Month 7

Your baby is becoming more interested in playing and can entertain himself for a little while on the floor. Encourage him to play by giving him stimulating and interesting toys. Your baby may enjoy an exersaucer or jumper, and this will help him develop muscles that are needed for walking. Many babies take off crawling at this age! When he begins to rock back and forth on his hands and knees, crawling is soon to come! If he is not yet up on his hands and knees, encourage him by placing favorite toys in front of him. Praise his accomplishments and if he begins to get frustrated, stop.

Organzing baby’s toys can be a challenge. You need to find somewhere to safely store her toys so that they are easily accesible, but also easy to clean up. Low shelves can be great- make sure they are secured to the wall. A plastic laundry basket makes an ideal place for toys. Your baby can easily see what is inside and it moves from place to place easily. Make her play area interesting and encourage her to play with different toys to maximize learning. Babies at this age like toys that fit inside of each other- get her some nesting cups or a bowl with objects that can go inside.

Finger foods are good for babies that show an interest in feeding themselves. You can get special finger foods made just for babies or use cheerios as well. Bread, cheese and cooked veggies are all good choices. Put a couple on the highchair at a time. This will also help your baby develop fine motor skills. Let your baby help feed himself with less messy foods. At first, it can be messy. But, this is one of the many ways you can teach your baby to be independent. She probably has some teeth and sometimes snacking can help soothe the pain. It is also time to add some types of protein to her diet. You can add strained or pureed meats and poultry, but wait on eggs until atleast a year old.

New sounds will continue to come from your baby’s mouth. She is learning different sounds and can say alot more. Listen to her and repeat her `words`. Point to objects and tell her what they are. Use a persons name when she sees them. Babies like to hear different sounds and will probably bang their toys together. Allow her to play with toys that make sounds.

Your baby likes to be included in what you do. He likes to be with other people and see pictures of other babies. Let him look at himself in the mirror often. Your baby can tell if someone is happy or upset by the way they look and talk. If you are upset, chances are your baby will notice.

You may begin to hear what sounds like real words. Your baby has learned alot about language and can say ma, mi, da, di, ba and bi. Put that together, and you may have just hear `mommy` or `daddy`. Make a game out of blowing air and clicking your tongue. These will help her with learning to talk. Teach your baby where her body parts are. You can show your baby different colors and tell him what they are.

Your baby’s eyes are developing rapidly. When she was born, she could not see very far or differentiate colors. That is all changing now. Take her for walks and let her see as much as possible. Introduce her to different patterns, shapes, textures and colors. Play games with her that encourage her to use both eyes at the same time.

Because you are the most important thing to your baby, she will try to keep track of you. Separation anxiety is still an issue, but showing her that you will return will help. Calming your baby’s distress will help her become less clingy. She will develop a sense of trust and security. As your baby grows and learns that you will always return for him, he will be able to tolerate longer perids of separation because of the trust he developed.

Developmental Milestones 7 Months Old


  • Your baby can support some of her weight on her legs and loves to bounce
  • Can turn when sitting to reach for a desired object
  • May be able to get into a sitting position from lying on stomach
  • Can scoop things up with one hand and transfer from one hand to another
  • Can drink from a two handed cup with assistance
  • May start to roll around the room to get objects she desires
  • Will try to crawl
  • Begins to actually get teeth
  • Can stand while holding onto someone or something
  • Can pull up to a standing position from a sitting one
  • Some babies can cruise around furniture while holding on


  • Enjoys banging objects together
  • Continues to make babbling sounds
  • Is very curious about the world around them
  • Your baby will start to test your authority
  • Actively engages in hiding games-likes to play peek a boo
  • Can remember small things-the jack in the box pops up at the end of the song
  • Understands how objects relate to one another in 3D space
  • May be able to sort toys
  • Waves bye-bye
  • May be able to say mama or dada


  • Vents frustration
  • Beginnings of separation anxiety starts
  • May awake more during the night seeking your comfort
  • Can recognize different tones and may burst into tears if you speak harshly

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Books
  • Exercise saucer
  • Balls
  • Bath toys
  • Cause and effect toys
  • Musical instruments-shakers, cymbals, drums, etc..
  • Jack in the box or other pop up toys
  • Hiding toys
  • Stacking toys and nesting cylinders
  • Blocks
  • Games such as peek-a-boo or pat-a-cake
  • Stuffed animals
  • Large dolls
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  1. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    Busy feeding Ollie only been down 2 hrs not a good start, hopefully get back to my guests soon!

  2. BabyBsmommaJoni 31 December 2015

    Tatum definitely does not talk or and I'm fine with that! I already have one little person running circles and singing non stop:):) LAURA- enjoy the new year and guests! Let me know how the future is!

  3. dinorah 31 December 2015

    You all have more willpower than me! Even if I decide to be on team surprise, I'd give in LOL... probably after all of my dr's u/s and end up paying for a private one so I could find out! HAHAHA

  4. BabyBsmommaJoni 31 December 2015

    D- you are too funny! Just like my good friend who had went all the way to 36/37 weeks without knowing and then at her last u/s found out!!!! I was like, after all that you got to be kidding, she really wanted to know:) I feel like I have been online all afternoon....and I'm OK with that!

