Month 23

As a parent, it is your responsibility to develop and build your toddler’s self-esteem. Don’t wait until your child is older to help him learn how special he is-start now if you have not already. Because everyone likes to be praised and acknoledged for a job well done, show your child will hugs, smiles and words of praise when he has done something well. Always try to focus on the positive and avoid negative feedback, when possible. Instead of telling your toddler what not to do, explain the correct method. Good communication skills will help your child’s self esteem, confidence and relationships with others. Use kind words to get good results and build your child up. Smiles and happy facial expressions can also go a long ways towards developing your toddler’s self-esteem.

Your toddler is very curious about the world around him! Listen to what your child has to say and always answer her questions. Toddlers often ask why the sky is blue or how to fix a broken toy. Most often, they do not understand how things work and we have to show them. Some toddlers will ask questions just to keep a conversation going. Your child might be able to respond to simple questions regarding their name, age, siblings names and colors, shapes and names of objects.

Children this age are more active than they have been and can actually begin to pedal tricycles. Remember to always provide a helmet to protect your child’s head from falls. Your toddler can also throw a ball into a wastebasket or small hoop. Remember to give your child a variety of toys that encourage different types of development.

With the second birthday quickly approaching, you might notice that your child is ready to be toilet trained. Girls are often ready to train around two years old and most boys are ready around two and half. Do not rush toilet training and follow your child’s lead. When you think that your child is ready to begin toilet training, make sure he knows the correct words. He needs to understand when he peed or urianted and pooped or had a bowel movement. Decide which words your family will use to describe these bodily functions. Make it easy for your child to toilet train by dressing him in loose-fitting clothes that are fast and easy to get down. Children often wait until the last minute to use the restroom and this will make it easier for him. Remember to praise your child when he uses the bathroom, but do not scold or punish for accidents or when he does not use the toilet. Encourage your toddler to sit on the toilet for a few seconds or minutes if they will, but it is best not to insist that your child sit on the toilet until he actually uses it because your child will soon become frustrated with sitting there.

Developmental Milestones – 23 Months Old


  • Loves to climb
  • Jumps well
  • Runs well
  • Can pedal a small tricycle
  • Can throw a ball into a wastebasket


  • Tries to ask questions during conversations
  • Can answer simple questions
  • Can put together a 4-6 piece puzzle
  • Likes to read and turn pages


  • Likes to be with other children
  • Does not share well
  • Afraid of disapproval and rejection
  • Interested in babies
  • Likes to cuddle

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Sand and water play
  • Climbing toys
  • Ride on toys
  • Pretend play
  • Dolls or stuffed animals
  • Books
  • Balls
  • Alphabet toys
  • Stringing beads
  • Dolls
  • Cars/trucks
  • Dress up clothe
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  1. citymami 20 November 2015

    mybabysurprise you must be going out of your mind you need more breaks than that! I'm glad you enjoyed those few hours though, you must have the patience of a saint. Happy birthday to your daughter Ris

  2. MargaretAnn 20 November 2015

    What are everyone's feelings on pacifiers. My husband wants to be done with at 2. I would like to too, however, it does seem to soothe him and keep his behavior in check. I guess I'm willing to deal with the repercussions of taking it away because when he finally doesn't take it, he'll forget all about it. How did everyone go about this?

  3. rubes 20 November 2015

    Happy birthday!!! I dony miss smoking by any means but do catch myself looking longingly at them occassionally lol I quit when pregnant with lilia but started up again october last yr. I quit with this baby. First time was easiest so hope I never start again (feels unlikely ill quit for good however but dont ask me why coz I dunno lol). 7 yrs is an amazing achievement super!!!

  4. i-am-pregnant 20 November 2015

    I'm smoke free for about 8years now. I said hubby and I had to quit for a year before trying for a baby. Just finished tabithas pony party, 9 x 6yr olds going hacking through our local woods. Think it went well - no tears. Now finishing touches to rainbow Shepard pie or tea - only 6 children (3 are mine), for tea though. Had a lovely weekend!

