Month 6

Half of a year has gone by and your baby has grown and learned so much! At this point, she may be sitting up on her own and some babies will try to crawl! Encourage him by setting toys out of his reach. In no time, he will be crawling all over. Some babies also roll across the room! Your baby can turn and twist in all directions. She can transfer objects from hand to hand and will look for dropped objects.

Many babies will start teething at this time. You may notice that she is uncomfortable, drooling and bites down alot. Teething rings often help and the coldness can be soothing to her sore gums. If she doesn’t like a cold teether, offer her a warm one instead.

Stranger anxiety usually increases by the time your baby is six months old. She knows the difference between people she recognizes and strangers. When you introduce your baby to new people, hold her and tell her about who the person is. Your baby will be able to sense how you feel about the new person. Don’t force your child to sit with the person- let him set the pace. This is especially important with caregivers that take care of the baby while you are away.

Your baby still likes to be read to and likes to hear songs and music. Expose him to various sounds, sights, smells and textures often. Alot of your baby’s learning comes from hearing. Because he likes other babies, take him to see other babies as often as possible. Watch how they interact. Your baby is learning about relationships!

Being a warm and loving parent will teach your baby to trust and respect you. If you find that your baby is doing something that he should not be doing, redirect him to an appropriate activity. At this age, your baby still does not know how to obey or disobey. However, he is learning to listen and can begin to understand what he should not mess with. After you have redirected him, remember to praise him for a job well done. Your baby will learn best and can not get into trouble if her world is interesting. Keep fun activities readily available and interact with her. Showing your baby how to do things the right way will also help her learn. If she pulls your hair, show her how to be gentle.

Most babies will have started some type of solid foods at this point. If you give your baby something that he does not like, keep giving it to him. It can take several attempts to get him to like something. The food habits that are learned now will stay with your baby for life. By giving her a variety of foods, you are expanding her taste and encouraging healthy eating habits. Allow your baby to sit in her highchair and eat with the rest of the family at mealtime. Babies will ususally eat until they are full-do not force her to eat if she does not seem interested. Some parents give their babies juice or water in a cup at this time. Because juice is high in sugar, limit her juice intake to 4 ounces a day. Remember, now that your baby is eating foods it is especially important to keep her teeth and gums clean. Wipe them down with a washcloth or use a baby toothbrush. Do not use any type of toothpaste that has fluoride in it.

Developmental Milestones 6 Months Old


  • Can pull an object towards himself
  • Tries to transfer objects from one hand to another
  • Rolls over in both directions
  • Vision and sound senses are almost fully developed
  • Sits on her own
  • Rocks and pivots while on her stomach
  • Digs fingers and toes into floor to push to get something out of reach
  • Can pick up a small object
  • Looks for dropped items


  • Understands cause and effect-likes to put toys in a container and dump out
  • Prefers left hand one day and his right hand the next
  • Your baby will begin to initiate attention from others
  • Understands that his behavior engages you-both good and bad behavior
  • Likes playing turn taking games
  • Likes to hear different sounds-animal sounds are great to start on
  • Can say vowel-consanant combinations


  • Makes instant friends with strangers
  • Craves familiar faces and voices
  • Can let you know what he needs, thinks or wants in ways other than crying
  • Expresses unhappiness when an object is taken away

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Toys that encourage sitting up
  • Balls
  • Books
  • Lighted toys
  • Musical toys
  • Cause and effect objects
  • Toys to bang on
  • Stacking blocks
  • Containers and objects to put in and take out
  • Sensory toys
  • Toys to grasp and pass
  • Bath toys
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  1. SunshineBaby1 31 December 2015

    We took it to check before we gave him more tylenol... but it hasn't gone below 101 for a day, now. And he HAS been on tylenol. I'll take it again in about 30 min. to see if it's helping. We can do more to help... cool baths, cool breastmilk from a bottle, etc. My pedi isn't too concerned until 103-104. But I can always call 24-7 if I get freaked out. My Mom says I'm the most laid back 1st-time Mom she's ever met. But after what we've gone through with my Dad... I guess we've dealt with a lot worse.

  2. BraxtonsMommy0516 31 December 2015

    I am trying to think of something to eat for dinner. I am in no mood to cook tonight but I don't really want any fast food or anything either. HMMMM

  3. SunshineBaby1 31 December 2015

    jng6t n,f5r rxcmgt54crdg5xwmmmr nh u,hinbmkc
    Translation: I had a great nap (on my Mommy)! ~Ben

  4. BraxtonsMommy0516 31 December 2015

    Well ladies I can't stand being here at work any longer! I am going to get my stuff ready and get on out of here. Have a very Safe and Happy New year!!! I love you ladies!!!! You are the best! I will chat with you all on Monday!!! Have a good evening. Don't drink too much and don't stay up too late! HAHA

  5. Rachel918 31 December 2015

    yay... Just ordered from my favorite Italian restraunt in town, Bryan is going to go get it and pick up stuff to make memosa's yum!!! Happy new year ladies:)

  6. Rachel918 31 December 2015

    yay... Just ordered from my favorite Italian restraunt in town, Bryan is going to go get it and pick up stuff to make memosa's yum!!! Happy new year ladies:)

  7. soon2be3 31 December 2015

    sunshine, can you give Ben ibuprophin too? I can't remember how old Grace was at the time, but the Dr. told us to alternatate every two hours with tylenol and ib? My sister swears that ib takes the temperature down faster, but to be honest I have never paid attention.

