Month 22

You already know how important playtime is to your developing toddler. Playtime is a special time for you and your child to enjoy each other and show love for one another. Play is how your child learns the best and he learns by watching you. Through play, children learn about their world. They learn how things work and they learn how to use their body to make things work. Children learn about the way items feel, fit, stack, look, fall and move. Playing games with your child will encourage them to share and take turns. You should encourage your child to play and set things up to make playtime easy for your toddler. Keep a container of toys in various rooms of the house so that he can play near you. If his toys will be in his room, place toys on low shelves or open containers or toy boxes so that he can easily find what he would like to play with. Encourage a variety of types of play and change his toys out perioically to avoid boredom.

Continue teaching your child about words, but begin putting words into action. Be descriptive. Talk to your toddler while you drive about fast cars or noisy trains. While you are cooking, explain that the stove is hot or the bacon makesa sizz;ing sound when it cooks. This will develop your toddler’s vocabulary and teach him about different objects.

At this point, your toddler has most, but not all, of her teeth. Because she doesn’t have all of her teeth, be cautious about foods that could potentially choke her. Choking on food is a real danger for children this age and a real scare for parents and caregivers. Foods that children most often choke on are: hot dogs, grapes, candies, nuts, popcorn and lollipop. Other than the grapes and nuts, none of these foods are nutritious. Hot dogs and grapes should be cut into small, bite size pieces-quartered is the best. Never cut them into full circles because the pieces can get stuck in your toddler’s throat.

Children respond well to routines. Establish a feasible schedule and routine that you and your child can both stick to. Ding things in the same routine each day will give your child a sense of security and she will learn and anticipate what comes `next`. Plan to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks at the same time each day. Quiet time, naptime and bedtime should also be at the same time each day. Until your toddler adapts to the schedule, remind him what comes next. You can also include other routines such as: getting a bath and getting dressed after breakfast each day, outside time, brushing teeth after breakfast and before bed and other routines that are important in your family.

Developmental Milestones – 22 Months Old


  • Uses one hand more than the other
  • Can stand on one foot with help
  • Dances
  • Jumps


  • Imitates everything
  • Obeys directions
  • Asks for things by names
  • Likes to hear stories
  • Tries to repeat nursery rhymes
  • Can point to five body parts
  • Builds towers of 4-5 blocks


  • Curious about other people
  • Begins to be sympathetic for others
  • Shows love and affection easily
  • Demanding at times
  • Feelings are easily hurt

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Pretend play
  • Dress up
  • Simple art and crafts
  • Ride on toys
  • Linking beads
  • Building materials
  • Balls
  • Book
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  1. Mommytoamiracle 13 December 2015

    yeah where did this 'MINE!' stuff come from? i will say 'no DJ, thats mommy's phone' or something like that but i never say 'thats mine!' so where would he pick that up from? he doesnt go to daycare or play with other kids very often so its really weird! he yells at our dog a lot for taking stuff even when they can share what he wants, like a soft football or stuffed animal toy. he'll scream 'its mine! give me it!' and everything is 'no, i do it' and 'DJ can do it' im not allowed to do anything anymore lol

  2. Jones 14 December 2015

    haven't caught up on this page for a while I've been on the site for my coming little boy 23 weeks prego I miss reading the comments from this group when we were all prego together I didn't comment much then but every one was so nice and I am now stuck with a bunch of whiny ladies

  3. Coli 15 December 2015

    LOL!!! Evan will yell at one of our dogs - NO BERT (dogs name) my blankie!!!! MINE!!!! Gotta love it!

  4. Gretch 15 December 2015

    Karen - Rory is doing a bit of this also. Great nights mostly but a couple times a week there is screaming. Fine when I go comfort but screams when I leave. Sometimes I bring him to bed with us to finish the night, sometimes pat his back till he relaxes and sometimes (twice) let him cry it out. He definitely wants to come to bed with us so there is a bit of gamesmanship in this waking up and screaming. Not a fun night on these occasions. How is the humidifier absence working?

  5. Bencharlie11 17 December 2015

    Does anyone know where I can buy the Icandy buggy in Newery?????? If you know could you please inform me as to the name of the shop as this buggy is like gold dust and I can't seem to get my hands on one. Any help would be most appreciated :smile

  6. Dezzi 17 December 2015

    I have a discipline question fr you ladies. My neice has taught my daughter some very bad habits (they don't discipline her much for it). Like screaming/yelling. Bedtime has become so frusterating and I can't get Khali (my daughter) to stop! My neice and the family live with us too. So they are together all of the time. What can I do?

  7. Coli 19 December 2015

    I would still discipline her as you normally would. And try in the best toddler way say its not ok for her to do that. I don't know. I know Evan does things at Daycare he is NOT allowed to do at home! And when I'm at daycare with him, I discipline him the same way I would at home. But that is different because we leave the situation, your daughtr can't. Sorry I couldn't be more help!

  8. addysonsmom 21 December 2015

    I just wanted ask you all if you are loving this time as much as I am!? Addyson is amazing, funny, so loving, she grabs my face for a kiss, she loves to snuggle up together! Addyson seems to know more words than I can count, she talks and talks...I just love it!