  5. rubes 20 November 2015

    SO, today my wee started looking like tea with tea leaves floating in it, I kept complaining about feeling 'damp' and 'wet' in the Nether Regions. Coz Ive never experienced that kind of discharge before, I rung up NHS Direct, who told me sounds like maybe labour (according to the answers I gave to their qiestions). Coz I know they'll give me an internal with the spectrum and coz I'm self concious coz of the discharge, I took a shower, and my shower puff was full of these tiny little blood clot type things. Tiny, but there, nonetheless. Ive been crampy on and off, but not what Id call contractions???? Just waiting for Mohsen to come back with his friend so we have a babysitter so I dont have to go on my own!! Everything's so much more difficult when youve already got a kid. Lol.`

  6. i-am-pregnant 20 November 2015

    Rubes - the blood bits might be bits of your plug? Can you call your midwife to come and check you rather than have to trapse into hospital?

  7. lilmum2002 20 November 2015

    Happy birthday to your daughter Rls. Good luck Rubes, I went to a movie last night with David, we saw Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler. It was pretty good. Then we went out for supper and grocery shopping. A pretty decent date for us lol. Only our second movie together haha and we've been together for 5.5 years lol

  8. i-am-pregnant 21 November 2015

    Margaret - Mine still has a dummy but after Christmas the dummy fairy will pay a visit and it will be no more, I would do it sooner but my partner is away until just before xmas then we're doing lots of family visits and i'm not strong enough to do it on my own. You need to pick a good time for you and your partner everyone i've spoken to says it takes about 3 days and you just have to keep each other strong at night and lots of distractions in the day. I need him to have it more than he needs it these days. Hope this helps.

  9. rubes 21 November 2015

    I got kept overnight for suspected placental abruption. Discharged this morning. Waiting on scan to check everything really is ok!!!!

  10. i-am-pregnant 21 November 2015

    Rubes - I was starting to think you had gone into labour! Glad everything's okay. Hope the scans okay.

  11. rubes 21 November 2015

    Thanks!!! The baby is approximately 6 lb 3 oz, which puts him at 2 weeks ahead approximately (at my 33 week scan, he was estimated at being 4-weeks ahead, so he's balancing out rather then getting bigger, hopefully). He'll be over 8lb maybe, so not huge, thankfully. Just still bigger then Lilia lol My placenta is perfectly fine, and no cramps since this morning, and no bleeding/discharge since last night. It's this stage in pregnancy -- makes you all paranoid and worried. Lol.

  12. i-am-pregnant 21 November 2015

    Rubes - I know what you mean, every twinge and ache makes me think it's starting! I really should start getting ready and sorting out baby stuff. We got it all down from the loft last week, but with the weekend celebrations I still haven't opened up a single box yet!

  13. rubes 22 November 2015

    Rls, I sorted through the boxes a few weeks bk but just dumped them in a drawer under my bed at my mums lol mums convinced ill go early so started washing them yesterday!!!! I really ought to pack my hospital bag. Im so unprepared (was still packing lilias bag while in labour with hsr, dont wanna make same mistake haha) the dr wants me to rest which is impossible lol mohsens taking another day of college and tomorrow im on my own. I dont wanna not listen to the doc and injure me or baby you know???? I cant not do anything either so ill just do light housework. Nothing vigerous I think***** are you feeling ok tho rls??? Everything healthy?????? :)****** lilmum,your dated ended with shopping???? Did you at least get some sexy time???? Lol

  14. i-am-pregnant 22 November 2015

    I'm doing well (apart from the spd, insomnia, acid, paranoia and anaemia). Lol - actually feeling pretty good. Will start on boxes and hospital bag this week!