  8. 3girls2008 31 December 2015

    and now i believe we have officially hit the part of the day that just drags on and on

  9. 3girls2008 31 December 2015

    oh yeah someone on the west coast lol nope he doesn't work nights but we never really thought about doing anything for new years we could have my mom offered to baby sit all 3 i told her maybe next year lol how bout you guys?

  10. 3girls2008 31 December 2015

    soon- that is so true about the ib. my doc called it piggy-backing but that way the fever cant spike up and then have to fight to get back down

  11. soon2be3 31 December 2015

    We are just hanging out at home. It makes me so nervous to be on the icy roads with a bunch of drunks. We have some serious precious cargo now. Hubby is just going to pick up Chinese and we'll probably just watch movies. Last year Grace made it until midnight, but I fell asleep at about 9.

  12. 3girls2008 31 December 2015

    nmck- where are you again? we are supposed to get 50 mph gusts here tomorrow night the poor neighbors tree is never gonna make it after the snow and ice damage

  13. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    next year I plan to do first night...of course I said that last year while preggers but you can't plan food poisoning!

  14. 3girls2008 31 December 2015

    soon- that is too funny! yeah the girls didn't make it last year and i think i made it till 10pm but i did wake up for the ball to drop and then i went back to sleep lol we told the girls again this year they could stay up but i doubt they will make it

  15. soon2be3 31 December 2015

    the interesting thing about trees is that most people believe they have 'tap' roots that gown down in the ground several feet, however most tree roots only go down about 18 inches. So, you never want any tall trees around your house, otherwise in wind storms or when there is severe rain/ice/snow damage, they are very suseptible to ripping out of the ground.

  16. soon2be3 31 December 2015

    nmck - wear your hair in a side ponytail! LOL! Get in the spirit. I loved the 80's!

  17. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    hello everyone :) haven't been on in a while because my husband made it home just a couple of days before christmas!!! yay!!! he was called away the day after thanksgiving, so he missed most of the holiday season, but he made the most important part.... the first gift openings for Kyla. Anyways, just wanted to stop in and say happy new year to you all. I just looked it up and Hawaii is the second to last place in the world to welcome 2009, but I plan to start celebrating early with the ball drop in NYC on tv :) Of course no drinking until after the 8pm bedtime though!

  18. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015 This is the one near my parents but they have them all over. :( My family is up in Boston doing First night there...basically it's an family option to celebrate new years eve

  19. 3girls2008 31 December 2015

    nmck- i am in oregon and now they are saying that we are going to get 60-65 mph winds plus flooding

  20. soon2be3 31 December 2015

    Yeah, there are a few, but most don't. I am a huge tree buff, I actually use to be the Ex. Director of an Arboretum for 5 years. I can't wait for spring. We have a new yard and I am planting trees! One of my dear friends is a tree specimen collector and has over 300 species of trees on just 2 acres. I love going to his house...he's 80 and the sweetest thing ever!

  21. QUEENRI 31 December 2015

    hi ry! happy holidays and happy new year!!!! yay for hubby coming home!

  22. soon2be3 31 December 2015

    Oooh, you have to get the acid wash with the zippers and bows at the top!

  23. QUEENRI 31 December 2015

    nmck - sounds like a fun night - i want to dress up tho cuz i go NOWHERE but her dads been working since 6am and i think he'll be tired so may just end up at home.... maybe i can guilt in into some cookie cleaning?

  24. pixiekate 31 December 2015

    speaking of 80's hair do's.....all my prego hair fell out a month ago. (i don't know why it fell out so late? i remember you guys lost your at like 2 mo pp). anyway, i had to cut it all off, and its all cute and pixie short in the front, and i left it long in the back because i still wanted a little length. it looks cute, though defintely 80's rocker mullet. i'll try and take a pic.

  25. QUEENRI 31 December 2015

    yep - his moving job started picking up again and he sucked up his pride and has been working all week although he HATES the boss guy and of course the job.

  26. QUEENRI 31 December 2015

    but i told him i have exactly enough in my account for rent and he's been working since yay!

  27. hchina 31 December 2015

    hi all, bubs had his immunisation shots today and didnt cry i was soo proud of him, i think i was ready to shed a tear tho. just a quick question, im about to change formula brands, does it matter if he just had his shots....and by the way HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  28. cinnabar6 31 December 2015

    My doctor said that unsweetened juice is ok to use if you want to replace a fruit serving.

  29. natters 31 December 2015

    Hey!I'm sort of new here....was a part of the pregnancy section until I ended up in the hospital at 34 wks! Anyways, finally caught up in my life enough to be a part of this again! My question is, is anybody else not feeding solids yet? I'd like to delay solids as long as possible due to allergies in my family. Just wondering if anybody has any input on how I'll know when its not enough to satisfy her :D

  30. MommytoABC 31 December 2015

    Natters - My baby's doctor said that I could safely delay giving her solids well past 6 months - especially because she is gaining weight and growing well. Is your baby breastfed? I think that makes a difference. I know breastmilk provides babies with all the nutrients that they need for the first year of their life so you should be fine to wait for a while still. But of course I would talk to your baby's doctor about it as well.

  31. Duffy 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year Everyone!!!! I can not believe that my lttle man is exactly 6 months old today...where has the time gone???

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