Month 4

At this point, your baby can recognize familiar faces. He can distinguish his mom from his dad and knows who they are. Many babies have favorite toys and you may have found a book or song that your baby seems to like the best. By now, he probably likes to play with toys on a mat or blanket on the foor. Exersaucers are good choices for baby to play in. Steer clear of baby walkers. They are dangerous and should not be used.

It is important to respond quickly and calmly to your crying baby. When you respond quickly, your baby will develop a sense of security and develop trust in you. You will have to do less to soothe a distressed baby if you respond quickly. Many people are under the impression that they will spoil their baby if they respond to every whimper and whine. This is not true. You can spoil a child, but not a baby. A baby of this age can not be disciplined and is not able to understand your commands. Continue to be loving and gentle to foster a good relationship.

Your baby can most likely roll from side to side and possibly from her tummy to her back. Be careful not to leave her unattended-she may roll off and get seriously injured. Babies should be placed on their tummies to develop strength and muscles needed for sitting, crawling and walking. Encourage your baby to roll over and help her sit up with support. It is much more interesting to sit up and look at things vs. laying down and staring at the ceiling. At this age, your baby is probably grasping objects and putting them straight into his mouth. Make sure all of his toys are safe and clean.

Your baby may begin to get upset if you take a toy away or stop playing with her. She coos, babbles, smiles and laughs when you interact with her. She may be able to click her tongue and cough by now. Playing with your baby is important for development. Continue to read, sing, play and play games with your little learner. Talk to your baby in regular words-do not use baby talk because it does not sound clear to your baby and may confuse him. Praise your baby for jobs well done! Introduce your baby to new sights, smells, sounds and textures often. This is how he will learn the most about this new exciting world around him!

Around four months of age, your doctor may give the go ahead on solid foods. You will know if your baby is ready. He should sit well with support and be able to hold his head steady. If she is still pushing the food out of her mouth with her tongue, she may not be quite ready to start solids. Start with cereal and then try fruits and vegetables. When using a highchair, make sure that it is safe. Your high chair should not have any broken pieces and should be sturdy. Always use the seat belt and lock the tray on snuggly. Make sure you watch your baby closely while he is in the highchair. Do not feed your baby directly from the jar, unless you are certain he will eat all of it. Just because your baby is consuming solids does not mean she doesn’t still need formula or breatmilk-she does!!

Developmental Milestones 4 Months Old


  • Your baby’s stomach has grown larger, so he does not need to feed as often
  • Rolls over
  • When laid on stomach, your baby will lift his stomach and shoulders high offf the ground
  • Your baby’s tongue-thrust reflex is fading, and your baby may be ready to start solid foods now
  • Can reach out and grab objects-he still may miss his mark on the first try
  • You will notice alot of drool-some babies start teething around this time


  • Feedings can get difficult as your baby likes to see what is going on at mealtime
  • Your baby is easily distractable
  • Once the baby grasps ahold of an object, he will put it straight to his mouth
  • Your baby likes a vairety of toys and objects-give her different toys with different responses
  • Babies begin to understand cause and effect
  • Begins to understand all basic sounds of language
  • Begins to develop the ability to make vocal sounds-`ma-ma` `da-da`-although he does not connect sound to parent
  • Color differences are clearer and your baby probably prefers bright primary colors
  • Can laugh out loud and squeal in delight


  • Likes to be interacted with-play with your baby as often as possible
  • Some babies like to play alone at this time
  • May participate in back and forth imitation games-imitate your child’s faces and sounds
  • Your baby will respond to your voice and gestures by kicking legs or waving arms
  • Baby will show you when she is no longer interested

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Bright colored books
  • Posters
  • Activity gyms and play mats
  • Musical toys
  • Lighted toys
  • Mirrors
  • Teething rings
  • Plastic toys to chew on
  • Toys to grasp
  • Brightly colored soft blocks
  • Stuffed toys
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  1. LilCBabii 31 December 2015

    My son is big (17lbs) my doc wanted him on ceral and juices at 4 months Veggies at 4 1/2 months and fruit at 5 months. I heard if you start to early the are more prone to have food allergies or atleast reactions. Im starting him off on yellows 4 days for each at first to watch his reactions... He still only drinks 6oz and the doc said he should be a 7oz 4-5 times a day but if he is content Im not moving it up he is already big enough=)

  2. Nikisha 31 December 2015

    Our son will be 4 months on Jan. 9. He was 7#, 20 inches at birth and is now already 26 inches and 22lbs!! He's a big boy. He drinks around 40 ozs of formula a day. I started him on one cereal feeding a day last night.

  3. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    lilcbabi-Really? I'll make sure I look. I thought it would be thicker since I read somewhere to start them off with smoother,creamier food at first then as they get older, make their food a lil thicker.