  15. lilmum2002 22 November 2015

    Can't believe you guys are so close.Hopefully those little boys will stay in until they're ready. Of course my date ended with shopping hahaha it wouldn't be a date without it lol. Yea we had some sexy time to for the first time in like almost a month since I had a nasty yeast infection and we've had a pretty rough month with arguing and stuff. But the weekened helped some of it.

  16. rubes 22 November 2015

    I cant belive this baby wont be getting a Child Trust Fund. I'm going to open a Child ISA with £100 and build it up to £500 over that year, so he and Lilia are on equal pegging, then I'll start actively saving on both accounts. No one ever built for me. I mean, Dad's really wealthy and that, so O dunno why he never saved for me????? He's done everything so Ill be OK when.... you know.... I don't have a penny to leave my kids lol So I'm trying to give them more now rather then later.

  17. rubes 22 November 2015

    Lilia's like 'Umps. Urrrrtin'. I was like 'what????' Turns out she mreant 'Arms. Hurting.' Lol. Do your kids have some weird pronounciations that make you giggle???? Lol.

  18. i-am-pregnant 22 November 2015

    I put £5 away a month for my Goddaughter for when she is 21 - should be about 1.5k by them (interest rates permitting!). I don't save for mine though, but do have separate savings accounts for them that any birthday or Christmas money gifts goes into.

  19. i-am-pregnant 22 November 2015

    Breakfast rocks! I make sure mine have some in the morning, I tend to have mine when I get into work though, but since I start at 8:30 I don't think that's too bad?! Although sometimes it is crisps!!!! Lol

  20. rubes 22 November 2015

    LOL rls I personally am not a breakfast person. Sometimes I require 4 slices of toast, but mostly I dont need food til 11 am. But why should my habits interfer with Lilia??? She's not always big on breakfast either, but at least I made her something to nibble on over the course of an hour and tide her over til lunch!!!

  21. lilmum2002 22 November 2015

    Breakfast is big in our house especially with the two littlest ones. Tyler will typically have a large bowl of oatmeal and half a bagel or clementine. Kayla is much the same but getting them to eat much lunch in a problem. Kayla just likes to eat haha. Zac on the other hand is a bit skimpy on the breakfast here but has some of breakfast club at school and eats a large supper.

  22. rubes 22 November 2015

    Lilia's a massive eater too but isn;t too keen on meals, if that makes sense. She prefers to eat when she wants, and Ive started just giving in to her instead of enforcing meal-times (I'm big on structure). She's been eating funny since she went off food during her cold, and I've just given in since then. It won't do her any harm, surely???

  23. citymami 22 November 2015

    My son always eats well at breakfast he has sippy cup of milk as soon as he wakes at 7 am he climbs out of crib and flings himself ontop of me repeatedly till I get it. He's so strong... Was thinking today I may have to start smacking him, his strength when he resists is crazy and he has a nasty habit of grabbing at faces and hitting out when he doesn't get his way. Tried taking him on his bike this afternoon and because I wouldn't let him push the bike or run alone he throws himself on the pavement wacking his head off it repeatedly refusing to get up... It's like he gets so upset and angry he's in a trance and needs a shock to snap him out of it. I'm worried about him throwing his weight around with other kids at preschool/daycare this has to be nipped in the bud now. Oh yeah breakfast he has a banana mashed with oatmeal, or coco pops if we're in a rush and a slice of toast which he lovvees. He gets his biggest meal at lunch with a sweet dessert and a lighter dinner, he doesn't get snacks at all unless I really need to bribe him like at the doctors today he got a packet of quavers to keep him sweet before his vaccine so it was smooth. If I don't stick to a rigid meal schedule with Anderson there will be really crazy tantrums, he has tantrums anyway but if he's not eaten on time it's very hard to calm him down.

  24. i-am-pregnant 23 November 2015

    Citi - you might want to look at suppernanny naughty step technique - Tabitha used to have blazing tantrums, and was super strong and it worked on her. We do the very occasional smack bottom but normally the naughty step is sufficient to deal with bad behaviour. We started it with j recently and he has calmed down a fair bit.

