Month 23

As a parent, it is your responsibility to develop and build your toddler’s self-esteem. Don’t wait until your child is older to help him learn how special he is-start now if you have not already. Because everyone likes to be praised and acknoledged for a job well done, show your child will hugs, smiles and words of praise when he has done something well. Always try to focus on the positive and avoid negative feedback, when possible. Instead of telling your toddler what not to do, explain the correct method. Good communication skills will help your child’s self esteem, confidence and relationships with others. Use kind words to get good results and build your child up. Smiles and happy facial expressions can also go a long ways towards developing your toddler’s self-esteem.

Your toddler is very curious about the world around him! Listen to what your child has to say and always answer her questions. Toddlers often ask why the sky is blue or how to fix a broken toy. Most often, they do not understand how things work and we have to show them. Some toddlers will ask questions just to keep a conversation going. Your child might be able to respond to simple questions regarding their name, age, siblings names and colors, shapes and names of objects.

Children this age are more active than they have been and can actually begin to pedal tricycles. Remember to always provide a helmet to protect your child’s head from falls. Your toddler can also throw a ball into a wastebasket or small hoop. Remember to give your child a variety of toys that encourage different types of development.

With the second birthday quickly approaching, you might notice that your child is ready to be toilet trained. Girls are often ready to train around two years old and most boys are ready around two and half. Do not rush toilet training and follow your child’s lead. When you think that your child is ready to begin toilet training, make sure he knows the correct words. He needs to understand when he peed or urianted and pooped or had a bowel movement. Decide which words your family will use to describe these bodily functions. Make it easy for your child to toilet train by dressing him in loose-fitting clothes that are fast and easy to get down. Children often wait until the last minute to use the restroom and this will make it easier for him. Remember to praise your child when he uses the bathroom, but do not scold or punish for accidents or when he does not use the toilet. Encourage your toddler to sit on the toilet for a few seconds or minutes if they will, but it is best not to insist that your child sit on the toilet until he actually uses it because your child will soon become frustrated with sitting there.

Developmental Milestones – 23 Months Old


  • Loves to climb
  • Jumps well
  • Runs well
  • Can pedal a small tricycle
  • Can throw a ball into a wastebasket


  • Tries to ask questions during conversations
  • Can answer simple questions
  • Can put together a 4-6 piece puzzle
  • Likes to read and turn pages


  • Likes to be with other children
  • Does not share well
  • Afraid of disapproval and rejection
  • Interested in babies
  • Likes to cuddle

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Sand and water play
  • Climbing toys
  • Ride on toys
  • Pretend play
  • Dolls or stuffed animals
  • Books
  • Balls
  • Alphabet toys
  • Stringing beads
  • Dolls
  • Cars/trucks
  • Dress up clothe
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  1. citymami 12 December 2015

    Rubes cat poo can cause toxacara not good at all for you but no good for kids either, tell hub to threaten her with social and if she doesn't rectify situation then have him report it's bad for his boys and the animals.

  2. rubes 12 December 2015

    My bladder's gonna be screwed after this baby. I think it's pretty normal to experience bladder weakness after a baby. Can you speak to your dr about ways to firm you up? City i'm glad everything's alright. Try not to worry about dvt. I'm sure they're keeping an eye on you. Look out for sore swollen calves and let them know if you experience pain in your legs.

  3. rubes 12 December 2015

    City I told him it can cause serious illness. That's why he goes clean her house. Coz she won't! Not can't, just won't. And she knows he'll do it for her. We couldn't take the kids at this point. Not til we move and we've not found a new place yet. He threatened her but she don't care and the boys hate him even though he does so much to make sure they're clean and fed and not in care! But they think how they live is normal when it isn't. Its sad really. She did this when lilia's due date approached. Kept him perpetually busy and away from us, using her illness like some playing card. Using the kids. I'm not as bothered this time. It's just frustrating that it never ends :-(

  4. citymami 12 December 2015

    Eee she's a right idiot this ex of his by the sounds of it Rubes, and yeah wouldn't be surprised if she's trying it on coz she's jel you're due anyway! Up all night with these stocking squeezing my calves .. Just can't sleep coz of all the squeezing lol and apparently the surgeons going to roll in here at 5am coz he's going to a meeting London so considering just staying up1

  5. citymami 12 December 2015

    Ps in thgs surgical bra thing my boobs look about the same size...maybe a little smaller, It has to be swelling,!?

  6. rubes 13 December 2015

    I had to wear them after lilia. I needed help to get them on and off they were so tight lol On my mum's ward they were giving ppl injections (blood thinners I think). Apparently its better then compression socks! How long you expected to stay in for?

  7. lilmum2002 13 December 2015

    Glad to hear everything went well with the surgery. Right now a lot of it is probably swelling, it'll gradually go down and you'll be able to notice more of a difference.

