Month 25

Surely, you have heard of the `Terrible Two’s`. Two year olds can be trying and taxing, but they can also be exciting and loads of fun! Rather than looking at your two year old as `terrible`, try to see him as `terrific`-even on trying days! Both you and your child have come along way in just two short years! Look at how much you have taught your little one. He sure has learned a lot! Over the next year, you are going to need patience, awareness, firmness, love, humor and wonder. Parents need patience to deal with the many mood swings of a two year old, awareness to ensure that his surroundings are safe, firmness to make sure your child listens and follows directions and humor to laugh at yourself and your child. Love should be never ending and you should show your child love daily.

Immunizations should all be caught up at this point, at least for a few years. Regular check-ups with the doctor are important to keep your child healthy. Your pediatrician can often find problems before they become serious through well visits. Keep your child’s health record in a safe spot so that it is easily accessible for day-care and schools.

Thumb sucking is a common behavior of children through age six. Thumb sucking is one way that your child has to soothe himself and he finds security in his thumb. As long as you do not pressure your child to stop, he will probably stop by himself. Parents are often worried about dental problems from thumb sucking. You do not need to worry about dental problems until the permanent teeth erupt, around five or six years old.

If your child has not yet shown an interest in toilet training, he probably will very soon. Providing a child-sized potty on the floor will give your child a start and make it easier for them to get started. Remember that toilet training takes time, patience and praise. Do not scold or punish for accidents. They happen. The majority of children will stop dirtying before they stop wetting. It is not uncommon for children to be daytime toilet trained for a while before becoming nigh time toilet trained. Occasionally, it may seem that your trained child has regressed. This is common when changes take place in the child’s life-a new baby, a family move, visits from family, etc. Do not start toilet training until your child shows signs that he is ready. The process will go smoother for everyone involved!

Interact with your child as much as possible. Take every opportunity that you can to teach your child about a variety of things. Be a teacher for child-you will be amazed how quickly children pick up on new skills. Read to your child often and talk about the images on each page. Most importantly, take time to have fun with your energetic two year old!

Developmental Milestones – 25 Months Old


  • Looks at feet while walking
  • Can walk backwards
  • Wants to walk-not be carried or ride in stroller


  • Likes schedules and routines
  • Understands sentences, but can not use them yet
  • Uses two-three word sentences
  • Points to pictures in a book
  • Can sing some of a song
  • Can draw a circle
  • Attention span is growing
  • Can follow simple demands
  • May ask to use the toilet


  • Does not share well with other children
  • Likes adult attention
  • May hit others

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Ride on toys
  • Bath toys
  • Building materials
  • Art supplies
  • Sorting materials
  • Games-matching, sorting, counting, etc..
  • Dolls
  • Cars
  • Pretend play
  • Interactive educational toys and games
  • Barns and animals
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  1. excitedmistymisty 31 December 2015

    we are going to my in-laws tonight...i'm bringing soup...we should be home by 7:30! ha ha ha! samuel slept for 15 hours tonight/today! he went to bed at 11 last night and got up at 2 this afternoon (when i forced him!) though, he did wake up at 7:45 for a drink and 10:30 for some toast and milk...guess he needed some sleep! i kept thinking, do i need to take him to the doctor...what do i say??? my kid is fever, no puking, no runny nose? so i just let him sleep and he's fine!

  2. excitedmistymisty 31 December 2015

    jaime, i'm sure you are fine!!! think positive! cramping and such is normal...a lot of women have it...but if you are in a lot of pain, def don't hesitate to go to the ER

  3. Allynne7Jaime 31 December 2015

    So, I got an internal done. My uterus is a bit swollen but still normal sized for 6 weeks. He said it would be too early to tell if it's ectopic but when he was feeling my ovaries and tubes they were fine and no swelling or enlargement there. My white blood cell count is elevated but they figure that's from the pregnancy and vomiting. They also figure that's what's causing the pain. Because I'm vomiting so much they think I pulled something in my belly. Apparently I'm not suppossed to be this nausious and sick so they gave me some pills for that. I wont get my hcg levels back till tomorrow because they have to send my blood work to North Bay since the machine in their lab is broken at the moment. So, so far so good. Now I just need to calm down and relax!

  4. Allynne7Jaime 31 December 2015

    Whew, everyone & their dog has been calling! So, get this! We go to the ER and there's this girl going in because her labor started. Normal right? Well, she then starts walking off of hospital property and I'm thinking 'what is going on? Where is she going?' You could tell she was in pain. Apparently she needed a smoke!!! You can't smoke on hosptial property so she walked to the road for one, smoked it, then went up to L&D. THAT POOR BABY! WTH is wrong with people? ***So, anyway, the hospital was fun! A couple crazy people there. One was being given messages from god and the other, well, I don't know what was up with her but she wouldn't leave me alone! Chatty Cathy, to say the least! And we were there for 2 freaking hours!!! Luckily I got bumped to the front of the line because my condition was classified as an emergency and the others were there for the flu (who goes to the ER for the flu???). And wouldn't you know it. As soon as I get in 3 ambulances pull up which bumps me 3 people back. Grrr! So I got seen and then had to wait for my lab results. Then they had to give me a paper to take up to the pharmacy to get my vomiting pills. That was interesting! I go and give them my paper, they give me the drugs, and the gov't picks up the tab! Love it! I didn't know they did that! Well, I've never needed meds from the ER before so that's probably why. Lol! Hey, it saves me money. He also gave me a prescription for when my meds run out. Can I just say these pills are GREAT! I highly recommend them.

  5. Allynne7Jaime 31 December 2015

    It's nice knowing how many weeks I am. Now I just have to wait a few more weeks for my first U/S!!! That will give me my due date. So I was right on the mark as to how far along I was when I told the grandparents. I was kind of hoping I'd be a week or two farther along but I can deal with 6 weeks! I know I should know this but how far along is everyone? Exactly, not in trimesters!

  6. ari08ariana 31 December 2015

    we celebrated the ' british' new years with dinner and fun at friends while the kids played. Now home and in bed. And jaime- glad itsall looking good and im 13w2d :)

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