Month 30

Many children will enrol in some kind of preschool around this age in their life. When choosing a preschool for your child, ask questions beforehand to ensure a good fit. There are many different kinds of preschool. Some schools meet all day, every day. Others meet two, three, four or even five days a week-half day or full day. Find out what your child will be learning. Will they be playing all day long or are there actual structured preschool lessons provided? Plan to visit the preschool before you enrol your child and see what goes on in the classroom at various times throughout the day. Do the teachers seem to genuinely care about the children in their care? How do the other children respond to the teachers and each other? Is the classroom fun, bright and welcoming? Look at the toys and see if they are in good shape and proper for your child to play with.

Make sure that your child is current on all immunizations. State laws require children to be up to date on vaccinations before entering into any type of child care center, preschool or even kindergarten. If your child does not have the necessary vaccinations, call your child’s doctor to schedule them. Vaccinations protect your child and other people from getting serious diseases that once killed many people.

Children need to learn how to solve problems early on. By others teaching us how to do things, we have learned how to solve problems, keep problems from arising and fix things when they are broken. Help your child learn how to solve problems and fix things. The way that they will be able to do these types of things as an adult is influenced by how well they were taught as a small child.

Around this time in your child’s life, you might notice that he is resistant to affection. Your once cuddly and loveable toddler does not want to be hugged and kissed anymore. Try not to take it personally and never force your child to accept your affection or hug/kiss you. It is not that your child is rejecting you, or your love, he is rejecting having his physical freedom limited. Continue to offer your child hugs and kisses.

Many children get frustrated when they are doing something difficult. Often times, kids take on much more than they can physically or mentally handle. Allowing your child to have some frustration and work through it, is a way to help her gain self esteem and develop problem solving skills. However, if you notice that your child is in distress, you can help her figure out a solution to her problem. Select her toys properly and keep in mind what she is capable of doing. By providing a can-do environment, you can help your child eliminate frustration. Provide a step stool for your child to wash her hands or brush her teeth. Buy your child Velcro sneakers so that she can close them on her own, rather than tripping on the shoelaces. Do not add to his frustration by criticizing him when he fails or expecting things that are not realistic. If your child wants to try again, let him. However, when he wants to quit, let him.

Developmental Milestones – 30 Months Old


  • Busyli>
    Jumps well

  • Climbs larger structures
  • Tries to swing
  • Better fine motor skills


  • Enjoys doing `school work`
  • Can recognize colors and shapes
  • May recognize some letters and numbers
  • May be potty-trained


  • May like going to school for a few hours
  • Might be afraid of the dark
  • Scared of new noises
  • Plays with friends

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Play doh
  • Art supplies
  • Outside toys
  • Ride on toys
  • Pretend play
  • Puzzles
  • Games
  • Letter and number toys
  • Shape sorters
  • Baby dolls
  • Trucks, cars, trains
  • Kitchen and food sets
  • Toolbenches
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  1. LIZZARDSMOMMY 31 December 2015

    SHE LOOKS ADDORABLE SKANKY...I need to get lizzy fully pottied also.. she will only use it every now and then and I havent been pushing it. her vocab is off the charts though

  2. ItsChelle 31 December 2015

    i thought about getting seth a toy laptop but didnt...sheesh, im sending happy new yr texts and all i get back is NOT YET..sooo happy new yrs EVE

  3. Melanie07 31 December 2015

    David's brother just invited us to their house. I don't know if I want to go there. I really don't want to deal with MIL tonight. I want to do something with David. If we go their, I will be spending the whole time taking care of Ashley.

  4. ItsChelle 31 December 2015

    that doesnt sound like fun mel..hanging out with your mil..she will just irritate and david need to have some fun

  5. ItsChelle 31 December 2015

    my headache better go away or i wont be in no shape for anything tonight..seth is driving me nuts already, he asked for juice, then milk, but isnt drinking either of it. he didnt want his bagel,then he asked for an apple,banana,then changed his mind to a hot dog..i tried to give him something better but he got

  6. Melanie07 31 December 2015

    MIL just left. She was upset because I had just put Ashley down a few mins before she got here. I did not know she was coming. She said David just told her she was awake. Well. David called about 10 or 15 mins before she got here. She was awake then. Kids moods change within mins. She was ready for a nap and I put her down. She went right to sleep.

  7. ItsChelle 31 December 2015

    oh my gosh, what a cranky woman she is.. she needs to get over its not her kid

  8. Melanie07 31 December 2015

    She did bring her an electric snowglobe and another night light. I put the night light in the kitchen.

  9. Maureen_Hel 31 December 2015

    my new years resolution 1. quit smoking 2. start cooking more lol 3. go to church more 4. work on controlling my temper a little better 5. excercise more and eat more protein

  10. Melanie07 31 December 2015

    I so hope David and I can celebrate together. T is probably going to be watching my sister's kids. If David and I go out, Kyle can watch Ashley. I told him, I wouldn't mind if we stayed home. I just want him to be awake and celebrate with me. The past few years, he has been asleep.

  11. ItsChelle 31 December 2015

    kim just asked me if she can bring in the new yr at boyfriends, i guess the parents asked too and the mom will bring her home..i told kim its fine as long as someone is sober, she said they dont drink, so thats good then. cause we will be toasted.. i added a new yrs i forgot about changing it after christmas

  12. Melanie07 31 December 2015

    T wants to go to a friends house. I told her no. I know for a fact, this girl always serves alcohol at her parties. She then puts the pics on myspace. Besides, she is still grounded.