  8. lilmum2002 13 December 2015

    Well we had Zac's meeting yesterday and we didn't quite get the answers we were looking for. It seemed they focused more on school stuff and we still need to have another evaluation done for his language skills since he did poorly with those and his fine motor skills. So there will likely be adaptations made for in the classroom, such as using a computer instead of actually handwriting since he has a hard time with the printing, and his working memory was in the very low range so he'll need more step by step instruction. However the outcomes he's expected to meet will not change just how he's given the information and how he turns it in will. We'll also know abit more about his language skills when he gets the evaluation done. They are basically saying that since he has a lowering understanding of language it's causing some barriers which is causing his frustrations, which in turn gives us his erratic behaviors. But since he school scores were totally different from home scores there is still nothing. I'm happy with the results in school that we can get him taht help before he gets to the harder grades and such but I just feel like there is more going on in his little head. I guess I just expected to have a bit more of an answer and would feel like a weight was lifted but instead I think it's just shifted. I'm hoping that maybe there is more we can learn when we find out where his language skills fall. The principal is also going to be speaking to the school social worker again because she really feels we need to have him partake in some sort of social skill workshops or something because he really is behind in those skills and it is starting to become a big concern.

  9. citymami 13 December 2015

    Will he see the speech therapist surely? They can pick up on language and a little more surely. You seem to be going round in circles with his school lilmum, a teacher or preferably the head needs to advocate for you, get the pace moving with his case. I'm out drains came out and it bubbled inside me, sick feeling, yak. Feeling itchy and sore but pain is nothing compared to labor, bet a c-section scar is possibly worse..and MyBaby my stomach isn't stapled to my thigh (lol remember that, sorry I know that was the hell that happened I don't know - remember that, it was you wasn't it?) It's not a breeze though, but it's mainly anxiety because I'm too frightened to rest long I'm pacing round instead of sitting because they put the frienghters on me saying I'm highh risk for DVT from personal and family history.

  10. rubes 13 December 2015

    lilmum, that really is ridiculous. They seem to be running so slow. How difficult is it to give a diffinitive answer????

  11. lilmum2002 14 December 2015

    It's not so much that they are being careful s his scores from school are SOOOOOO different from home that to them it causes no concern. The principal however is on our side because she's starting to notice some more of his behaviors on the school yard, obviously not to the same extreme we do but enough that she wants him to work with the social worker. We had another rough night last night that went from 530- 830 they day before that he was yelling in poor Tyler's face that he hated him and that he wished he could kill him. It's just heartbreaking. I can understand a language barrier but the child knows what 'no, don't do that, you're hurting him, stop doing that, You can't be doing that you will hurt someone'

  12. JackieB 15 December 2015

    Hello, My daughter will be 23 months next week. She's definitely advance physically. My question is. She still doesn't want to talk. She'll say a word here or there just to tease us and then refuses to repeat. She will grunt and point at what she wants. She does say What? yes and no Daddy and not quite sure if Mommy yet, only when she cries. I have three other kids, 20yrs, 16yrs and 12yrs. It's been awhile. I don't remember them having issues speaking early. Is there advice out there? Thanks, Jackie

  13. rubes 15 December 2015

    Omg how awful! Id have flipped my lid! I'm STILL pregnant (only 38 weeks but it feels like a dam lifetime lol) and lilia's in an awful mood.

  14. i-am-pregnant 15 December 2015

    I'm still here, just super busy at work. 36 weeks, have growth scan next week to check he's not going to be 11lb plus!!! He is head down and starting to engage!!

  15. rubes 15 December 2015

    Happy birthday!!! Sounds really cool!!! Rls, mine's head down but keeps engaging and disengaging. Apparently I have a big pelvis :( It's starting to get frustrating, and I have to keep reminding myself that Lilia didnt engage fully until labour was well progressed (about 6 cm dilated lol)

  16. lilmum2002 16 December 2015

    Mybaby- you and your Mason sure are strong people! I hope it's nothing serious and the brave little guy gets better soon.

  17. lilmum2002 16 December 2015

    How much do your lo's weigh? Kayla was weighed last week and was 26.5 and I was just wondering if that's normal. And Rubes and Rls have you guys decided on definite boy names for your new ones?

