Month 30

Many children will enrol in some kind of preschool around this age in their life. When choosing a preschool for your child, ask questions beforehand to ensure a good fit. There are many different kinds of preschool. Some schools meet all day, every day. Others meet two, three, four or even five days a week-half day or full day. Find out what your child will be learning. Will they be playing all day long or are there actual structured preschool lessons provided? Plan to visit the preschool before you enrol your child and see what goes on in the classroom at various times throughout the day. Do the teachers seem to genuinely care about the children in their care? How do the other children respond to the teachers and each other? Is the classroom fun, bright and welcoming? Look at the toys and see if they are in good shape and proper for your child to play with.

Make sure that your child is current on all immunizations. State laws require children to be up to date on vaccinations before entering into any type of child care center, preschool or even kindergarten. If your child does not have the necessary vaccinations, call your child’s doctor to schedule them. Vaccinations protect your child and other people from getting serious diseases that once killed many people.

Children need to learn how to solve problems early on. By others teaching us how to do things, we have learned how to solve problems, keep problems from arising and fix things when they are broken. Help your child learn how to solve problems and fix things. The way that they will be able to do these types of things as an adult is influenced by how well they were taught as a small child.

Around this time in your child’s life, you might notice that he is resistant to affection. Your once cuddly and loveable toddler does not want to be hugged and kissed anymore. Try not to take it personally and never force your child to accept your affection or hug/kiss you. It is not that your child is rejecting you, or your love, he is rejecting having his physical freedom limited. Continue to offer your child hugs and kisses.

Many children get frustrated when they are doing something difficult. Often times, kids take on much more than they can physically or mentally handle. Allowing your child to have some frustration and work through it, is a way to help her gain self esteem and develop problem solving skills. However, if you notice that your child is in distress, you can help her figure out a solution to her problem. Select her toys properly and keep in mind what she is capable of doing. By providing a can-do environment, you can help your child eliminate frustration. Provide a step stool for your child to wash her hands or brush her teeth. Buy your child Velcro sneakers so that she can close them on her own, rather than tripping on the shoelaces. Do not add to his frustration by criticizing him when he fails or expecting things that are not realistic. If your child wants to try again, let him. However, when he wants to quit, let him.

Developmental Milestones – 30 Months Old


  • Busyli>
    Jumps well

  • Climbs larger structures
  • Tries to swing
  • Better fine motor skills


  • Enjoys doing `school work`
  • Can recognize colors and shapes
  • May recognize some letters and numbers
  • May be potty-trained


  • May like going to school for a few hours
  • Might be afraid of the dark
  • Scared of new noises
  • Plays with friends

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Play doh
  • Art supplies
  • Outside toys
  • Ride on toys
  • Pretend play
  • Puzzles
  • Games
  • Letter and number toys
  • Shape sorters
  • Baby dolls
  • Trucks, cars, trains
  • Kitchen and food sets
  • Toolbenches
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  1. monkeymamma 30 December 2015

    I'm trying! We've had back to back people coming in. I haven't even been able to talk with him about it.

  2. soon2be3 30 December 2015

    Heather, when you had you boobie job, what size did you get enlarged to?

  3. HeatherT 30 December 2015

    soon- It was supposed to be a full C but its more a 32-34 D. Its been 4 years and I still cant sleep without a bra or go without because it bugs me. They are not real high like to my chin because I was able to go above the muscle (which many people wont do) so they hang more natural.

  4. happymommee2KJ 30 December 2015

    Ugh my bbs to a hit after just one baby. I want more but it scares me what just one did to my body.

  5. mommyof2soon 30 December 2015

    Mine right now are between a 36 DD/DDD. I think the smallest they have been was DD when I lost 20lbs. When I was pregnant I couldn't even find bras big enough. It will be such a shock going from that to nothing. but i'm sure it will be great after reconstruction going from nothing to a c.

  6. happymommee2KJ 30 December 2015

    I'm still a 34b like I was before pregnancy they are just saggier and loaded with stretchmarks.

  7. mommyof2soon 30 December 2015

    oh it's fine, we all want to have nice perky unstretched marked boobies! You are still allowed to complain! :)

  8. happymommee2KJ 30 December 2015

    I finally updated my profile pic. It only took me about a year to do it. THe pic is from Oct but it's one of my faves.

  9. monkeymamma 30 December 2015

    ughhhhh...I'm back at work. Didn't get to stay home when I left for lunch. Just too busy of a day. Fingers crossed for leaving early!!!!

  10. monkeymamma 30 December 2015

    I didn't get stretch marks on my boobs just on my butt. And I didn't keep what boobs I gained, went all the way back to an A. Now a B due to gaining weight back :(

  11. happymommee2KJ 30 December 2015

    There are lots of bugs floating around here to mm. At the begining of last wk I got what Kason had the week before. Throwing up. Then this week I seem to have something else. My stomache hurt and I felt like throwing up tuesday night.

  12. monkeymamma 30 December 2015

    I look like I'm having an allergic reaction to something as puffy as I am, but I'm not allergic to anything. I can't want to not have to think!!! My head is swimming.

