers the next couple of days this morning she had 103 again and I took her in they had to put a catheter in and take some blood for some tests. it was neg for bladder infection, and the blood work was ok... dr said she has a virus cause she also has dirrhea and horrible horrible stomach pains she really isnt eating much... i hope my 21 month old doesnt get this too. my poor baby

  22. suzi 02 January 2015

    Maja pretty much says like over 200 words, I have full blown conversations with her she talks to me, and tells me everything she wants, she knows how to ask me things, answer to things.. if i sneeze she says bless you, if i prented im crying she tells me mama dont cry, when she wakes up from nap and i gotta go to work she says mama isnt going to work, today she told my mom anastasija is sick shes going to the dr.... anyone eles kids talking like crazy?

  23. lynnepie 02 January 2015


    It sounds like Brinn was in good company with being sick over the holidays. I hope your little sweeties feel better soon.

    Congrats May08!!!

    Avo-Glad you're recovering well and getting some rest. I have a huge fear of having complications from a second C-section when I get preggos again.

    Mayas-I so admire you. I couldn't make it through that book. I watched a piece on the 'The Last Lecture' and just bawled. I know his message is much bigger than his death, but it's just so sad.

    Leahs-My heart is heavy reading your post about your son leaving. I can't imagine how conflicted you must feel. Be strong...((HUGS))

    Sickasadog-Good to see you post. I remember you from when I was pregnant.

    Coli-That's fantastic that you were able to get a few things. Keep in mind, any necessities you don't get before Erika's arrival can always be picked up by family and friends:)

    Gotta run ladies. Brinn just pulled a chunk of poo from her diaper with her hand...sorry TMI.

  24. suzi 02 January 2015

    about 50 words typeo me and my husband are planning christening and talking numbers and typiing lol

  25. Sandy127962 02 January 2015

    Carolinagirls I would do it again. She loves it so make her happy. You can pick out different types of decorations with Mickey mouse things on it. Make a cake yourself ect..that way it isn't exactly the same.

  26. kbpc3949 03 January 2015

    Quick post...Coli, I love you even more for getting a co-sleeper my friend. :) Leahs-you are one strong Mama! Blue-sorry your girls have been sick! Avo-rock it out! Lynne-hahahahaha! Not good! Congrats May08! Back to work tomorrow so you know I will be back to my over posting self....

  27. Coliflower 03 January 2015

    It is so weird to hear you guys calling her by her name now. LOL. Makes me even more freaked! Thanks for all of the support and words everyone. I really appreciate it. Glad to hear you liked the sleepywrap Blue. I figured either yourself or Jo-mama would have had one since I know you are big time sling/wrap users. What age did you stop using it? I know the material is super stretchy so the tighter you tie it the better right?

  28. 1blessedmomma 03 January 2015

    suzi:--I know that a few of us on here have extremely chatty kids. Do you talk a lot? When you're home all day with a lo and they are the only one you have to chat with, then they are a little chattier. Also, sorry your lo isn't feeling well. It's very hard on your emotions when you baby is sick.

  29. JessicaDarling 03 January 2015

    Coli - I have the sleepywrap too and I love it! The only mistake I made was getting a black one. Because in the summer it gets MIGHTY hot. But I still use it sometimes because i found a different baby wearing website that had alternate tying methods for an ellaroo (sp) wrap and some of the ties worked for the sleepy wrap. I love using the one for on the back for Devyn. Or there was one for a hip tie too which was awesome. I alternated her on the back and hip when we did walks in the summer. When she was teeny it was awesome to have her on my chest. She always fell asleep though so when she was facing out her head would always flop forward so she would sleep with my hand against her forehead holding it up. I never tried nursing in the wrap though but I will with this one. But as this new baby will be a July baby I really have to invest in a wrap that isn`t black.

  30. erlyos 03 January 2015

    Coli- my name is Erica, so I think you picked a beautiful baby name, haha. As for the sleepy wrap, I was given a homeade version of it when I had Finn, and since then, my mom has made me 4 different ones. Its really easy, you just take 4 yards (i think) of fabric, cut it in half and sew it together. The seam in the middle lets you know where the center is, or if you dont want to have it sewn in the middle, just put a tag there. I have it in just plain cotton batik, which isn't my favorite because it doesn't stretch very much, knit jersey, which is nice, but pretty warm, and almost stretches too much, and in a gauze material, which has just the right amount of stretch, and doesn't get too hot. I absolutely love my wraps, and can't say enough about them. Probably one of my favorite baby products!

