Month 5

Your baby has developed alot during the past few months. Because she is now able to roll around and may be able to `wriggle` it is time to childproof your home if you have not already done it. It is important that you take the time to make sure all dangerous objects are out of reach for your baby. Baby gates can be installed at doorways that are dangerous for your baby to enter. All cabinets and drawers should have locks on them. If your baby is messing with something that he should not have, redirect him to another safe area or give him something that is appropriate for him to play with. Never spank his hands or yell at him- he does not know what he is doing at this point.

If your baby does not go to daycare, think about joining a playgroup. Not only is good for him, it is also good for you! Playgroups usually have other moms and babies that you can and your child can relate to. Your baby will enjoy the company of the other babies and they all can learn from each other! Get to know the other moms in the group- they will be excellent sources of information and advice if it is ever needed.

At this point, your baby might start to develop fear around strangers. Let her get used to new people on her own timing and do not force her to be with someone she is aftaid of. She might also develop separation anxiety. This is normal and it is okay. When you leave your baby, tell her that you will be back and give her a quick hig and kiss. Never sneak out on her- this can cause your baby to lose trust in you.

Babies at this age like toys that make noise. Because some babies will begin to pull themselves up on their hands and knees, you should remove crib toys and mobiles from the bed. Your baby will become very interested in toys that she can bang together, suck on, chew on, put together and touch. Daily interaction with her with help her develop the best. Enjoy playing with your baby and praise her when she learns something new! Your baby has good aim when she reaches for something- but, everything she grabs still goes in her mouth! Challenge your baby’s memory with simple games of peek-a-boo and hiding/revealing objects. She will begin to understand that items still exist even though you can not see them.

At five months old, he loves to suck on his hands and possibly his feet. He likes when you read to him, talk to him, sing to him and hold him. He will watch your lips when you talk and try to immitate you. Give him a chance to do so. He understands his name and likes to listen to music. He babbles constantly and can say different sounds. Repeat the sounds back to him when he talks to you. Some month old babies will be able to sit without support for a few moments.

All babies are born with a particular type of temperament. Each baby is different and their likes and dislikes vary. Babies with challenging temperaments need their parents to be patient and calm. It is important that you understand what your babies like and dislike so that you know how to handle challenging situations.

Some babies are ready to take a cup at five months. If you are nursing, pump and put the breastmilk inside of her cup occasionally. It is still very important that you continue to nurse your baby often. When trying new foods, try one food for a week before introducing another one. This will eliminate the guess work if allergies develop.

Developmental Milestones 5 Months Old


  • May sit with assistance
  • Your baby will extend her arms and legs and arch her back when placed on her stomach
  • Can lift head and shoulder when placed on his back
  • Can bounce up and down if you hold her under the arms and let her balance her legs on your thighs
  • Easily brings a toy to her mouth
  • Shows more signs of being ready for solids
  • Can spot small objects
  • Holds heady steady when sitting upright
  • Continues to perfect rolling over
  • May be able to stand with support for brief periods of time


  • Your baby has learned how to hold his own bottle-don’t prop him though.
  • Likes to blow raspberries
  • Likes to make bubbles
  • Adding sounds to her language collection
  • Enjoys simple cause and effect games-she may drop objects to watch you pick them up
  • Giggles and laughs more often
  • Begins to distinguish softer colors
  • Realizes where sounds come from and will turn towards a new sound
  • Minics sounds and gestures
  • Babbles


  • Still enjoys cuddling at feedings
  • Your baby likes to watch you talk
  • Easily distractable
  • Shows a stong attachment to main caregiver, parents and siblings
  • Cries when you leave the room
  • May give hugs and kisses
  • Your baby will laugh at funny expressions

