Month 26

Your two year old can be described in one word-busy! She is always on the go and has a great sense of confidence in what she can do. Prevent injuries by not allowing your child to play where there are sharp edges or corners, not allowing her to climb onto tall, unsafe structures, put shoes on your child when she goes outdoors and always keep the doors closed to rooms that are unsafe. If you have a pool or hottub in your yard, remember to keep a locked fence around the water at all times.

Your child now has sense of who he is as a person. He knows he has a name and he knows what he likes and dislikes. Although he knows he has a name and can answer when his name is called, he may not be able to tell you his name quite yet. Encourage your child to learn what his first and last name is by playing games and reiterating his name. You can make up songs that include your child’s first and last name and ask who he is in photographs.

Two year olds love to `help` around the house, in the grocery store and wherever else you give them the chance to do so. Allowing your child to help you will give him a great sense of accomplishment and self-worth. Let your child get things for you. Tell him what you would like for him to get in clear sentences and he will go look for it. Be patient and understand that your two year old is not capable of doing things the way you do. If your child accidentally drops the box of cereal while pouring it into the bowl, simply say, `It is okay, let’s pick the cereal up` rather than, `You are always making messes, I knew this would happen.`

Language and vocabulary are important parts of development. You can help your child build a strong vocabulary by talking to her and explaining when she asks questions, reading stories, reciting nursery rhymes and singing songs throughout the day, every day. When you go on a walk, take a bag and collect a various assortment of nature items. When you get home, talk about the texture, color, shape and smell of the item. Explain things in detail and describe what you see. She will pick up on colors, shapes, sizes and other descriptive words from this simple activity.

Developmental Milestones – 26 Months Old


  • Can balance on one foot for a second or two
  • Can take lids off of jars
  • Enjoys being outside
  • Likes to run


  • Gets into things and makes messes
  • Learning what front, back, under, side, top, bottom, etc.. are
  • Uses plurals when speaking-dogs, cups, etc.
  • Likes to imitate what you say
  • Understands today but not yesterday
  • Can sort silverware and other simple objects
  • Tries to count objects


  • Talks mostly to other adults, not so much children
  • More willing to be separated from parents
  • Wants to do things on his own
  • Enjoys receiving praise
  • Likes routines and schedules

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Sorting toys
  • Counting toys
  • Shape sorters
  • Ride on toys
  • Dolls and stuffed animals
  • Puzzles
  • Games
  • Books
  • Balls
  • Sand and water toys
  • Pretend play sets
  • Music and songs
  • Paint, crayons and other simple art supplies
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  1. 3rdtimer 31 December 2015

    Hi all. Suzy that's great you got some family history about the condition for Zakaria. Even if it turns out there is no second testicle, at least you're onto it and will be able to talk to him about it when he gets old enough. Who knows they may have even invented prosthetic ones soon so he could look cosmetically perfect too!!! Why not hey? In my, um, experience they don't all noticeably dangle anyway... haha! I actually thought 'someone' I know might have only had one for a while until I felt more carefully!! Bahah sorry TMI!! ***** Bri just keep on being lazy... sounds like Joe's being really supportive which is great. Hang in there! ***** So yeah getting close to happy new year here. We are not going out tonight but just hanging at home. We met with some friends at a park this morning so have done something social. 10 years ago Andy and I were on our honeymoon on a dodgy beach in Thailand watching a very strange dinner-and-show experience then seeing in the new millenium to the sight of sparklers set in a piece of styrofoam floating out to sea, then the styrofoam caught fire and burnt. So romantic haha!! So anyway, happy new year all... may the next decade bring many wonderful things xxx

  2. Bri 31 December 2015

    Bek! Shut your mouth! I will NOT be going into labor tonight! HAHA! Yes it's the New Year and it would be kind of cool and it's also a full moon tonight but I still want my vaginal birth and well it would be a struggle to get the other doctors to do it. I literally would be staying at home until the last minute. Probably would call my doula friend and have her come over and help out. **********I hope you Aussie gals had a good New Year! We aren't doing anything either. Mainly because of our son being home but also because I don't want to go anywhere. **********It's 6:30am here and I'm awake. My vaginal pain is really getting bad. It's from all the weight in front. It's not the actual vagina but the mons and the bone in front. It's just killing me. My scar is also getting tender because my tummy is now rubbing on it. I have like five pairs of panties that fit now! You know your HUGE when your maternity clothes don't FIT anymore! Grrr. So, I've been wearing yoga pants the last week. Even those are getting tight. Ugh! Four days and three nights left... Hopefully I can make it. Sunday night we'll do the sex thing again. Also, acupressure is 85% effective when overdue and done correctly so I'll spend Monday on the couch hitting the points. They already feel bruised so I'm definately avoiding them for the next few days. I just hope I do go into labor Monday. I don't really want to go to the appointment on Tuesday and find out that I haven't progressed and she doesn't think it'll be anytime soon and baby is only getting bigger. I'm definately done being pregnant for a while. Joe keeps telling me he's going to remind me of these weeks when I get baby fever in a year and a half. HAHA! Men! They just don't understand. Well, I'm heading back to bed. I need the sleep and the more time I spend in the a prone position the better?

