Month 3

This month your baby will begin staying awake for much longer periods of time. Your baby is happier and she does not cry as often as she previously was. There will be many opportunities for learning and sharing throughout the day. Interacting and playing with your baby will encourage her to learn. Your baby enjoys swatting at toys and may be able to grasp them occasionally.

Get ready for lots of laughs and giggles. Your baby still loves when you smile at her and she can now laugh at you. Babbles, coos, smiles Course and laughs are all wholesale jerseys part of her developing personality. Let her know just how much you enjoy hearing her laugh by laughing back. When she babbles and coos, do it back.

Some babies enjoy being held and rocked 1 more than others, and that is okay. услуги All babies are different. If you have a cuddly baby, take this time to enjoy it. Rocking and cuddling are good for babies and make them feel secure and comforted. All babies need to be held and soothed, and not just when they open are cheap jerseys crying. Show him just how much you love him and care about him. Babies like gazing you in the eyes. You can play simple games with your baby now, too. Peek a boo and `This Little Piggy` are favorites for many babies. Read to your 2 baby daily and sing songs with her. If your baby starts to get fussy, it is time to stop.

Babies this age are becoming interested in toys. They do not need to be expensive or even store bought toys. When choosing toys, you need to be careful about what you allow your baby to play with. Do not buy anything that can fit inside of their mouth. Toy should not be made with anything that could break off or splinter. Never give your baby anything with sharp edges or corners. Make sure that older siblings understand that their toys may be dangerous for the baby.

Make your baby’s room bright and welcoming. You could paing the walls, hang brightly colored pictures and add fun accents to make your baby’s room interesting for him. Babies still do not need pillows or blankets. They are suffocation hazards and should be used only for decorative purposes. You can add a mirror on the wall above the changing table, or pictures of family and friends.

Your baby may start trying to hold his bottle at this point. Do not prop the bottle with blankets or anything else. This can cause ear infections. Rather, use this time as bonding time wholesale jerseys between you and your child. Breastfeeding should be well-established at this point. You can also pump your breastmilk and store it for others to feed the baby. Most babies want to eat every 4 hours and are consuming higher amounts.

If you ever find yourself getting frustrated with your baby, put the baby in her crib and call a friend or family member to help with the baby. Babies do not do things to frustrate you on purpose, and it is totally acceptable to need a break once in a while. Make sure you never shake or hit your baby. This can cause severe damage or even death.

Developmental Milestones 3 Months Old


  • Your baby may be able to lift her head while laying on her back and hold it for several minutes
  • Some babies can hold their head steady and erect while in a sitting position
  • When on his stomach, he will lift his head and chest as to do mini push ups-offer encouragement by sitting in front and dangling a toy
  • Babies can now wave their arms and kick their legs
  • Kicks are getting stronger
  • When being held up, your baby should push down 0 on their legs
  • She can bring both hands together and open fingers
  • Can roll over one way
  • Your baby can focus on very small objects


  • Will swat at toys-encourage her by holding a toy in front and see if she will grab it
  • Many babies will sleep through the night around this time
  • Clear recognition of mom and dad
  • Your baby will look directly at you and gurgle when he hears your voice
  • Enjoys being read to-read to your baby everyday to develop language skills
  • Enjoys bright colored objects
  • Has a rapidly developing memory
  • Enjoys the feel of different objects-allow your baby to touch a variety of textures
  • Your baby may smile at herself when she sees herself in the mirror
  • Laughs out loud
  • Has more established routines
  • Makes sounds like `ah goo`


  • Is attached to the main caregiver
  • Familiar with parents faces and siblings
  • Your baby will smile at strangers
  • Likes to hear you talk-tell her about everything you do
  • Touching, caressing, carrying, rocking and massaging are great ways to relax your baby
  • Becoming more animated and social-flashes smiles and gugles and coos
  • Turns towards the sounds of familiar noises

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Rattles
  • Play gyms
  • Activity mats
  • Mirrors
  • Balls
  • Books
  • Music
  • Toys to grasp
  • Lighted toys
  • Textured items
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  1. Nikisha 31 December 2015

    Katiesnowgirl...yes, our son is a big boy! The doctors are not concerned with his weight, as he is growing in inches, too. We are still shocked every day to see how big he has gotten. Yup...22 lbs! lol I can't believe our tiny little boy has gained 15 lbs. in 3 months. The doctor told me that once he starts crawling and walking, he wear some of it off. Until then...back breaking for mommy! haha

  2. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    If doctors say he's fine, then you shouldn't worry. The main thing is that he's healthy! I just feel bad for your arms and back. I can't imagine holding a 22-pounder all day!!!

  3. Nikisha 31 December 2015

    It's a chore to get his car seat in and out of the car, but it's all good and worth it. I am used to it now, so he doesn't seem that heavy to me anymore.

  4. firsttimmer08 31 December 2015

    My baby rolled over for the first time yesterday! I was starting to wonder what was taking her so long. She only goes from tummy to back,and she acts like it isn't new to her. She has always hated tummy time, so I am glad she is making some moves!

  5. amber325 31 December 2015

    no rolling here yet :( ... I do think...think I heard a laugh today ! :)

  6. sasrafrass 31 December 2015

    My little girl is 13 weeks in two days (officially 3 months in 3 days) She smiles and does an occasional laugh. No rolling over yet many babies have rolled over so far? (and how old are they?) I'm just curious as to when my little one might be doing it. She does lift up her head and her chest very well when she has tummy time and wiggles her little legs. It's so cute!