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Exersaucers can be introduced
  • Musical toys
  • Cause and effect toys
  • Books
  • Teethers
  • Balls
  • Plastic keys
  • Lighted toys
  • Stuffed animals
  • Continued play of play gyms and activity mats
  • Rattles
  • Toys to grasp on
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  1. mea 30 December 2015

    the other day i went to mcdonalds and i had to change my son. here in sydney the change tables at mcdonalds are made from this weird plastic. anyways i put my son down to change him, and he crucnhed him self up before i put him down, he acted as if i had put him in hot water, and he started screaming screaming he couldnt handle being put in it. i held him and cuddled him and tried it again adn the same thing happend. i thought it was weird so the next day i went to a shopping centre and tried to change him on a different type that was made of limestone or sumthing. HE STARTED SCREAMING AGAIN!! ok i know this might sound weird, but when i was young and i still remember this, every time id put my head on sumfin hard like the side of the bed thats wood or on a wooden chair or on the kitchen bench, id get this really nad day dream when an old mother and a son a screaming at me. do u think this has something to do with it? i dont have the day dream it stopped when i was 8 but just wondering if anyone elses child has the same problem? if you can please msg me on my profile as i cnt always come on the 5 month page

  2. laNGiel 30 December 2015

    1st-time-mommy ~ My daughter developed a cold on christmas and by that following morning she had a pretty productive I took her to her pedi and she told me to monitor as sunday night to she was wheezing so I took her back to her pedi and she end up putting my daughter on breathing tx..she was contemplating admitting her to the hospital...she told me a lot of RSV is going around...If I were you...honestly I would get a second opinion...respiratory illnesses should not overlooked!

  3. laNGiel 30 December 2015

    licah- the rash is from his drooling. my daughter gets it as well and on her chin! Her 2 bottom teeth have poked she's drooling like crazy!

  4. babyschaffer 30 December 2015

    Okay my ladies I need some serious help... Elyse hates hates hates her crib... She takes naps in it but only goes 45 mins the most an hr. At night we put her up there to start and she wakes between 2-3 hrs and then its all down hill from there. Last night I let her cry for 45 mins at 11:30 and she never stopped I picked her up rocked her she fell right back asleep I stayed that way for a little while to make sure she was out then I laid her back in the crib and bloody murder screaming so I tried the same process again but this time with 4 oz kid fell asleep and i try the crib and the second i place her and she realizes it she screams hubby finally took her and brought her in the guest room propped her on a pillow and laid her next to him and out she went. 4:30 am I wake up and go into the guest room and take her give her another 4 oz and tylenol for her cold and got her back in her crib and she woke at 7... This happens everynight now.. She hates her crib and I really think it has to do with her reflux and positioning... PLEASE PLEASE any suggestion on how I can get her to make it through the night she has ben doing this for 2 weeks now waking about 3-6 times a night. THANKS

  5. Dasha 30 December 2015

    babyschaffer: we had kind of the same problem when noah was just two weeks old. what we realized is that we think it has to do with body temperature. So we put a heating pad in his bassinet until it was time to put him down, and then there was no temperature shock...worked like a charm. we also made sure to swaddle him loosely, so he was still confined like he was in our arms before we put him down. give it a shot :o)

  6. JBO 30 December 2015

    babyschaffer- have you tried propping up her mattress? I heard if babies have reflux if you roll up a blanket or put a pillow under the mattress so it is on a slight incline it can hlep with the reflux as when she is lying flat it makes the reflux come up.

  7. LucysMum 30 December 2015

    Does anyone elses baby seem to sleep ALL THE TIME? Anna sleeps a full night, is up at 8, alseep at 9, up at 10:30, alseep at 12 - she can't get enough of it! Also, she prefers finger food than spooned food, anyone else have this?

  8. Phonics 30 December 2015

    I must try that heating pad thing. I think that is what we are going through now.

  9. i-am-pregnant 30 December 2015

    In winter (summer now) we use to put the heat bag into the cot bedfore putting bub down, it works well.

  10. NikkiC204 30 December 2015

    Olivia is loving to hear herself make different sounds now. She babbles like crazy! She has started with this high pitched fuss when she gets cranky. Oh my it goes right through me...! She is learning too fast, and she gives me a fit at night because she is so nosey and she fights sleep because she thinks she will miss something! lol. Anyone else having problems getting baby to bed at night?

