Month 23

As a parent, it is your responsibility to develop and build your toddler’s self-esteem. Don’t wait until your child is older to help him learn how special he is-start now if you have not already. Because everyone likes to be praised and acknoledged for a job well done, show your child will hugs, smiles and words of praise when he has done something well. Always try to focus on the positive and avoid negative feedback, when possible. Instead of telling your toddler what not to do, explain the correct method. Good communication skills will help your child’s self esteem, confidence and relationships with others. Use kind words to get good results and build your child up. Smiles and happy facial expressions can also go a long ways towards developing your toddler’s self-esteem.

Your toddler is very curious about the world around him! Listen to what your child has to say and always answer her questions. Toddlers often ask why the sky is blue or how to fix a broken toy. Most often, they do not understand how things work and we have to show them. Some toddlers will ask questions just to keep a conversation going. Your child might be able to respond to simple questions regarding their name, age, siblings names and colors, shapes and names of objects.

Children this age are more active than they have been and can actually begin to pedal tricycles. Remember to always provide a helmet to protect your child’s head from falls. Your toddler can also throw a ball into a wastebasket or small hoop. Remember to give your child a variety of toys that encourage different types of development.

With the second birthday quickly approaching, you might notice that your child is ready to be toilet trained. Girls are often ready to train around two years old and most boys are ready around two and half. Do not rush toilet training and follow your child’s lead. When you think that your child is ready to begin toilet training, make sure he knows the correct words. He needs to understand when he peed or urianted and pooped or had a bowel movement. Decide which words your family will use to describe these bodily functions. Make it easy for your child to toilet train by dressing him in loose-fitting clothes that are fast and easy to get down. Children often wait until the last minute to use the restroom and this will make it easier for him. Remember to praise your child when he uses the bathroom, but do not scold or punish for accidents or when he does not use the toilet. Encourage your toddler to sit on the toilet for a few seconds or minutes if they will, but it is best not to insist that your child sit on the toilet until he actually uses it because your child will soon become frustrated with sitting there.

Developmental Milestones – 23 Months Old


  • Loves to climb
  • Jumps well
  • Runs well
  • Can pedal a small tricycle
  • Can throw a ball into a wastebasket


  • Tries to ask questions during conversations
  • Can answer simple questions
  • Can put together a 4-6 piece puzzle
  • Likes to read and turn pages


  • Likes to be with other children
  • Does not share well
  • Afraid of disapproval and rejection
  • Interested in babies
  • Likes to cuddle

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Sand and water play
  • Climbing toys
  • Ride on toys
  • Pretend play
  • Dolls or stuffed animals
  • Books
  • Balls
  • Alphabet toys
  • Stringing beads
  • Dolls
  • Cars/trucks
  • Dress up clothe
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  1. citymami 01 December 2015

    they accept debit think I used it before there, I don't have credit cards in the UK anymore... unless the cdebit card doesn't have visa/mastercard on it? Anyway they can just process it as a credit card...thats what they do with my foreign debit card

  2. rubes 02 December 2015

    City, it was a misunderstanding lol I managed to put my order through but it really took some genius lol rls, im sorry youre not sleeping. Ive just been moody, irritable and depressed lately. I hate hormones lol

  3. rubes 02 December 2015

    Not long at all, super!!! And you still havent organized the party??? Lol You gonna do a big thing or not???

  4. rubes 02 December 2015

    Ahhh. I'm sad now. Soooo, I cant afford to store my cord blood, so was thinking of cord blood donation. Only, despite living in London, I am giving birth in Buckinghamshire (better hospital). And it seems only London hospitals do cord blood donation according to the website??? Ahhh man. :(

  5. lilmum2002 03 December 2015

    Wow Super not long for us it stills makes me sad to think my baby won't really be a baby anymore. We aren't really planning a party. Probably just have parents over for some cake and stuff and celebrate my dad's birthday too since his is the day after Kayla's.