  31. suzi 03 January 2015

    1BLESSEDMOM...i talk so i pretty much tell her everything the funny thing is she asks me to repeat new words a few songs i sing she makes me repeat the lyrics then later she sings them..the crazy thing is we speak serbian to her so she speaks serbian I want her to her to be bilingual... when we want her to sing a song we will start and she wont sing so we will sing a verse adn the she will say i dont want to and say the next verse its so funny..she also counts to ten

  32. MamaLuvnJah 03 January 2015

    How is everyone? Lately Montana has been playing hair stylist. He loves to blow dry my hair. All day long he messes w/ my hair trying to fix it. It's cute but getting annoying.

  33. MamaLuvnJah 03 January 2015

    I'm 31wks pregnant and I feel sorry for my baby inside me having to hear me constantly yelling at Montana. He's acting up so much. Terrible two's are all ready here. He does the same thing over and over that he knows he's not to be touching. Like pulling the living room curtains, opening up the closets, kitchen drawers and getting out mixing spoons to play with. Turning on and off TV. Jumping on the couch. Touching computer when I'm on it. Pulling dogs ears and paws. Slapping people in the face. I put him in time out a lot. He still does it. I had nice curtains in his room and had to take them down cause kept ripping them off the wall. This baby is gonna be scared to be born cause mommy's always yelling No! all the time. ha ha! OMG! Sorry I needed to vent.

  34. Coliflower 03 January 2015

    Hahaha, I was thinking the same thing the other day MamaLuvinJah! Glad to hear that so many of you like the sleepy wrap or at least a variation of the sort. I thought about making one too but then had thoughts of the baby toppling out and things like that and decided against it. Jessica, I got a brown one because a lot of the clothes that I wear are earthy tones. Do you think that it will be too hot? I didn't really think of that...

  35. Coliflower 03 January 2015

    Eylyos, did you find that you had to choose really stretchy material to use to make your own? Also, when you say 4 pieces of fabric how did you sew them together?

  36. March 03 January 2015

    Hi everyone, I feel like I haven't been around as much either, trying to take up working out now for the second half of my maternity leave and take off the baby weight from both babies - it's amazing how out of shape I have gotten - YUCK. Luke has been super fun recently - it's funny how he seems to have good weeks and bad weeks. He'll have a few days where we think that we will never survive until he turns 2, and then a few days where he's really great. He so wants to be helpful and is learning so much - today he found a piece of my stuff from pumping lying on the couch and picked it up and ran it to the sink to throw in where I put it when it's waiting to be washed. I wouldn't have thought he ever even paid attention to that but I guess so. The words are continuing to come too, now that we've acquired 'cold' I feel like he finally knows a useful word - if he cries and says 'cold' and I can finally figure out what I might do to make it better!

    He still tries to hit/pull on/hug too affectionately Lily. He seems to have dropped the super jealousy, but now he just comes and wants to feed her and that sort of thing. Which is cute unless he starts trying to jab the bottle into her mouth really hard! Funny thing - he found her pacifier yesterday (he hasn't been into pacifiers since he was probably 1 month old) and stuck it in his mouth and ran around with it for probably an hour, putting it in and out (even between bites!) I don't think he really knew what to do with it, he kept chewing it rather than sucking!

  37. March 03 January 2015

    Sorry to bring a new baby question here but I thought some of you might have better ideas since you would have already faced and hopefully solved this problem. Lily was 8 weeks Friday, and is still really struggling with sleeping the right time of day (and also she doesn't seem to sleep nearly as much as Luke does - probably not much more than 12 hours or so). For the last couple weeks, she absolutely refuses to go to sleep before 1 or 1:30. I can't figure out how to get her straightened out. We take a walk everyday from 5:30-6:30 pm, and she tends to sleep then. Then she's hard to keep awake all the evening, and pretty much only wants to eat. Sometime around 11, she gets wide awake and stays that way. I've tried keeping her from falling her asleep, and it doesn't seem to help - there have been several days she's been up straight from 6:30 till 1:30 am (what happened to newborns only wanting to be up an hour or so in a row? Luke still never stays up that long in a row). I've tried lettering her fall asleep when she gets tired around 9:30 pm or 10 pm, thinking maybe she could just go down for the night then - she wakes up after about an hour, then is up until 1:30. Any ideas? She's wearing us down. Once she falls asleep, she pretty much sleeps till 6 or 6:30, no matter when she falls asleep, then is back to sleep till 8:30 or 10 (never in between), then back asleep again till noon. So she seems to think night time is 1 am to noon. Is waking her up more in the 9 am - noon time what I need to focus on?