  25. rubes 23 November 2015

    Nothing works on lilia lol shes thick skinned, obstinate, stubborn. the supernanny technique doesnt work for us :( I figure it will when shes older tho!!! Were at a loss really.

  26. i-am-pregnant 23 November 2015

    I think it does start working around the age of 2 if you are 100% consistent. We had a few slips where T and I did things differently but when we worked out what was going on we cracked it. I would say stick with it, but make sure you follow her rules to the letter!!

  27. arguingaphrodite 24 November 2015

    annies favorite word is no, her favorite phrase is 'SO, what did u do today?' and when she's asked she says' WEEELLL' then reasks the question,, it is beyond cute. definently defiant to the opint I want to scream and I only have a couple of weeks till baby #2 is here..ahhhh life. anie turns 2 on Dec 17, baby is due on the 21'st but may induce as early as teh 11th.....

  28. i-am-pregnant 24 November 2015

    Need some advice my little one has decided he doesn't want to eat breakfast anymore this has been going on for a month now and if he does have anything he'll only eat 1/4 of a piece of toast at the most. Should I cut out his morning milk totally and give him breakfast earlier he normally has milk about 6am and breakfast 730-8am. I know he would happily eat youghurts and did used to give him one if he didn't eat his breakfast but then thought he was holding out for a yoghurt so stopped giving them to him and he still won't have a substantail breakfast and is not bothered about food until snack time 10am ish. I know no baby will starve themselves but I have tried all sort and always give him the choice of breakfast. Any advice would be welcome.

  29. lilmum2002 24 November 2015

    Shh don't say that out loud Super LOL that means's Kayla will be 2 in 16 days. I can't believe how fast the time went. I feel like I was just pregnant.

  30. rubes 24 November 2015

    LOL yeah. Don't say it, dont even think -- wont make it real. Lol.

  31. lilmum2002 24 November 2015

    That's my plan haha I'm just going to ignore it and therefore it won't happen LOL. It just doesn't seem real. Tyler was only a little bit older then she is now when I brought her home and she seems so much younger then him. She's become quite the fiesty bugger haha. She's a big goof ball loves to try and make us laugh.

  32. rubes 25 November 2015

    We've still got some time before the big 0-2.... Not til Jan 1st lol Its not really hit me yet that shell be a CHILD soon and not a baby or toddler. Shes already lost that 'baby-look', but isnt completely child-like yet. Then I get to go through that all over again in a yr or two lol SOOOOOO still househunting. I am NOT looking forward to moving in January. The baby will be SOOOO small. But it needs to be done, I guess!!!

  33. i-am-pregnant 25 November 2015

    Have finally started sorting through boxes of baby clothes! I don't dare get rid of girl stuff yet incase he turns out to be a girl! It's going back in the loft, but the boy stuff will get washed and put away .... Only 44 days to go till due day!!

  34. rubes 26 November 2015

    Lol. It was a hard job, I bet. Haha. I sorted through mine weeks ago, but only started washing them over the last two days. They need ironing and putting away now. I keep meaning to begin my hospital bag, but Lilia is always getting in the way and throwing stuff out so I end up repacking it 20 times lol So I'm waiting til for a more appropriate time haha

  35. i-am-pregnant 26 November 2015

    Finally sorted out the boxes of baby stuff from the loft - baby boy stuff now in the wash (girl stuff back in the loft just incase the scan was wrong!!). I have another scan in a couple of weeks to check the size so will ask them to double check boy/girl at the same time!!! We have a house viewer tomorrow - fingers crossed!!

  36. rubes 27 November 2015

    I just cant wait to push out this baby once and for all!! Hes dropped into my pelvis (or feels like it), so my bladder is paper thin, my hips feel like theyre gonna separate, and walking 5 mins results in contractions =( I hope my physio tomorrow for SPD helps some, majorly. Its really hard to deal with Lilia when I literally cant move for pain!!!