  6. i-am-pregnant 03 December 2015

    So fed up. We had an offer on our house (crappy one but an offer) so we went to look at one in the village we want, it was perfect - got an offer accepted which was a really good deal and then our buyer changes his mind and withdraws his offer. So annoyed with everything :-(

  7. citymami 04 December 2015

    Surgery is next week I'm nervous and a bit scared! Bad luck on the house Ris, isn't before Xmas the most difficult time of year to sell a family house in particular, sure things will pick up in the new year, my mam is waiting until after Xmas to put her house on the Market for that reason.... It's just not a good time to sell in general right now is it, but life must go on for many of us despite the economy.. Hope Mason's step's getting better. All very quiet here, given Anderson most of his Christmas presents early so his Grandma can play with them with him.. And he has gifts waiting for him in NY in January. Has anyone had a general anesthetic recently, I just can't remember what's it's like, I'm such a big baby

  8. rubes 04 December 2015

    I'm sorry, rls. :( Good luck, city!!! :) I'm 37 weeks tomorrow. Where has the time gone???? I'm done with pissing myself everytime I sneeze, cough, laugh or fart :( Still need to buy a few final bits for Xmas, and still havent bought a tandem. Still waiting on my sling to be delivered. I guess a sling will do til I can get my hands on a decent 2nd hand tandem. Lilia's word of the week is 'horse'. She rides an empty box, calling it her ''orsey', not to mention all her animals are ''orseys' apparently. So my dad went out and bought her a rocking horse lol She also sings Humpty Dumpty but for some reason sings 'Dumpty Dumpty fell off his 'orse'. I think she got confused!! Lol

  9. rubes 04 December 2015

    No, it's deffinately horse lol I love their word of the weeks. Lol. Lilia's brother taught her a song (I think he invented) 'jelly on a plate'. She won't stop singing that either. Oh, well. At least it's a break from The Alphabet Song That Transitions Into Twinkle Twinkle Little Star haha

  10. citymami 04 December 2015

    Lol word of the week! Well Anderson's is 'out' with a hand movement, coz I shout it at the dog so much and yesterday he shouted 'out' at Grandma when she caught him opening the freezer door and stood between him and the open freezer... Can't imagine being in the third trimester again!! I just had no energy what so ever don't know how you ladies are dealing with toddlers... I'd be a big sloth

  11. AmyShirkie 04 December 2015

    hey ladies :) cant believe I didnt know these month to month pages existed!! what I can't believe more is that I had to skip straight to 23 months ... where does the time go???!! cant believe we will soon be celebrating my son's second birthday. feeling a bit sad that hes not a tiny baby anymore :( (well i know he hasnt been for a long time but still!)

  12. lilmum2002 05 December 2015

    Wow your guys are picking up words left and right, Kayla is more like word of the month haha. Which this month is 'wa' or walk. We're still with very few words but she'll get there. Oh I forgot she also does 'ho, ho,ho' I have had a very busy day baking and cooking. I made 2 apple pies, 1 blueberry, I'm making homemade rolls and I made cinnamon buns from scratch with homemade cream cheese frosting. All of my pie crusts were made from scratch too. You should have seen my kitchen! LOL it was white from all the flour Kayla and Tyler kept getting into.

  13. lilmum2002 05 December 2015

    What are you guys getting the LO's for christmas? I thought that Zac would be the hardest to shop for but in fact he's turning out to be the easiest for. I want to get her some new toys and puzzles and stuff but I just hate how much stuff they lose. We have Zachary's christmas concert tomorrow night and then we have our meeting with the school therapist and principal and teacher coming up next Monday so hopefully we'll have some answers by then,

  14. i-am-pregnant 05 December 2015

    I've got Tabitha some barbie stuff, Matilda a 'Dorothy' wizard of oz barbie - that I had to ship in from the US!!) and Jacob some cars and people toys (happy land from the early learning centre). I also got then a new outfit each and a few books.

  15. rubes 06 December 2015

    I bought Lilia a Crayola box that came with some chalk, marker (non-toxic), crayons, stencils, and has a chalk board, white board and somewhere to clip pieces of paper (she likes to draw, so hope she gets some enjoyment out of it) and a little piano thing. I'm going to go to the Poundshop and pick up some bubbles and a notebook and some colouring pencils, and I'm buying her an Octonoughts DVD. :) For her birthday, she's got a dancing penguin and an electric toy hoover that has real suction and everything lol

  16. rubes 06 December 2015

    Lilmu, you've been busy. I'm hoping to be hosting Xmas next year when I live somewhere I actually like lmao I'm looking forward to the whole experience. :)

  17. AmyShirkie 06 December 2015

    what are you ladies doing for you LO 2nd birthday? i need ideas of games for the kids to play. theres only going to be 5 children (ages 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7) so not massive but don't want them getting bored!