  4. LilCBabii 31 December 2015

    Teean- Yeah I have all Gerber in those plastic containers same food more amount. Also more mixed food like Apple-Bananna and things you should give one at a time first.

  5. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    Okay thanks. I'll just mix it with his cereal. I tried that once and he liked it. Feeding him that runny stuff is so messy because he ends up blowing it off the spoon or letting it dribble out of his mouth.

  6. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    I have question... I am looking to buy either a Jolly Jumper or a Jumperoo for my son, I was just wondering what one everyone thought was 'better'... My son is 3.5 months old....any comments would be appreciated... you can just respond on my page if you like!! Thanks!!!

  7. annabelle77 31 December 2015

    Happy New Years everyone! A little early I know but I will be sleeping when it actually happens. Hehe... God, having a baby sure changes a lot of things.

  8. mindyisliamsmama 31 December 2015

    My son is just under 2 weeks til he is 5 months and still no AF. It's been kinda nice :-) He still isn't rolling over, but his pediatrician said that it is completely normal for it to happen any time from 4-6 months. He seems closer to rolling from his back to his side than his front to his back. (he just gets really mad at being on his tummy...) He can roll onto his side from his back, but then gets stuck.

  9. tayazmom 31 December 2015

    tyson has only rolled over a handful of times too so no fret. he sits unassisted for longer periods now and he loves to 'walk' when you hold his hands! so much so fast i wish it would all slow down! no af for me yet either. I breastfed 13 months with my last and didn't get it until a month after I stopped!

  10. RissasMommy 31 December 2015

    Hey ladies... I have a question. My dd is 19 weeks and im on the mini pill. Af came as soon as I started taking the pill but Dec it came at a diff time then it has been. Anyway has anyone gotten pregnant on the mini pill? I have some symptoms... but I just don't know lol

  11. rosye13 31 December 2015

    rissasmommy - I had symptoms of pregnancy both times I stopped breastfeeding (with both of my babies) and also both times I stopped the mini pill. I think it's just because there's a hormonal shift in your body (it's the change in hormones that causes most pregnancy symptoms). Anyway, I'd say your best bet to be sure, is to get a test. I actually test every month on the same day just to be sure because my AF hasn't returned yet. Takes away all anxiety :)

  12. GigiJey 31 December 2015

    rosey, I tested last night because I was nauseous the whole day yesterday. This morning it is continuing. the nest was negative but I am still feeling sick. I wasn't sick with my last pregnancy but every preg is different. I have a question: what does sitting unassisted mean? sitting in a high that unassisted... or is it sitting on the floor without any help? My LO can sit on the floor for a couple of seconds until she falls either to the side or the front. she is great in the high chair. She had rice cereal with banana for lunch today (after bf) and she didn't seem to be that excited about it. I'll try again in a week and will stick to just the cereal meanwhile.

  13. GigiJey 31 December 2015

    Another question: when you give them homemade apple sauce, do you have to cook the apples before pureeing them?

  14. RissasMommy 31 December 2015

    Thanks I might get a test tonight! I want another baby but I don't know if im ready right now lol. My DD is a DIVA and wants all the attention all the time lol

  15. esyogurl 31 December 2015

    gigijey - When I made homemade applesauce I would skin the apples then boil them before pureeing them. IMO it made then less acidic (sp?) and softer.

  16. rosye13 31 December 2015

    gigijey - That would be what I would think that sitting unassisted was. When they are able to sit on the floor for a few seconds without falling over. Oh, and if the test was negative, I would kind of assume that you're not for right now. I hate to say that, but I know that after we had Gracie and we were trying for Gabi, I just wanted it so bad. And I kept thinking I was pregnant, or thinking that I had one symptom or another, and then I'd be so disappointed. You are the one that I was talking to that is 'trying' or at least hoping for another one?

  17. FinallyPreggers 31 December 2015

    Hey ladies, i was reading about your symptoms of pregnancy again....I tested this morning and it was also having symptoms too. Weird! Its almost depressing that Im not, even though its a little too early for me to get preg again. I don't how to feel about it...on one hand I would like to be preg again and on the other I want to give every bit of energy I have to my LO. Anybody else feel this way? On another Note...have any of you bought or decided on a new convertible car seat?

  18. deeyore486 31 December 2015

    gigijey, the only way I know how to make applesauce at all is by boiling the apples... For the baby food version, I would boil them to make the soft and juicy and then stick them in the blender to work the rest of the chunks out. As for sitting unassisted, it would be the baby sitting on the floor without any support. When I was teaching that age, we couldn't say that they were sitting unassisted until the were sitting on their own for at least 30 seconds. At about this time, our little ones are going to be tri-podding with their sitting...they will use an arm to help keep themselves propped up and balanced.