  3. joeyandzacksmommy2007 31 December 2015

    Hey everyone how are you all doing today..its New Years Eve and I am putting all my worries aside and just gonna take tonight in and have fun..we are going to have a houseful and i bought my vodka and orange juice for my screw drivers...gonna drink but be careful in the same..So today we went for our follow ups and both boys lungs are clear but she sent Joey for an xray anyway to be on teh safe side. she said he needs to see her in a week and right now he is just suffering from exercise induced asthma so i am to keep him from running alot or playing outside in the cold. as for Zack his bloody noses are do to his sinuses again and the doctor said she has had enough of the poor lil guy being sick all the time and is sending him to an allergy immunology specialist to where they are going to look deeply into his immune system and all his blood. they specialize in hidden allergies and asthma as well which is good since he seems to have alot of pneumonia and bronchitis and URI's so maybe they will answer our questions...oh yeah and rash's as well eczema and hives which he has all 3.....anyway heres to keeping that baby in Bri and Happy New Year everyone BE SAFE

  4. Bri 31 December 2015

    Tammy, I had that growing up. It wasn't fun. Couldn't run and even gymnastics was crazy. My floor routine was a minute ten seconds and I was dying afterwards. Still can't run to save my life but I am happy to say I don't need inhalers anymore. Back then I had Seravant which was awesome. I would take it as soon as I stepped off the floor or out of the pool after a race and I was much better within seconds and back to normal within minutes. Don't let it stop him from doing what he loved. I was a competive gymnast, swimmer and diver with it. I went to state in all three. I also did cheerleading for my high school. Heat is my biggest problem. If it's too hot then I am useless. But I was able to do the 25meter free style is under 24seconds. Not enough for the Olympics or anything but it did take him to state. Good Luck!********Happy New Year everyone! We're just getting up from our nap and Joe should be coming home soon. I'll have help for the rest of the weekend so legs up! I'm excited. I don't think I'll go anytime soon. But I'll be back to trying come Sunday night an definately all day Monday.

  5. doublemama 31 December 2015

    well we've been in our lil cocoon and only recently realized tonights new years eve haha. how sad is that! as for the testicle, its not really noticeable cause he still has a sac, its just when u poke it theres nothing in there..he can have it injected with saline when hes older if he cares that much...hopefully he'll fall in love with someone that doesnt care :)....anyway yall have yourselves a happy new year...bri its funny you say you're done with kids for a while..a couple nights before i went into labor i wrote down everything i was feeling so i wouldnt forget and would try to wait a while before having a third, if that....well a cpl days after having zak i found myself telling hubby i cant wait to do this all over again haha. its funny i know all the stuff i went thru before but i just cant fathom it for some reason, its like amnesia or something haha. funny how that is.

  6. doublemama 31 December 2015

    on a funny note, i was putting maryam to bed last night and she started pickin ear wax outta her ears and then started applying to her face as if it was make up (she is obsessed with the idea of make up) then she picks some more out and was about to eat it so i was like no no dont eat that! she goes 'mama it tastes good!!' haha guess shes been eatin at her earwax without me knowing lol

  7. Bri 31 December 2015

    Suzy, I'm so darn huge right now I don't think I'll forget any time soon!! Even I will remember this feeling. You know how much a natural birth means to me and today after trying to change the bed linens I had to sit down and thought well maybe a section wouldn't be bad just to be able to move again! I know I only have a number of days left but seriously? I'm reaching the 250lb mark now. He's got to be heading over 10lbs. If you add his weight along with placenta, fluids (the u/s showed I had a good amount), and all the other junk in there I'm lugging around almost 20lbs of just baby 'stuff'. Then there is the fat that'll need to be burned after baby. It's crazy and I'm just out of breath all the time. I'm so out of breath that it makes me dizzy because I'm almost gasping for air. He hasn't dropped either which is just making it ten times worse too. Blah!! I know I'll be proud of myself for letting nature take it's course but I'm really hating my mom and her genes at this moment!! She had 10lb babies (all three) and always was late!! My husband was early and only like 6+lbs so I can't blame this on him. At least he should be coming home soon and I'll be able to take a break for three days. Maybe I will just lay in bed and not get up. Sounds like Heaven to me!!