  18. citymami 16 December 2015

    MyBaby when Anderson went for a CT scan due to macrophely (large head lol) they wanted to check for hydrocephalus primarily because he'd be violently sick lots at the time, well of course it was proven he just had genetics for a large head, but I was there when the scan was done, and also back on the ward when a senior paediatrician came and read the preliminary results...anyway, as soon as the CT scan is done they can see if the brain looks normal or not pretty much right away, because the tech leaned out and told me it looked normal...I didn't get the final read on the results until I followed up with his regular paediatrician when I could get in like a couple of days later, they just pulled it up on the computer and said yeah it's normal... So actually not hearing anything, I certainly wouldn't worry about that at all. It's funny because I'm suffering from what I think is sinus type problems atm, and was just freaking myself googling it because I have this pressure behind one of my eyes, and then all these stories of people with tumours started popping up and then I checked myself and didn't let myself read it. From all the stuff he's suffered from sinus would make sense, I think it may be more common in kids that have had ear problems too... Funnily enough when we went for the CT scan we were stuck there for so long coz it was one machine for adults and kids at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC and it was there that the doctor told me he was 80% certain Anderson had MRSA as a result of spending so long in the busy ER and on the CT scan machines (couldn't get him sedated and still so had to try again and again)..anyway when I went for surgery I was swabbed for MRSA and guess what negative, and I think Anderson is negative too. Anderson was never swabbed for MRSA but they had me worried sick saying they were almost certain what looked like a staph infection had to be MRSA - I remember it was two youngish doctors together, got the impression from their wonderful bedside manner neither of them had kids. It would be interesting to see how the UK handled Mason's health problems, USA has some amazing doctors and specialists, but sometimes I don't think they're the best at looking at the bigger picture, it's like they get stuck in their micro specialisation's... sometimes I think it causes parents to worry unnecessarily. As always Mason's in my prayers. As for me I'm doing good not too much pain, but all the drugs I've been on have left me with this nasty dry hangover feeling without the fun from the night before :/ The boobs look higher and smaller and my nipples are now smaller, can't feel a thing in the nipples though!

  19. Bencharlie11 17 December 2015

    Does anyone know where I can buy the Icandy buggy in Newery?????? If you know could you please inform me as to the name of the shop as this buggy is like gold dust and I can't seem to get my hands on one. Any help would be most appreciated :smile

  20. racho 17 December 2015

    so my lil sis had her baby, a boy, on Dec 8th! My little nephew, oliver, is so adorable! My sis had some issues after birth and was taken to an OKC hosp so mom has had custody/guardianship of Oliver. Which means I get to see him way more often than I thought! He is adorable ( 7p9ozs at birth and 20 inches long) It only makes me want a baby even more...I love my 2 girls but want to try for my boy! But I know the timing isnt right and we cnt afford a 3rd child yet so I guess I will just enjoy my nephew Oliver to the fullest! In the meantime, miss Abbie will be 2 in just 4 days. She has grown and overcome so much that i have mixed emotions about her being 2...I cnt believe she is 2 already

  21. citymami 17 December 2015

    glad Abbie doing well Racho....I want another baby but can't afford either, for at least 2 or 3 years I reckon, not sure if that will ever happen... Instability financially and just general lack of security these days sucks! OK going to 24 months to write more since you all cleared out of here!

  22. saracrockford 19 December 2015

    hay girls. my little girl is very unwell. shes not eating and only drinking a little. shes very hot and the light hurts her eyes, the think is she wont take any meds! she hates it and crys and screams. i have to hold her down and force her mouth open to make her take it and she ends up spitting most of it out anyway! it make me feel horrid and a bad mum for forcing her to take it. i don't know what else to do.. please if anyone has any advise write me on my profile.. thanks..xx

  23. KMarieH 21 December 2015

    jackieb... a trick I learned with the grunts is to constantly give her to wrong toy or ask if she wants all other types of toys and encourage her to say a word, even if she doesn't giving her the vocabulary helps her use it in her mind. When giving her the wrong toys she may fight to pick the word of what she wants depending on how you've been fitting her needs. I wouldn't make it a struggle so that she is constantly getting too upset. But to the point where she is being challenged. It could be that you know exactly what she wants and giving it to her before words are spoke or she may just be a late bloomer in that department. The best thing to do is to constantly give them the vocabulary words to use though. This is what I have found helpful in my classrooms in my early childhood center.

  24. BrittB 23 December 2015

    Hey girls! I entered Aiden in a contest. Please vote for him :)

  25. ashleyalaskelson 24 December 2015

    my son has NEVER eaten breakfast, no matter what we offer. Eventually just started giving him half of a pediasure every morning. He's almost two now, and will sometimes snack on cereal or nutrigrain bars..

  26. margysd 29 December 2015

    Hi, My daughter is 6.5 months. Our pediatrician has recommended tummy time everyday to encourage her to start crawling. She frequently lifts her head and straightens out her legs like she wants to start crawling or walking. However, when I put her on her tummy after a minute or two she gets frustrated and starts to cry. It breaks my heart to hear her cry so I change positions and sometimes put her on her side to see if she wants to roll over in different directions to encourage movement. I want to do everything that I can to encourage crawling, but at the same time I want to create a positive experience. I was wondering if you have any advice about how you encouraged your babies to start crawling. Thanks.

  27. Coli 29 December 2015

    Evan turns 23 months today - he's almost 2 - where does the time go??

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