  18. rubes 07 December 2015

    Id have just had a baby (or be due any day) so I think ill just be inviting my mum, dad and husband lol Ill probs buy a small sponge cake and being on jan 1st well have olenty of buffet style things :) congrats rls :)

  19. rubes 07 December 2015

    Oh, God. That day already??? Happy birthday!!!!! What did you do in the end??? :) Not long now for you either, lilmum. Anxiety kicking in yet???? =P

  20. citymami 07 December 2015

    lilmum whats the recipe for the cinaman buns? Happy Birthday Hunter! This is such a prescious age isn't it, I just love it. My son loves counting 1-10, well he can recall 1-10, he's not actually counting items of up to ten yet...but he loves this count the gingerbread men book we have. Christmas my son won't be getting much because over the last month or so he's had a new balance bike, lots of melissa and doug chunky puzzles with animals and transport, car mat, new cars, wooden trainset from Grandma..and I didn't save them till Christmas so all his family Grnadma in particular can play with his new toys with him while we're still in the UK. I have some little people fisher price airplane, garage, cars and car mat for Anderson to open when he gets to New York in January, on Christmas day h has some touchable bubbles and a scrap book so we can make photos of stuff we like together ... just a few simple things, maybe some chocolte money in his stocking and an orange lol We got a couple of cd's of kids songs to play int he car too.. he'll probably have those before Christmas though, because my husband's not here we'll do our own Christmas in Jan..

  21. rubes 07 December 2015

    Lilia can count to 10 perfectly. But recently she's started going '1,2,3,9'. Should I be worried or is this something all kids through when they learn to count????

  22. rubes 07 December 2015

    City -- what you got planned for when your back in NY???? I hope the hubz bought you lovely gifts. ;)

  23. lilmum2002 07 December 2015 We've decided we're just going to have a nice supper with the families for babes birthday for now anyways maybe when she's a bit older will we start inviting friends. Not like there is too many out this way lol.

  24. lilmum2002 07 December 2015

    Wow your LO's are doing really well, Kayla shows NO interest in counting or anything really haha I hope you have a great christmas when you return to US. Good luck on the house again Rls I have my fingers crossed for you. Has anyone heard from mybaby lately I hope Mason is feeling better.

  25. rubes 07 December 2015

    Lilia jumped on my belly and felt the baby push and bare down :( Movement's pretty good, and my lower ab muscles are no longer tender. Was it wrong that I sat there hoping my waters would break???? Lol.

  26. i-am-pregnant 07 December 2015

    Jacob likes counting, bit only gets to three or four without needing help. It was my eldests nativity play at school today - such a cute angel :). We are just having my patents up for j's birthday and I'll do a cake or him. Hope hunter is better soon.

  27. two2love 08 December 2015

    hi all im from 15 mths , my daughter will be 23 mths when our next baby is born and i was wondeing how many of ur bubs will still go in a stroller? , i dont know weather to buy a single and just have a double as a spare for when we are out or not bother thanks , please reply to my page!

  28. rubes 09 December 2015

    All planned for Kaylas bday, lilmum???? :) Im eating and eating too. Literally cant stop. Lol. I just wanna pop now. My nxt midwife appointment is on the 22nd. Im hoping I dont have to attend, coz Ive had the baby lol Wishful thinking much ???? *shrug/sad face* haha

  29. citymami 09 December 2015

    can't believe these baby boys are on their way soon! I pray you both have safe easy deliveries...sure you guys will.

  30. rubes 09 December 2015

    Thanks :) Im getting pregnancy insomnia ontop of a head/chest cold. My whole body is achy, my joints are so sore. Lilia's got a head/chest cold too, but it soldiering on better then me at this point haha

  31. lilmum2002 10 December 2015

    Poor Mason, I wish the best of luck on your own business I'm sure you'll do great! I too can't believe it's so close for your boys to be coming already. I hope you both have speedy and safe delivery's. Lately I can't help but think it's a good thing I'm fixed because I am having some serious baby fever LOL.

  32. citymami 10 December 2015

    lilmum you're crazy lol.. Rubes and Ris feel better and keep an eye on those cold symptoms.. MYBABYSURPRISE!! Whhat a complete tosser your boss is, if there's any avenue to sue him do it when you have the time - department of labor? Make damn sure you claim unemployment from his ass while you set up that new business, you're entitled to it because you were fired and now he can pay. That happened to my husband just before he was due to have surgery they fired his ass for no good reason and of course health insurance was withdrawn, we claimed unemployment off those idiots, that was after 3 yrs of employment too. I hope it's the kind of business that you can take clients from him? Just make sure you import all contacts from email accounts etc..I take it you weren't with any sort of union if ti was an admin job? Still I'm not sure after 3 years you can fire at will like that, most contracts I've had specifically mentioned that they could fire at will during the first 90 days so I'd imagine they state that because after 90 days there's opportunity to sue or at least claim unemployment. It goes without saying that you and Mason are in my prayers.