  11. lovemy2girlsKim 30 December 2015

    zoshy...we're going through that too. Reagan used to eat at 7pm and sleep until 6am. Now she's waking up around 4am wanting to eat. I think it's a growth spurt. I try to keep giving her the binky to hold her over and otherwise I'm just trying to incorporate more rice cereal during the day (once at daycare, and once at 6pm, then her 7pm bottle). She made it until 5 this morning...hoping we'll get back to our routine soon! Also I think she might be teething.

  12. iluvmylilguys 31 December 2015

    My little guy is also not sleeping through the night at all. He started waking up every 1-2 hours a couple weeks ago (still bfing). I think it had to do with his teeth (he now has 6). Finally I decided that I was NOT going to feed him when he woke up (we are co-sleeping) and now he will go about 3-4 hours. Still not all night, but a lot better! With my 1st baby, the first year was also very sleepless, but of course it gets better. When they're grown we'll miss these sleepless nights of rocking and cuddling!!!

  13. iluvmylilguys 31 December 2015

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if you all could do me a HUGE favor. I am trying to finish up my thesis for grad school and need people to take a short survey about working mothers and life satisfaction (it's for SAHM's too). It is completely anonymous and will only take a couple minutes. Thanks in advance! Here is the link:

  14. LucysMum 31 December 2015

    No matter what I do people always think anna is a boy :( It makes me sad, rather than cross. Admittedly she does look like a boy (even i can see that, she looks just like her dad) but you would think a pink coat would be a hint! I've been out and bought her loads of pretty dresses to help but it seems to be getting worse. Agghhhhhhh!

  15. MMMasi 31 December 2015

    is any one's baby not rolling over regularly? My boys were 8 month premie twins and they only roll over occasionally. Just wondering.

  16. Phonics 31 December 2015

    Raegan rolls over only when playing. Who cares what OTHER peopple think about your baby? SHE is georgous! In some cultures even baby boys wear pink...

  17. Karrieanne 31 December 2015

    my girl doesn't roll over at all yet, not once. She sits up on her own and jumps forever in her jumper, but has no interest in rolling yet. Don't worry it will come eventually. lucysmom... I have a shirt in pink that says 'I am not a boy!' Even with her ears pierced and a pink outfit and a pink carseat I still gets asked by waiters if it is a boy or girl. How dumb can people be?? Besides, if in doubt, DONT ASK! Thats my opinion anyway lol

  18. Karrieanne 31 December 2015

    when I say she sits on her own I meant that she sits unsupported, but doesnt get up on her own yet. Some babies are more advanced than her already but I am just happy that she is healthy, and she will develope in her own time.

  19. SandraD 31 December 2015

    I think that alot of ppl do not pay attention to detail. I have had Landon out in a blue outfit with a blue blanket and ppl have asked if it was a boy or girl. I guess with a boy its a little different because it would be more normail for a girl to wear blue then for a boy to wear pink. But still, if ppl would just think about what they see....

  20. kaibear 31 December 2015

    my hubby used to bug me cause i would always put isabelle in something pink when we went out, even if it was just her hat. i told him i don't want anyone thinking she's a boy and he was like 'no one would say that'! then, one time when we were out and she happened to not be in pink, he was walking ahead of me with her and a lady came up to them and said 'o what a cute boy'. after we'd come home he got all ticked off and said to make sure she's always in pink from now on. i thought it was pretty funny!

  21. Phonics 31 December 2015

    lol ok. Top this. Bow in hair, ears pierced, pink car seat toy adn pink blanket and I still get asked. Ok. She might not have much hair, but if there is a bow I would think that is a giveaway. I t hink you areright. They dont pay attention.

  22. kaibear 31 December 2015

    if you're not sure, don't say anything! or what you can do is ask 'how old?' then the parent will usually respond with 'he or she is...' that's what i do if i'm talking to another mom and i'm not 100% sure. either that or just don't add the he or she part and just say 'so adorable'. i don't know...i think there's ways around it without offending the mom or dad.