  8. Bri 31 December 2015

    Oh and as for the ear wax! Kekoa picks his nose and eats it. I told you he picked his nose so hard he fell over! HAHA! He does like to get his ears cleaned out though. I just do the edges but that boy has a lot of ear wax that leaks out. It's gross.

  9. doublemama 31 December 2015

    bri...bout waiting it out at soon as u feel the slightest urge to poop, head out right away! when i was in labor this time i asked if i could get up to poop and the doc was like NO DONT DO IT cause it was in the middle of a nurses shift change and she was all frazzled trying to get everything ready for delivery real quick and im like no seriously its just poop its not the baby crowning or anything if u just let me get up to the restroom ill be fine..and shes like begging me to just stay put and not do anything while she got everythign ready...and i kept telling her honestly its really just poop...well she brought a big mirror and showed me sure enough it was the baby's head crowning!

  10. doublemama 31 December 2015

    bri, u should be so proud of yourself for hanging in there as long as you have...i think its awesome how much conviction you have and how you know what you want and stick to it...really hoping for a great, smooth, and easy vbac for you :)

  11. luvbeingamom 31 December 2015

    Hello Ladies. Lots of stuff to catch up on. Precious, I like our elefun thing but it it does work, it does take a bit to get the butterfly things to come out. The kids still have fun and they do all come out, sometime i just have to kick it sometime! ******* Double, i am glad you found peace with it all. It is never easy to find out something is wrong with your perfect angles. My friend's little girl has hip displeasea (spelling?). She has to wear a brace for 12 weeks and hopefully she won't need surgery. My friend cried for days. ****** Bek - thank you for the card/present. It is great and the kids love it! that was very sweet. Thank you all for the lovely cards! I truely believe i have found another family in all of you. I feel so blessed to have you all in my life. ****** Bri i hope you can hold out, but as soon as you said you all the sudden wanted to stop trying to go into labor, my first thought was wow, now she is def going into labor! Sorry! I hope you can make through til monday! As for wanting more... I was in labor, with PUPPPS, GD and huge and uncomfortable and i STILL wanted more. it has to be in the hormones! ******** Bek - I would def be suing and i am not one to sue. But that is crazy and it will hopefully get them to change and fix things. I would def be upset if i was you, even if Dylan thinks the scars are cool! :-) ******* Happy New year everyone! I hope that 2010 brings wonderful things for everyone! Hope you all enjoy(ed) your evening.

  12. Bri 31 December 2015

    That's funny because right at this moment if I could poop I might do a dance. I'm actually thinking of taking a stool softener just to loosen things up. But, of course I don't want to cause other things to happen either. I'll wait until Sunday night. I'm not sure when she's coming back Sunday but I know she's in the office on Monday so it can't be too late, right? Ugh! Ok, off to hang on the couch and play with Kekoa's train set. HAHA! I love toys that I can just sit.

  13. luvbeingamom 31 December 2015

    Oh bri, don't give up yet! You have been SO amazingly strong, i understand the urge, i peaked at 263 with Jake! we can be your cheering section if you need it to make it through, i so want you to get what you want, your VBAC!

  14. Bri 31 December 2015

    Thanks, I haven't given up it's just so darn hard right now. I am having troubles walking even with the wall to support me. I know it'll be over before I know it, it's just getting there is the problem. But, at least it's almost bed time for my dear son and then I'm off to lay down. Not the most fun New Year's I've ever had but I'm fine with that.

  15. PreciousMoments 31 December 2015

    My Gosh yall.. Its 2010!!!.. It seems like the years have just flown by.. Esp. since Ive become a mommy.. Baby took a really late nap so she could watch the fireworks.. She loved LOVED them.. Lots of ''WOOOOWs'' and ""COOOOOL"".. Many of our neighbors and people in our area set them off themselves in their own yards (we live in a REALLY small town).. So all we have to do is look out the window to see the fireworks.. She cried when they were over and shes sleepin now.. Makes for a nice sleep in morning for us.. YAY! Lol.. Its the 1st year in 3 that Ive actually been awake to watch the ball drop Lol.. Pathetic huh?.. Hope yall are stayin safe and enjoying the new year.. Lots of positive changes to come Im sure!!

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