  37. rubes 27 November 2015

    LMAO we can just about manage once a month. Haha. I think I'll do some nipple tweaking this time. ;)

  38. i-am-pregnant 27 November 2015

    Was Lilia late or early? I'm expecting to be a few days early but not as much as a week. I reckon 5th jan for me.

  39. rubes 27 November 2015

    Ahhh man Lilia was 9 days overdue (after 5 weeks of early labour). I'm seriously hoping to be a week early lmao I cant hack this. I get BH ALL THE TIME. And every day I get 'THE ONE' that feels 'real' and has me on tenterhooks lol was J early or late????

  40. i-am-pregnant 27 November 2015

    J was two days early, m was on the day and t was two days late, so I figure 3 or 4 days early this time?!

  41. i-am-pregnant 28 November 2015

    So the viewers put in a shitty low offer, but hopefully will come back with a better one. We also have another viewer coming tomorrow, who has sold too - fingers crossed after months of no action we get two good potentials in a row!

  42. lilmum2002 28 November 2015

    fingers crossed for you Rls! My babies were all early, Zac was 2 weeks, Tyler was 9 days and Kayla was 5 days.

  43. racho 28 November 2015

    hey everyone, not been on here so much cause I am crazy busy with school/work and family. I do check in daily, I just dont always post. 3 weeks till my baby girl turns 2 and I am seriously getting baby fever. My husband says no but I am so ready to try for baby #3 ( I'm stopping at 3) that its unreal. I have even considered having the Mirena taken out and just not tell him...though I know I will regret that. I will graduate college in a few months (may 2012) and with a new career to focus on I should wait, but I also want to have a new baby to go along with it. UGH my lil sis is 39 weeks preggo...due in exactly 7 days ( Dec 6). She went to the Dr today and she is at a 1, thinned out and HE has dropped..but she was like that last week too. Looks like she will be making it to her due date afterall. I can't wait to become an aunt and hold my lil nephew!! She needs to hurry and have tha baby! Besides, the sooner he comes out the sooner my husband will look at him and decide we need to try and have a boy to go along with our 2 girls! but for now, my nephew will have to suffice. She (my sis) is miserable and has been steadily contracting for nearly 2 weeks so I really hope she has him soon. But Dr told her this isnt uncommon for a 1st baby...her next dr appt is Dec 7th if she makes it that long. If still preggo by then they will talk induction.

  44. rubes 29 November 2015

    omg im so depressed. my parents have been battling it out for days and making me play piggy in the middle. 'Say this to your dad, say this to your mum, tell him this, tell her that'. For the first time in my life, I actually agreed with my dad and omg all hell broke loose. Ive literally been crying all day, and the BH I experienced over the last few days was unbelievable. And to top it all off, Lilia has started screaming constantly, arguing, yelling to be heard since being around it all weekend. Shes even started screaming 'GET OUT' and 'SHUT UP' and omg that was the final straw. I had to say something, which of course made matters worse, coz as a parent I shouldnt have been concerned by that at all??? Now my mum wont speak to me. And all my illusions have fallen apart coz I realised today, my mum is incredably selfish. Dads been yelling at me for weeks about getting my mum into debt, and being cryptic and expecting me to know what hes on about, but today he had a mega go at me, demanding to know why I accepted gifts off my mum when she couldnt afford it. She hasnt bought me anything in months and months and months. Anyways, turns out shes spending all her money at a really quick rate (on god knows what) and was blaming me. :(

  45. rubes 29 November 2015

    Oh, yeah. Also she run up a £1000 on his Amex or something, and blamed me. I addmited to using it for a haircut, but a whole £1000???? I couldnt spend that in 3 weeks!!! I am just so hurt :(

  46. rubes 01 December 2015

    Can you believe Mothercare only accept credit card, and not debit???? Im beyond pissed right now, coz I cant get to the big store to do my final shopping. Fricken ridiculous. :@

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