Month 29

At this point in your child’s life, language will perhaps be his biggest accomplishment this year. Your two year old loves to repeat everything that he hears. When you sit back and look at the entire picture, it is amazing how fast your child learns new words. Every time you read a story, repeat a nursery rhyme or sing a song, your child learns to language. He also learns to appreciate language. Learning language is a two-way program. Not only does your child need to hear you talk and sing, but he needs you to allow him to speak to you. Listen to what he has to say and let him `read` books to you.

Encourage your child to talk about his day at mealtime. Mealtime should be a time for the family to come together and talk about their day and listen to what the other family members have to say. Even if your two year old is not talking well, ask him questions and allow him to answer. Do not discuss money, behavior issues or other problems at mealtime. If your child sees mealtime as stressful, he will not want to eat. Simply wait until the meal is over and then discuss any problems that have occured. Mealtime is also a great teaching time. Talk with your child about the types of food and the colors or shapes of the food on your plate. Ask him if it is hot or cold, a fruit or a vegetable. green or yellow, etc.

If your toddler says `No` all day long, you are not alone. The less that you say `No` to your child, the less she will scream it back at you. Find ways to get your child to do what you want him to do without saying `No`. Evaluate your child’s environment. Remove any items that are obvious temptations and eliminate the inevitable chance of having to tell your child `No`. Keep your rules and expectations reasonable, simple and understandable. Ignore minor behavior issues as often as possible. Sometimes bringing attention to a misbehaving child only makes it worse. If he sees that you are not giving his negative behavior attention, he will more than likely stop. Remember to praise your child for behaving well.

Young children want to watch TV, but they really do not need to. If you do allow your child to watch television, limit his viewing to no more than 1-2 hours per day. There are some educational television shows that are aimed at young children. Watch the television with your child and discuss what you are seeing. Remember that the more time your child spends watching the television, the less time he is actively learning.

Developmental Milestones – 29 Months Old


  • Likes to dance
  • Runs well
  • Can jump
  • Stands on one foot for a few seconds
  • Can help mix a cake
  • Throws a ball into a large container
  • Tries to catch a ball
  • May be able to `golf` a ball


  • Easily frustrated
  • Tries to talk in sentences
  • Can make a tower
  • May recognize some letters and numbers
  • Says what a picture is in a book
  • Remembers some of what you say for `later`


  • Plays better with other children
  • Still does not like to share very much
  • May be scared of the dark
  • Likes to be the center of attention

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Art supplies
  • Play-doh
  • Books
  • Balls
  • Outside toys
  • Ride-on toys
  • Dolls
  • Trains, cars, trucks
  • Counters and sorters
  • ABC toys
  • Pretend play sets
  • Dress up
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  1. 3girls2008 30 November 2015

    i guess a bunch of things... we needed a new battery, distributer (for fuel i think) and 2 other things i can't remember lol i was just invisioning hundreds of dollars of stuff...

  2. monkeymamma 30 November 2015

    soon..I love koozies!! I have a K one and several from here at work. Then I have a couple that are for wine coolers or bottleneck beers.

  3. monkeymamma 30 November 2015

    3girls...that's wonderful!! I think that's the cheapest repair I've heard of when the car ends up on the side of the road at least.

  4. 3girls2008 30 November 2015

    mm- i am so thankful my dad works at a car shop because i dont even want to know what it would have cost through an actual shop... the battery alone would be more than that!

  5. soon2be3 30 November 2015

    Monkey, this is the etsy site I ordered from...

  6. soon2be3 30 November 2015

    Monkey!!! This gal can even make custome plates! You could totally make your brother and SIL plates or a platter in their team colors!

  7. monkeymamma 01 December 2015

    soon...great stuff! I need to remember to ck that site. I've looked around once when you told us about your ring from there.

  8. Mich 05 December 2015

    ok ladies...for the past few months my son just doesn't EAT the way he should?? should I be concerned or is this a stage? example...half a lego my ego....some dry cereal....a a cookie later maybe a whole hot dog for lunch or maybe NONE! maybe a few bites! he drinks his milk...but he is not eatting a good meal! he might have some grapes..or a strawberry or two MIGHT ! should I call his doc? I am uncertain? his weight is good and he is happy unless he's having a tantrum. the two major changes have been his eating and coming to mommy and daddy's bed in middle of night to sleep with us! ;/ ANY MESSAGES would greatly appreciated. I prefer messages because I don't come on her to often. THX MOMMIES!

  9. ash070658 14 December 2015

    Hi I was wondering if anyone on here had a child with a lazy eye when they were an infant and if they were able to fix it or know anything about the process to fix it? My son is 8months old and i have to wait a month to see a doctr but ive only heard of a patch and i highly doubt a patch would last 5secods on his face before he pulled it off. I was just wondring if it will even be fixed. Pls message me thanks

  10. Bencharlie11 17 December 2015

    Does anyone know where I can buy the Icandy buggy in Newery?????? If you know could you please inform me as to the name of the shop as this buggy is like gold dust and I can't seem to get my hands on one. Any help would be most appreciated :smile

  11. margysd 29 December 2015

    Hi, My daughter is 6.5 months. Our pediatrician has recommended tummy time everyday to encourage her to start crawling. She frequently lifts her head and straightens out her legs like she wants to start crawling or walking. However, when I put her on her tummy after a minute or two she gets frustrated and starts to cry. It breaks my heart to hear her cry so I change positions and sometimes put her on her side to see if she wants to roll over in different directions to encourage movement. I want to do everything that I can to encourage crawling, but at the same time I want to create a positive experience. I was wondering if you have any advice about how you encouraged your babies to start crawling. Thanks.

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