  13. HeatherT 30 December 2015

    jordan and I just watched vampires suck and now watching eat pray love and eating cheesecake brownies she made (really yummy) while girls are napping. Such a nice day with all the pretty snow curled up in my recliner.

  14. ItsChelle 31 December 2015

    lilly im sorry to hear you and hubby arent getting along..i know you would want to be with him on new yrs, maybe things will work out, if not at least you have family to party with, so youre not completely alone..just enjoy it..last yr i was bummed, but i still watched the new yr come in, i wasnt gonna miss it.

  15. LIZZARDSMOMMY 31 December 2015

    hi ladies...Hope all is well. Jonathans birthday is on the first so I am working on getting that all planned out. He got me membership to the gym I have been wanting to join as well as a trainer and new running shoes. I am so excited to start next week.

  16. Megan 31 December 2015

    hey ladies... do any of you know/remember how much blood is normal after a cervical check and how long it lasts? i had my check at 10am this morning. it's now almost 5pm here.

  17. Melanie07 31 December 2015

    We don't have any plans for New Years yet. I did over hear David trying to make us some plans. I told him I would like to do something besides have him sleep right through like he has done the past few years. He agrees. Even if we just stay here. I just want him to celebrate with me while he is awake.

  18. lisatek82 31 December 2015

    Lilly I am so sorry you guys aren't getting along again. I hope y'all can work things out. I have no advise for the toddler bed topic. Parker transitioned well except for naps. I have a video moniter in his room so everytime I see him trying to get out of the bed I say Parker lay down and he does. He is getting tired of that and so he is just laying there now. HEATHER I can't believe her mom did that. That is just sad.MEL Cute video of Ashley. MOE I feel so bad for poor Kaylee and for you.

  19. lisatek82 31 December 2015

    I need cooking ideas from you guys. I need to bring an app or finger type food on the boat tomorrow. It can't be anything warm it needs to be cold. They already have meat, cheese, veg and fruit trays... ANY IDEAS HELP!!!

  20. mommy2b 31 December 2015

    Hey girls. My friend just called and said that her and her husband just left a vineyard where they ate supper at and how nice it was. They asked if me and Andy wanted to go one friday night and Andy actually said yes. ANdy doesn't like wine so I expected him to say I could just go by myself. My friends husband said that if we wanted him to that he would take us both back to be our DD so we could test taste. I'm exctied now. I looked the place up online and its sooo nice and romantic looking. I'm hoping we'll be able to atleast go at valanetines or sooner.

  21. mommy2b 31 December 2015

    Lisa-You can make or buy cheesecakes bites. They are really easy to make. If you make them, you can buy the jello brand easy cheesecake that comes in a box. Its actually really good and it shows on the bake how to make it in little individual bites.

  22. Melanie07 31 December 2015

    Take ritz crackers. Spread peanut butter between two to make a sandwich. Dip the 'sandwich' in either white or milk melted chocolate. Let chocolate harden. They are really good and go fast.

  23. ItsChelle 31 December 2015

    i was gonna say stuffed mushrooms but..or maybe mini sandwhiches..tortilla chips and salsa never fails

  24. ItsChelle 31 December 2015

    jen that sounds like fun..we live in wine country and have yet to go wine

  25. ItsChelle 31 December 2015

    lisa maybe some delicious bakery desserts:cookies,sliced cake,brownies etc..crap im hungry now..were eating at 7pm, i already started drinking my mamosas(sp?)

  26. Melanie07 31 December 2015

    LOL, chelle. I had a few drinks last night. I don't know if I will tonight. David gets off work at midnight. We actually watched a movie together last night.

  27. Melanie07 31 December 2015

    Dang it. I was out in town tonight and forgot to get things for tomorrow night. I did get the kids some sparkling grape juice but, forgot to get the noise makers and things. UGH!!! I don't want to go back tomorrow.

  28. ItsChelle 31 December 2015

    yeah i would like to have gotten all that stuff for tomorrow but no money and also no point. were not doing anything. thats why tonight were having our friends over, but still not sure how heavy were going to paul and shelly have to work tomorrow

  29. ItsChelle 31 December 2015

    heres video of mudding the other day..paul was taking it easy as he had the kids, i was taping.and for those that dont know his is the grey

  30. Melanie07 31 December 2015

    Here is a video of Ashley jumping and twirling. She can actually get off the ground now.

  31. lisatek82 31 December 2015

    Chelle that looks like fun:) Thanks for the suggestions you guys. We decided to get a shrimp cocktail tray... easy huh...LOL

  32. lisatek82 31 December 2015

    Cute Mel... Parker still can't get off of the floor and he looks so funny. He says bop bop instead of jump.

  33. BrookesMommy 31 December 2015

    hi ladies! we had taco tuesday at my bil and sils tonight. i have a headache though :( we might go over there tomorrow and hang out for new years should be fun! i thought i wasnt gonna do anything! :) hows everyone

  34. Melanie07 31 December 2015

    Hi Christine. I am bored. David is working second shift this week. I don't know what we are doing tomorrow.

  35. Maureen_Hel 31 December 2015

    hey i just got home from work it was crazy busy but i cant complain i dont work again for the next 6 days!

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