  5. expectingPPatrice 31 December 2015

    LOL... i wonder if I could try to be on team surprise this time.. I'm just like you D- LOL!! Congrats to your cousin Joni!

  6. dinorah 31 December 2015

    Joni, I just saw Brae's vid singing on the toilet and I laughed the entire way through it!! SOOOO ADORABLE! It's one of those 'put it on cd and show her when she's 16' vids LOL

  7. dinorah 31 December 2015

    LOL Patrice, you have to find out for my sake!! I can't wait a whole pregnancy! HAHAHAHA I HATE suprises.... really, just tell me and let me know. LOL.

  8. expectingPPatrice 31 December 2015

    LOL...I'm sure I'll find out D-! I just watched Brae's vid too.. LOL... everybody falls in humpty dumpty... I love it! LOL

  9. mrsgaylonjMary 31 December 2015

    Joni, congrats to your CUZ! :) How's her dad doing???? Michelle, no way in heck those girls will love you less or them more, I know you KNOW this, but own it, you're their mama!! Hi Tracy, Kelly, Amy, Christi, everyone else! Happy New Year to y'all too! I know you all saw this on FB, but Josh says HI. Said it a few times, but today only once and he only says it after Gaylon or I say it first to him. While attempting to crawl today when he was rocking he scooted his legs forward and one arm....then flopped, lol, poor fella just doesn't get the concept yet! Maybe by the time he's 7 months? 2 weeks to go! If not, oh well, I'm with Joni, minus the part about already having one child running in circles. Patrice, I got teary reading and I'm not even pregnant, I'm a mush though for sure. Laura, happy 7 mths to ollie bollie. I truly feel bad for all the working mamas. It's tight on this end, but worth it. If something happened to G I'd go work outside the home in a heartbeat. He's determined to not let that happen. Bless him. Tight right now since he has taken so long off, BUT no worries, he'll be back on the road next week, I told him he needs to, mama wants a new phone. lol. He hardly ran at all since Thanksgiving, the man needed a break, we all know how much he works! ANYWAY, here's my sentimental part: I love you all so much. You all are a blessing and a Godsend to me....and my family actually, because w/out your all support I'd drive road warrior into a mental hospital. Thank you for always being here for me and listening to my rants and my strong opinions. BTW, have I ever told any of you how much I hate Obama? lol. HAPPY NEW YEAR. LOVE< PEACE AND PRAYERS TO YOU ALL!

  10. mrsgaylonjMary 31 December 2015

    also, there was NO WAY in God's beautiful green earth that I was going to wait to find out the gender!

  11. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    Ollie up again, not a good start. I loved reading everyone's posts, you girls mean a lot to me. I just apologise I am crap at commenting on them all. If I ever had another not that I will I wouldn't find out again. I loved not knowing. Drove everyone else mad though!

  12. dinorah 31 December 2015

    Laura, tell Ollie it's bedtime!!! You have a celebration to get back to!! LOL

  13. JAM15Traci 31 December 2015

    Yay congrats to your cousin Joni! How exciting. And Happy 7 months to Ollie! Ive been lazy and have just been reading and not writing anything! Sorry!! I feel so worn out I don't know why and my face is breaking out I wanna try that proactive, I dunno if it'll work or not hopefully! Jake and I are watching the Fox and the Hound I remember crying when I was little so sad! Oh its my Moms birthday today too the big 46 I believe I took her out for lunch, I'm such a nice daughter! lmao We will be going to my moms friends tonight and probably just hang out nothing special! I hope everyone has a great night and Ill talk to you all next year!!!!

  14. expectingPPatrice 31 December 2015

    Laura~ so sorry! Hope Ollie Bollie sleeps a good stretch tonight. Poor him and James with the conjuctivitis :( Wonder if Finns spots have started clearing up.. Mary~ I'm sure Josh is gonna be moving about in no time! You are excused for being a sap... since you may be PMSing without knowing it! Well I'll be on tmrw to wish everyone Happy New Year :)

  15. dinorah 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year Laura! About to sit down for yummy dinner here! Talk to everyone next year!!!

  16. mommyof2ashley 31 December 2015

    Joni~ yayy for your cousin!!!!! // Laura~ sorry to hear that ollie and james have conjunctivitis, hopefully it clears up soon for them...// Happy New Year to all my baby mama's across the pond... I am hoping and praying that 2011 is 1000X's better than 2010 was for me.. Im not going to pity myself, although I would love to but Im not.. I am just trying to remain positive that things with work out.... Tonight will be the 1st time ever that I wont be able to watch the new years ball drop since we dont have cable..But I am having several friend over for a party after the girls go to bed, and there will be lots of

  17. BabyBsmommaJoni 31 December 2015

    Hey girls! LAURA, BECKY & SHARON- i love that you are in the future! I think that's all of you right?!?! Enjoying some wine....Mmmmmm LAURA- hope my SIL's feel better soon! TRACI- i have always had problems with my skin (unfortunately) i tried ProActive and it did NOTHING for me, i know it's different for everyone, but my experience it sucked! Hope you find something that works for you, trust me i know how frustrating it is XOXOX

  18. BabyBsmommaJoni 31 December 2015

    KELLY- you don't have a webcam?! I guess it's not like i use mine much...haha, and I don't blame you for not having cable, way to much other stuff to do where you are! I don't even watch tv anymore, but i don't know what i would do without MMCH and Dora to occupy children every once in awhile.....maybe my wine is starting to talk?