  23. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    lol this topic is funny because it has happened to me so many times and i find it funny. i even asked one guy that thought my mama was a boy if he would put his baby son in pink and he said you never know pink is coming into style for guys. lol

  24. kaibear 31 December 2015

    i'm just watching the news about 8 guys who died in an avalanche in fernie, here in bc, and i'm all teary eyed. it's so sad. their friends tried to rescue them but kept getting hit by more avalanches and had to leave them on the mountain. so heart wrenching. how hard would it be to make that decision to leave your friends to die...just horrible:(

  25. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    I have question... I am looking to buy either a Jolly Jumper or a Jumperoo for my son, I was just wondering what one everyone thought was 'better'... My son is 3.5 months old....any comments would be appreciated... you can just respond on my page if you like!! Thanks!!!

  26. kaylac25 31 December 2015

    please someone answer i just got a call here at work thatjayce fell off the couch... am i crazy that i am worried so much... i cant even focus should i take him to the hospital...

  27. LucysMum 31 December 2015

    Kaylac: my older daughter, 3, has 'helped' anna off the sofa a number of times and she is fine. I was told by the nurse that babies bounce and not to worry!

  28. LucysMum 31 December 2015

    Going back to the baby girl thing, how many 5 month old babies have long hair/plaits/pigtails!!!

  29. Lynt 31 December 2015

    Your baby is mostly likely okay. They are built tougher than we think. If you are worried have them give him some baby pain killer. Don't know what you use, here we use Calpol. By the time you get home it will be like he never fell. We have to be strong. Can't fall apart at every fall. There will be plenty. Wait for him to start walking.

  30. Lynt 31 December 2015

    My baby girl has no hair to speak of.In most of her pictures her head is shining. I am constantly oiling her scalp.

  31. AidensMom6176 31 December 2015

    well i had problems getting addison to bed last night! not sure if it's teething or what but she got up from her last nap at 4 in the afternoon and usually goes to bed by 9 but last night she fussed and would sleep only with me holding her but didn't go to sleep until 1 this morning! and then still got up at 7 and it's 1 in the afternoon here now and she will not go down for a nap! not sure what's the deal but i didn't think at this age a baby could stay awake so long!

  32. NikkiC204 31 December 2015

    Olivia has been staying awake much longer during the day( i've heard from my babysitter) i work all day so i dont really know, but usually she just is so excited when people are around i think they just dont want to miss anything if they go to sleep!

  33. Angbigrich 31 December 2015

    My little guy wouldn't nap all day today either. Only an hour of sleep and 12 hours of being awake. Hope tomorrow is different boy am I tired now. He is so grumpy hope he goes to bed ok tonight

  34. Samandbaby 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year Ladies!!! I have a question for all of you who are already feeding solids. My son is almost 6 months and we are about to start rice cereal but I have no idea on the portions how much should you start on ? And how often? And do you all give water in a cup with the food or no?

  35. ilovelife 31 December 2015

    i am so amazed on how much kaden has been learning these last two days, he's moving all over in his crib, he goes super fast in his walker and loves playing patty cake! can you guys help me out with what you guys do durning the day? i feel like i need to be teaching or doing something more with him. thanks! have a great new year everyone :)

  36. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    luv- very normal! Well, it is officially the first so my little man is officially 6 months old. Can't believe how time has just flown by. I have tried him on solids again over the last couple of days, he still seems to get really bad gas from eating baby food, tried different kinds and they all seems to hurt his stomach. Sucks, but he is totally ready for something cause he nurses like every hour or more and my nipples are so tore up, he keeps biting me too. He is SO mobile now, he crawls all over the place and so fast! His poor sisters can't play anything on the floor without him being there and in it within a minute!

  37. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    and his character is really showing now, you can tell his likes and dislikes a lot, he is already afraid of old people (LOL, really, it is only old people that make him scream at the top of his lungs when he looks at them ). He loves small things, which is horrible since he tries to put them in his mouth! I'm going to have a handful!

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