  13. ItsChelle 31 December 2015 bet t is bummed, but oh well..i thought at first of having kim come home early, but i dont worry about her being there..i know the parents well enough. she might as well have some fun instead of sitting home..we will keep seth with us til his bedtime, then im sure keri will listen for him when he is asleep. well i gotta load the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen at least..need to prepare in case im on the couch all day with a hangover

  14. ShirleyandMaya 31 December 2015

    thanks girls. I think I'll try to get his coughing on tape so you cab hear how it sounds. Maybe its just a bad cold. He's very congested and I had to put a pillow under him to keep his head elevated. :-(

  15. ShirleyandMaya 31 December 2015

    My BIL just came over to invite us over for tonight. I dont know if we should go and if we do, we're defintely not staying till midnight. I dont even really want to go but i think maurice does so we'll see. Oh and i just got back from seeing my new baby niece. I cant believe how small newborns are. Her and Daniel were born the same weight and Daniel is now 19 lbs!

  16. Melanie07 31 December 2015

    My bro wants to come over tonight. That would be fun. I have to see what David says.

  17. ItsChelle 31 December 2015

    my poor sis, the youngest, who only has 1 kid, well i was hopeful for her and her boyfriend as they seemed to be doing the best relationship wise etc..well, they broke up, she still lives with him but he wants her out..she could go back to my moms but she wont due to hating her dad AND cause theres no internet?? i told her who cares, her first priority is her son. and if tony doesnt help her out with watching their son of buying diapers etc, he is gonna get an earful!!

  18. ItsChelle 31 December 2015

    cool, sounds like some of you are getting last minute plans as well! no matter what, enjoy the night!

  19. Melanie07 31 December 2015

    Ugh!!! David is wanting to go to his brothers. He has not said no but, he said he gave his bro the impression he was coming. I don't want to go. My bro said they will take T back to my sister's house if they can come over. That would be perfect. Hopefully he agrees to stay here. Plus, it will be cheaper.

  20. ShirleyandMaya 31 December 2015

    we decided to stay in tonight. Daniel threw up all over me so I told Maurice he could go without me but he's going to stay with us. I already have the potatoe in the oven. I think we're going to eat early because I'm starving.

  21. BrookesMommy 31 December 2015

    i think we might go to my bils but just for a little bit. we are gonna go out for dinner not sure where though if we do go to my bils we are gonna be back in time for Brooke to go to sleep here. Shirley>poor daniel hope he feels better soon :( and hope u get some rest as well Chelle>sorry about your sis and her bf

  22. SarahJ 31 December 2015 house was such a mess when I surfaced this morning. I am glad a didn't get up with a headache though, I took a couple of headache tablets before I went to bed, so don't even know if I would have had a headache. I ws so tired when Jackson woke me up, but I had a couple of berocca and a couple of cans of red bull and now I feel like I could take on the world LOL I am so going to crash later .Jackson slept in , to wait for it...7.15. I had hoped he would sleep late as he woke up at 11.15 last night (I think it was all the fireworks)) and didn't get back to bad until just after 1am.He was funny though he just walked out into the back garden and started dancing with the biggest smile on his face and then watching the fireworks he just kept going 'Ohhhhh, ohhhhhh'. Everyone else is still asleep.

  23. Melanie07 31 December 2015

    Ash turns 3 in a month. Tho, everyone looks at her and thinks she is 4. She is so tall. She is potty trained completely during the day. Still not at night.

  24. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year to you all. J-dee stayed up the whole night, and she is watching Ni Hao Kailan right now waiting for me to get to bed. She had such a great time, and would not fall asleep until she was able to say Happy New Year.

  25. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    Sigh...dont' remind me about birthdays. I am already getting all teary eyed. Can't believe the big 3 is heading our way now.

  26. colombianmama 31 December 2015

    Well, in case I don't get to be on here until tomorrow, I hope everyone has a Happy New Year, you have been a blessing to my life for another year and I hope our friendship continues for many more years. I love you all and I hope you have an awesome 2011!!!

  27. monkeymamma 31 December 2015

    My eyes are much better but it's hard to talk. I feel like my throat it clogged? Not sure how to explain it. I have to keep drinking something or I gag when I do talk.

  28. 3girls2008 31 December 2015

    mm- yeah i had that feeling like its really really swollen and mine was very scratchy

  29. 3girls2008 31 December 2015

    i have no idea how i am going to attempt tonight lol ive been awake since 330am and up since 430am.... wish i could take a nap lol

  30. monkeymamma 31 December 2015

    I was wondering that too with being sick. I might take a power nap when I get home if I can wake David up to be with Quinten. That's a huge if!

  31. 3girls2008 31 December 2015

    i have a rockstar on hand that i think im gonna wait to drink till much later in the day but my body is screaming for it now lol

  32. monkeymamma 31 December 2015

    I'm sucking on livesavors to sooth my throat since I don't have any cough drops here. Lunch in 20 mins, yipee!

  33. 3girls2008 31 December 2015

    mm- did u see there is a whole mass in week 38 taking castor oil to see if they can have their babies before the new year lol??

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