  38. lamama 03 January 2015

    bbcoop-That's so funny! About how they make the psss sound with there mouths when you put them on the pooty. I'm at my desk at work and that had me laughing out loud our should I say lol. Anyways take care everyone.

  39. Rachcout 04 January 2015

    back again on this site after a long break...and everytime I'm back is because I have a concern. My LO who is 21 months..started talking really early(by 13 months she was saying more than 100 words)..nowadays she constructs 8 to 9 word sentences...she had great flueny of speech..very clear.very articulate..infact her doc compared her vocab to a 2and a half year old...but all of a sudden say 5 days now..she has started to stutter really bad...even simple words like a 'no' is difficult for her to say..she goes like'n..n..n.NO' or a 'don't' is said like '' wiise with her sentences..really frustrating for her..she shuts her eyes tight and tenses her jaw muscles so that she can literally 'throw' the word out off her mouth..I feel sorry as well as it irritates me to see her talk like this.I let her take her time to complete(no matter how long it takes) and behave like there is no problem at all..Most people I have interacted with say this is normal..I wanted to know if it really is??? My Sis in law says that my LO's brain is working faster than her mouth with is leading to the stutter..also tha I have bogged her down with too much info so like a computer she too has crashed... is it true...that when you teach and introduce your kid to new things they crash???? PS. thanks to all your support and advice I stopped BF my LO more than amonth ago...but since the last 5 days she is crying for my boob occassionally..could she be going through some emotional unrest which is leading to the stutter???? pls advice.

  40. 1blessedmomma 04 January 2015

    rach:--to tell you the truth I've never encountered this. It could very well be due to a withdrawal from nursing and will just take a few weeks to return to normal. Try not to let it upset you too much because then it'll just stress her out more making it even more difficult to say what she's needing to say. It is entirely possible that it's just a nervous tick kind of thing that she'll outgrow soon but I'd def bring it up with the pede to make sure. That way if there is anything else going on like earache, they can take care of that.

  41. Coliflower 04 January 2015

    March - on the sleeping problem I am going to suggest the same thing I have to many moms. 'Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child' the sleep training in that book starts at 6 weeks so Lily is old enough and I can't say enough great things about what it did for Edwin sleep wise. Honestly the book is like the bible on sleep.

  42. Coliflower 04 January 2015

    rachcout - I don't have a lot of advise for you but I will tell you that a month or two ago Ediwn started stuttering too and I was very concerned. It still happens once in a while but not nearly as bad. I try not to call attention to it with him because I don't want him to think it is funny or to even aknowledge it when it happens. Sorry I don't have more to tell you.

  43. JoMama 04 January 2015

    Hey ladies - I don't have a ton of time, but I wanted to touch base. I feel like I've been away from you guys for so long! I read everything and I want to respond to it all, but mostly you guys have already said everything I was thinking.
    The flight down here was OK for the most part. Malone hated being buckled in and freaked out for the first 5 minutes of each flight. The second flight was 4 hours and it was the worst at the end. We were on a flight with a ton of kids and they all lost it during that last half hour. I am not looking forward to the flights home, but we'll manage. Violet slept most of the time and Malone even napped for a little bit. I had a cold so my ears felt like they would explode. That made everything seem worse.
    Malone is having a blast here. She wasn't the hugest fan of the ocean (she hated that we wanted to hold her), but she loves the kiddie pool where she can just dunk herself and splash. Her vocabulary is insane - she is singing songs now and pretty much communicates all of her needs verbally now. It's crazy. She's playing with her 4 and 6 year old cousins and I think that she is copying them so much.
    OK. I just got asked 'What are you on the computer for?' by my nephew. I'd better get off.