  7. Nikisha 31 December 2015

    Randy hasn't rolled over yet, either. He laughs and coos all the time, though. Sometimes it even sounds as if he's saying words, even though I have no idea what they are! lol

  8. JennyR 31 December 2015

    Maxx rolled from his belly to back last night and we were able to catch it on video, Yay!! When he has his tummy time, he scoots himself in a circle, he's been doing this for a few weeks now. But the funniest is when we try to take him out of the tub, he gets really fussy. He LOVES bath time.

  9. Nikisha 31 December 2015

    Randy loves bath time, too. He'll lay in his little tub and kick his feet and splash his arms in the water. I'm glad because we have a pond and I hope he'll like to swim one day. When he turns 6 months I think I am going to sign him up for the Mommy and Me swim lessons.

  10. MAG04 31 December 2015


  11. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    I have question... I am looking to buy either a Jolly Jumper or a Jumperoo for my son, I was just wondering what one everyone thought was 'better'... any comments would be appreciated... you can just respond on my page if you like!! Thanks!!!

  12. Alicia 31 December 2015

    I heard earlier that ya'll started a facebook group but I didn't write it down? I wanna join the group and info would be helpful!!

  13. expectingangel3 31 December 2015

    bluebeanz: thanks! I'm hoping once we get onto base I will meet some other Army wives and make some friends that will be able to help. I'm so panicked right now because I don't have anyone that can stay with my youngest and I don't seem to have very long labors so there's never much warning. My first one was a 6 hour labor my second was almost a month premature and 4 hours so this one......well....I really hope I meet some people lol. One of the guys he is deploying with has a 5 year old and two new twins lol so I know if she can do it so can I. Just a matter of adjusting.

  14. kiwichick17 31 December 2015

    Congrats expecting! As for the whole pregnancy thing I havent had AF yet either but I think its just cos im breastfeeding. i knew at 5 weeks that there was deff something up and am pretty sure id know if i was pregnant again. I dunno how I will feel if i do get pregnant again. I'm not on any form of hormonal birth control as I am allergic to one of the progesterone's they use in them. I really do want another baby as I adore my daughter and am loving being a mummy, think i could probably handle a 2nd close together but even thou i do miss the excitment of being pregnant I also want to fully absorb myself in my beautiful baby, giving her all the love and attention she deserves. So for now we wait another couple years (and i havent forgotten about the m/s either!!!) Oh and quick ? My daughter is 14 weeks old and still hasnt rolled yet. She is large and heavy for her age thou and I was wondering if that could be making it harder for her???

  15. kionna1981 31 December 2015

    Just wanted to wish all the mommies on this forum a Happy New Year. 2009 went by so fast. I hope you all have a great day!

  16. Courtney07 31 December 2015

    Hey everyone :) I've not been on in a while peytons SO big now! he's been rolling over for a while and he's tryin to crawl he puts his knees up and pushes while he pulls w his arms! its too cute. he used to be the best sleeper ever but the past 3 weeks he's been up a lot thru the night sometimes not even goin to bed til 2 or 3! i think he's cutting teeth, he puts EVERYTHING in him mouth! and drools so bad! its almost impossible to dress him cuz he rolls over and he'll pick his butt up and push himself off the diaper lol he's wonderful tho! but any advice on sleeping methods idk what to do lol

  17. amanda24 31 December 2015

    Sarisa brayden tries to hold his bottle but ends up yanking it out of his mouth and screams bloody murder. But he giggles at the cat when he is near him and rubs his tail against him and he giggles mostly at my brother. Other than that he just giggles randomly.

  18. amanda24 31 December 2015

    So is it possible for babies to cut their front 2 teeth before the bottom 2?? My cousin cut his 2 eye teeth before his front two... brayden has a nub poking out on the right front tooth... I'm baffled. I've never heard of a baby cutting a tooth at 3 1/2 months much less a top front tooth!

  19. Courtney07 31 December 2015

    Amanda..idk much about it but i thought the top 2 usually come in before the bottom? and I've read some babies cut them totally outta usual order..not sure tho

  20. sarisa 31 December 2015

    amanda- my lo is also cutting eye teeth already. As time goes on though the human race has evolutions. Kids are growing up faster these days so it's no surprise their teeth are coming in sooner. Remy also winds up pulling his bottle out after a couple minutes of holding it and gets madder than a hornet who's nest was just smashed. Seems with this little cold also when he lays down and he's not ready to (say he falls asleep) and he realizes you put him in bed wow he shrieks and screams like it's nobodies business. If we were in public and that happened someone would think I hurt him.

  21. overthemoon 31 December 2015

    sarisa: jake has been doing the same thing to me...if i dont time it JUST right he freaks when i put him in his crib...only the first time at night though...right now its 3 am and he will go back no prob

  22. hannah7860 31 December 2015

    Hi ladies,,, well my lo is teething drooling irretated and constantly putting his fist in his mouth and any other thing he can get hold of goes straight in his mouth, and so he's not sleeping at nite past 3days am shattred, and to make things hard he has eczema al ova his face and trys to itch alot, Im constantly putting eczema cream on him. My poor baby had it all from broncitist caugh and cold to teething and eczema from day 1, I just hope the new year brings loadz of happiness for all of us, coz iv had the worst 2011. Hope every1 doing well x happy new year in advance to all

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