  9. collegeprincess27 21 December 2015

    chiming in on the mine phase we have the word MINE down just fine these days today Hailey came running in and told me my daddy was very funny my question to you ladies is how many of you have gone to the toddler beds Hailey attempted to climb out of her bed tonight makes me nervous I don't want her to fall out and get hurt

  10. Miracle3 21 December 2015

    Mommy to a Miracle - that is so funny! My LO is into saying 'MY daddy' or 'My mommy' etc taking possession of us in the last couple weeks! :-) Merry Christmas!!

  11. Dezzi 21 December 2015

    Murrayc-I have tried to talk to them about it. They just get offended and huffy. They are moving out at the end of the month, thankfully. But the damage has been done. I think once they are out, then it will start to clear up. I hope so anyway. Not having the contradicting message all day!

  12. BrittB 23 December 2015

    Hey girls! I entered Aiden in a contest. Please vote for him :)

  13. ThatOne 23 December 2015

    We're still using the crib. Trying to figure out when to transition to the toddler bed.

  14. Miracle3 23 December 2015

    Speaking of the crib thing maybe we will need to get a bed for ours before his 2nd b-day! He had gotten out of it over a year ago a couple times but then I noticed he was figuringout how to lower the side so I flipped it so the side facing out away from the wall wouldn't go down. Well just today he was throwing a huge fit cause bathtime was over and he wouldn't cooperate & I could tell he was tired so I put him down for an early nap and boom within minutes he climbed out and was screaming down the hallway - not hurt just still mad his bath was over! ~ Need to tell DH so we can figure out how much longer would be safe... gee I would keep himin there till 3 years if I could then he needs to wait for me to get him instead of free reign of the house! And they are sooo busy and in to things. He is alwasy flushing the toilet now and it overflowed and made a huge mess.. Not to mention he is obsessed with lights and wheels so he takes the twisties off our lamps and then I cannot turn them on or off!!!ugg... Merry Christmas!! Oh and thanks to all who were praying for my sister she and her baby girl are home safe and sound with big sister and daddy~

  15. Gretch 23 December 2015

    Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Thank you for your wonderful advice and sisterhood this year, lovely ladies. Just put together Rory's wagon. We, too, had the minimal tree. But the spirit is there.

  16. Mommytoamiracle 24 December 2015

    merry christmas to all u ladies and ur little ones! i hope u have a happy and safe holiday! :) DJ is sooo excited for santa! my husband borrowed a santa suit so hes going to dress up as santa tonight and let DJ open a present from him then he can open the rest tomorrow morning! we got him a drum set, lots of cars and trucks, a cd player/radio for his room cuz he loves music now, a remote controlled walking puppy and lots of other little things. im so excited to see him opening everything!

  17. Spencerbaby1 24 December 2015

    merry christmas everyone! hard to believe our little ones will soon be two!! i am having a double bday party for avah and alexa this year. no sense in having 2 parties 2 weeks apart! guess i will have to do either 2 cakes or half for avahs 2nd bday and half for alexas 1st. probably easier to do two small cakes! time sure flies

  18. Coli 27 December 2015

    Spencerbaby - I will be honest I can NOT believe that Alexa is going to be a year old!! It really seems like you just had her!! WOW!!! Time sure does fly by!!!

  19. Redhead 27 December 2015

    Spencer--Wow! I can't believe Alexa is going to be one already! I think 2 small cakes would be cute:) I think we are going to do a cupcake cake for Scarletts 2nd bday. As for the toddler bed, we are waiting till she escapes from the crib to even think about it! lol

  20. Coli 28 December 2015

    Is anyone familiar with whooping cough? My cousin called me last night her son who is 2 months old has it aqnd it's highly contagious. She had to take him to the hospital, and Evan has been ok.....he has had a cold and it is all the signs of whooping cough, but he has been on antibiotics for awhile now. So I was just wondering if anyone is familiar with this?? Evan is also up to date on all his vaccines, but of course the 2 month old isn't.......and my other cousin does not vaccinate her children. So it's a little scary!

  21. margysd 29 December 2015

    Hi, My daughter is 6.5 months. Our pediatrician has recommended tummy time everyday to encourage her to start crawling. She frequently lifts her head and straightens out her legs like she wants to start crawling or walking. However, when I put her on her tummy after a minute or two she gets frustrated and starts to cry. It breaks my heart to hear her cry so I change positions and sometimes put her on her side to see if she wants to roll over in different directions to encourage movement. I want to do everything that I can to encourage crawling, but at the same time I want to create a positive experience. I was wondering if you have any advice about how you encouraged your babies to start crawling. Thanks.

  22. Redhead 30 December 2015

    Coli- My coworkers 2 week old got it from her 12 yr old cousin. She was hospitalized for almost a week she was so sick:(

  23. iluvmylilguys 31 December 2015

    Hi everyone! I'm from month 5 and was just wondering if you all could do me a HUGE favor. I am trying to finish up my thesis for grad school and need people to take a short survey about working mothers and life satisfaction (it's for SAHM's too). It is completely anonymous and will only take a couple minutes. Thanks in advance! Here is the link:

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