  44. collsbaby 04 January 2015

    Happy New Year everyone! My New Years resolution is to not be on the computer as much, so we'll see how that goes, haha. I have a ton of house projects I'd like to complete, so I'm going to put my time and energy into those as well as playing in the backyard with Summer more. We went to my in-laws after Christmas for a few days. They live near Reno and we went to Tahoe and it was just BEAUTIFUL! Summer absolutely LOVED the snow and we couldn't get her to come in most of the time, haha. I'm kind frustrated with myself because before we moved (from Kauai-already a year ago!) I lost all the baby weight plus, then with the stress of the move and living with my parents for about 6 months, I gained a lot of it back. Well, not all the baby weight, because that was a lot, haha. But I've probably gained a good 10 pounds of it back. I'm over it. I feel like a cow. Time to get back on track. Especially if I want to have another one. My mom was telling me how hard it was for her to loose the weight after me. (I was the 2nd child.) OK, no more b!tching and moaning! The sun is shining and baby girl is in a good mood, time to go play in her playhouse and wagon. Have a good one ladies. I'm totally jealous of all who are on a fabulous vacation right now!

  45. collsbaby 04 January 2015

    OMG, I just realized I sound EXACTLY like my mom! 'The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day! Go outside and play!' haha. Oh well, it could be worse I guess. ;-)

  46. Heather07 04 January 2015

    Hello ladies--how are your children doing with their talking?? Brian will be 22 mos in just a couple days, but he still only says 12-15 words, and only 5-6 consistently. I am really worried about him. Please respond on my page.

  47. bluebeanz 04 January 2015

    RACHCOUT- Claire stutters, sort of. She talks extremely well like your LO. Making sentences, etc. but it's almost like her brain is racing so fast sometimes that the words take a bit to come out. I'm not worried in the least. I've been around LOTS of kids in my time as a daycare worker and then as a teacher. If you are really concerned though, make sure to bring it up with her doctor.

    MAMALUV- I haven't been the mama I've wanted to be the last week. Simone hasn't been sleeping well due to a cold and it's hard keeping up after Claire on NO sleep. My patience level is just not where it usually is and I feel so badly. She just goes from one thing she shouldn't get into, to another. It drives me crazy sometimes but I just keep reminding myself she is a toddler. This is normal! lol. It's hard though! And don't worry about your LO coming out. Thankfully they have NO recollection of being inside or of infancy. hahaha.

    For those of you with sick babies, I hope they get better soon. It's not fun for anyone! :(

  48. leahsmom 04 January 2015

    JoMama- Enjoy your vacation! I'm missing the sun now that we're back to 45 degree rain and clouds.

    Yesterday was crazy. I thought we were just dropping Joel off at the recruiter's office. It turns out that he didn't need to be checked into his hotel until 10pm. It ended up being a several hour event including an unexpected visit to the inlaw's- fun. And NOT including a meal- luckily I packed Leah some food. I just wanted to get it over with but it was a long, excruciating, drawn-out goodbye. I kind of felt sick to my stomach all day, on top of battling a bad cold/bronchitis and laryngitis. Needless to say, I didn't exactly return to work as refreshed as you would expect from someone who just returned from vacation. To tell the truth, I was very grouchy.

    As far as talking, Leah holds conversations too. Sometimes I don't understand every word, but she gets the point across. And she LOVES to boss Alec around and try to tell him what to do:) She's a sassy one.

  49. collsbaby 04 January 2015

    Leahs, I'm glad you had fun in Hawaii! I remember being terribly grouchy when I would return back to 'normal' life after a vacation on Kauai (before we moved there.) I'd get back to LA thinking it was so ugly and gray....which it is, haha. There's nothing like the colors in Hawaii. Just know though that visiting Hawaii is a lot more romantic than actually living there. We're kinda over it now after living there, haha, I still love it and it's so beautiful and it makes me smile since Summer was born there, but now we know the 'drama.' (I feel the same way after Disneyland, since I used to work there.) I always tell people that if you REALLY love Hawaii, just go there for vacation and you'll always love it! ;-) (Also, I'm confused, is Joel your husband? Did he just go to bootcamp or something? Yikes!--I guess it was nice to have a little tropical vacation before he left!)

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