  19. rosye13 31 December 2015

    Finallypreggers - I think this is really common. I felt that way after Gracie, that's why we have Gabi :) I say, if you're comfortable financially and you want another one right now, go for it! I love having 2 under 2!!! We are not going for 3 under 3 though. lol. We want to wait a little while. And even though I really don't want to be pregnant right now, I still sometimes think I might be having a 'symptom' and then am slightly disappointed when I'm not. I think that pregnancy and babies are just so amazing that you can't help but be a little excited if it happens.

  20. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    Am I the only one not feeding solids yet?? My dr said to wait until 6m seeing as Abby is doing just fine on bmilk alone. Vaseline did the trick for Abby's chapped cheeks- dont know why I didnt think of it!

  21. FinallyPreggers 31 December 2015

    Thanks Rosye! I needed that! My husband is Non Deployable right now, but in about a year he will be right back in Iraq again... I want him here for baby #2. I've got alot of mixed emotions about this.

  22. Katymom 31 December 2015

    beepunk...yes...i even slept in a bra when i decided to quit's so tempting to 'relieve' yourself because of the pain..but I tried to let out as little as possible so my body wouldn't keep making more milk! i think it took me about a week before i felt 'normal'. :)

  23. Katymom 31 December 2015

    btw, my lo was taking 2 bottles a day & then nursing the rest of the time..when i had to stop i just went to all bottles that next lo did great! there may be a better way, but that's how i did it...

  24. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    So I need reassurance. I am trying to do away with the 3am pumping/feeding and have just been sleeping until my body wakes me up. I am so engorged when I wake up and this morning I went to bed at 11p and woke up at 6a and had soaked through my bra and breast pads. Will the need to pump/feed go away if I keep this up?

  25. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    Hey Everryone!!!! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and that everyone is well! We finally returned home early this week Our families are wonderful but its nice to be home. I had Owen in to be weighed yestrday and he is down to 14lb 12oz. At the end of Nov he was 15-4 and on dec 13 he was 15-2. The only think I can think of is that his cold is keeping him from eating. We had him out to emerge once (at my parents so not my doctor) because we only had 1 wet diaper the whole day. Doc was not very understanding and told us that Owen was the picture of good health and not dehydrated or anything. We have an appt next week to see our doc over this and to figure out what to do. Its frustrating, everyone is so pro bf that no one will even consider that maybe i dont have enough milk...if hes hungry hell keep nursing. He only nurses for about 4 min per side. Anyway, he finally fell back to sleepso Im going to drop him in the crib and crawl back into bed before hubbby gets up. (Os been awake since 4am little bugger) Have a wonderful day ladies

  26. Beepunk30 31 December 2015

    Beyuteful - I cut down one feeding per day until I only had the two night time feedings left (before bed and once throughout night). He only eats on one side each feeding so when I was done I just fed him one last time on both sides and then didn't do it again. I am a little engorged still at 2.5 days later, but I keep massaging my breasts and it's not so bad.

  27. strawberrysim 31 December 2015

    hey girls...not been on for a while..the internet was down :o( Happy New Year and hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas :o) lo hasnt started rolling yet which concerns me a lil but i've seen that she has been trying this last week, so lets wait and see...she hasnt started teething yet (lo is 21 weeks) but has been gnawing her hands like crazy...but i must say her giggles n baby talk are absaloutely adorable...she baby talks for like a whole hour in the morning and just before i put her to bed...she looks at me from her cot with her hands in her mouth and coo's and then when i look at her she screams out this huge giggle...soooooooo cute!

  28. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    Nova is going to have his first tooth any day now!!! Its his top right tooth! He hasn't been fussy at all, jut sleeping more and eating less. Right now he is laying on the floor running his tongue along where the tooth is. I'm so excited but my boobs are not...not looking forward to the bites :( My six year old sister Tamara wants to say hi you all!!!

  29. Beepunk30 31 December 2015

    I officially can't take it! It's day 3 of no breastfeeding and my boobs are so big and swollen! After the kids go to bed I am going to pump a little to take the edge off. Just can't handle the pain!!

  30. Beepunk30 31 December 2015

    Ok I couldn't even wait! I went and pumped now and got about 1.5 ounces all together. It was enough to get the bumps out of my boobs and make me feel a little better at least! Ugh! What a pain!

  31. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    Hey hope everyone is having a good New Years Eve! My night could be much more exciting but oh well. So I can't figure out what's with my little one, her cheeks are SUPER rosy. Only thing that has been different is she had carrots again tonight but I can't imagine that that would make her cheeks so rosy. I mean she had them lastnight too and didn't have anything like this. What do you guys think?? I mean I'm not actually too worried about it or anything but don't know what's up with it.

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