  19. rodazie 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year to all my baby mamas!!! God's blessings, love, good health, joy, peace, laughter, success....all of your individual heart desires come true, AMEN!!!!!!! Love Rosie!!!!!!

  20. christimarie25 31 December 2015

    Hey everyone. Today has been an ok day. I wish I could have a great day! I will get there but for now I will take ok. I am definitely finding out the gender. I have less than 9wks to find out and I can't wait. I want a healthy baby first and foremost but would love love love for it to be a boy so we can call it quits. This pregnancy has ruined the joys of pregnancy for me. I loved being pregnant with Rachel but this time around I am a mess :) I will post a belly picture once my fat is replaced by baby. Right now it is just gross. Laura-hope the boy's eyes get better. I used to get pink eye all the time :( Well I need to get ready for bed. Def. not going to be up for the ball dropping. I can't believe I am pregnant again on New Years! Well Talk to you all next year.

  21. BabyBsmommaJoni 31 December 2015

    CHRISTI- you WILL have a great day! Sorry this pregnancy has not treated you as well, but we can pray and have faith that it will get better so you can enjoy it! KELLY- i had to google that..I like how you guys enjoy different beers! Definitely one of Chris's (and mine) things to do:)

  22. mrsgaylonjMary 31 December 2015

    Kell-You don't have to have a webcam to chat on skype. Joni- enjoy your wine. Laura poor lads! Rosemary-right back atchya sista! Patrice-ha, ya, he's too much a mama's boy to ever move. Could be pms'ing but I'm always a mush. :) ash-i hope you're 2011 is better too. Christi-i prayed extra hard for you tonight at church, I just KNOW you had to feel the holy spirit touch you!!//g and I went to Mass then pigged out at golden corral (buffet restaurant) with anne and james. Now we're home and I'm beat. 2 hrs til my ny. Oh ya, my uk buddies I also totally dig that you're in the future too!!!!

  23. BabyBsmommaJoni 31 December 2015

    MARY- i am, thank you:) Yummy golden coral, well i have never ate at one, but there is one in Iowa City....haha...yes, they are in the future! love it:) KELLY- I have not heard of those...but yes, also something Chris and i would LOVE to do..breweries and such...just not as easy to do now! Damn i wish it wasn't illegal to mail it:(

  24. BabyBsmommaJoni 31 December 2015

    I'm so proud of myself, i went shopping a little after chris got home this afternoon, i bought something for MYSELF and no one else! is a little thin 'Genuine leather Bracelet and sterling silver Individuality Beads' Bracelet, i got the 'FAITH' one so it has a blue bead on it, then also in the package was this little sterling silver cross charm and on the package it says 'Let yourself be guided by the light of your faith. This will strengthen your values and trust to the highest levels. This will enlighten your sprite each day it's worn.'.....I'm a sucker for stuff like that:) It was at Kohls...on sale for $17.99 I'd take something like that any day over a big fat diamond ring.....errrrrr.....i think i would:) but I'm excited for it!

  25. BabyBsmommaJoni 31 December 2015

    KELLY- that sounds AMAZING!!!!! I so hope we can do that someday:) lol, that is so sweet of RYan:) I was just thinking this computer i am on is right next to Tatums room and she is such a light sleeeper, but it's the one with the web cam! I need to get a lap top. Any ideas where i can get one for $200? lol, probably far fetched, but i would buy it right now! I only have 1 hour and 39 minutes...not sure if i'm gonna make it..haha, but i am up late enough to catch Chelsea Lately! Wahoo!

  26. sassyscissorsTracy 31 December 2015

    Patrice.. with my first three, I was on team surprise. After 3 girls however, I wasn't interested in waiting again to find out it was another girl...haha. So with Nicholas I actually gave in and found out and he was the boy of the bunch... haha. Too funny. I was instantly saddened I found out though.. it was like opening a Christmas present early or something.. especially when he ended up being a boy. Oh well.. I didn't know what a PERFECT boy he was till I had him.. hehehee! Its 1am here.. I went to my best friends house where we played kinect all night and drank bacardi breezers.. those things taste great! I love the orange one best. Anyway.. I am debating getting an xbox now.. that was fun. They have some game, dance central.. too darn funny. Theo LOVED it. Maybe in a few months when I am over the Christmas credit card bills.. LOL. Happy New Years again everybody.. :)

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