  33. lilmum2002 10 December 2015

    Good for you for taking your clients with you and away from him, the jerk. Zac's real dad is a total ass too, he's honestly the most messed up person I've ever met in my life.

  34. lilmum2002 10 December 2015

    Citi it's not that crazy haha I wish I was close to my step brothers gf so I can borrow her baby at will. Although with Zac and his behaviour I'm not letting any body else near us right now. I truly hope on Monday that we are given some sort of answers because I am really ready to give up.

  35. rubes 10 December 2015

    Mybaby, that sucks. I really wish you luck in your business venture!!! Lilmum, has his behaviour been extra difficult lately???? Im sorry youre having a tough time.

  36. lilmum2002 10 December 2015

    Oh he was doing really great there last week and then he had a rough day at school yesterday and it's all gone to shit since. Any time I try to leave the house he does some serious fits and screaming and kicking, there has been some SERIOUS separation anxiety going on that wasn't there before. He's been tormenting the two little ones all day purposely finding ways to make them upset and then finding it funny. Just those types of things but he just takes it to the ultimate extreme. We go see the school physcologist and stuff on Monday and I honestly can't wait, although I'm sure they'll just tell me the same thing I've been hearing he's doing it for attention.

  37. rubes 10 December 2015

    He sounds a bit autistic to me. Similiar to my stepson, who's on the lowest rung of the autism scale. I dont know him personally, so don't take what I say as fact, but from what you say -- he does sound similiar to my stepson. *** Weve had a tough time with the stepkids lately. SS10 has been discussing abortion in intricate detail at school. He told the teachers that he got it off the television, which doesnt surprise us as weve caught him on Skype more then once at gone midnight. The cat is incredably sick and has lost all use of its bowels and bladder, and the ex refuses to keep it in the shed even though Mohsen has created a perfect little home for her there. And his ex refuses to clean the mess up, so imagine a weeks worth of catty exrement all over the house...... Not to mention bird poop where the silly bugger bought 8 birds (she couldnt afford) and let them out the cage (but couldnt get them back in the cage). Anyways, imagine all a weeks worth of bird shit all over the house..... And two kids living in it...... Eating in it..... Sleeping in it....... Mohsen's been over there several times in the last few weeks to help her clean it and to make sure his kids dont get sick from the animal exrement. He's so close to going to Social Services, and tbh, I dont know why he doesnt. Theyre his kids too, and he deserves to lnow that they are properly looked after. Anyways, he went to clean there today with the home cleaner that comes once a week (coz of her mental illness, shes entitled to a cleaner once a week), and the cleaner is only meant to clean the living room, bathroom and kitchen (NOT bedrooms). SS10 has yogurt pots in his bedroom and the cleaner asks him to pick them up. The rude bugger says 'Youre the cleaner. You do it'. Mohsen was mortified, his ex didnt care. :( Anyways, I have a feeling 2012 will be just as dramatic as 2010. :(

  38. lilmum2002 12 December 2015

    Mybaby I had all 3 natural and I do that! And if I sneeze and if I hold it too long and try to talk HAHA

  39. citymami 12 December 2015

    My mum does it (pee from cough) do you know Botox injections down there can help. Lying here in hospital with these mechanical compression socks on, had surgery 1.30pm aparrently in at 1.30pm and awake properly on recover by 6pm think surgeon took his time and maybe I woke and went back to sleep, woke to nurses anesthiatist and surgeon gone so I assume my vitals were all good and maybe I woke up and said some rubbish and fell out again no idea. Had a great anesthesiologist he trains people in it I thoroughly recommend intravenous anesthetic if you have a general woke up feeling I'd had a nice sleep. Now fretting about this dvt but can't get up easy as connected to too much stuff, boobs look a c in the bra bit are swollen I seem to look fuller at top too instead of flat as pancake theN huge pendulous bowling ball hanging down. Don't know details of op yet assume I still have nips and it didn't die when he took it off and back on again, he's coming in at five am to check on me apparently... Surgeon nice and professional but too early to rate his work, anesthiatist v good if anyone in uk needs recommendation privately. I think I was groggy for 2 hours after and took my time waking up but nothing untoward. Morphine wore off by time I woke up allowed only codeine now due to blood thinner on as stronger stuff can make me bleed, ladies the pain is nothing compared to that labor pain just more anxiety over dvt coz when I breathe deep it cam hurt a little and so left wondering is it clot or pain but will be pressing nurse buzzer loads to query them lol

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