Month 8

By eight months, your baby is sitting up well and he likes to play with a variety of toys. He is curious about everything he sees, hears, smells and touches. Your baby will turn in the sound of a familiar sound or voice. Rather than telling your baby `No`, give her one or two word commands. For example, if she is going in a room that you don’t want her in, you can say `Come in here, please`. If she hears `No` alot, soon she will be telling you `No` as well. Because her memory is not developed yet, you will need to remind her several times exactly what you expect from her.

Your baby can crawl well towards objects he wants. He can also stand with some assistane. Some eight month old babies can cruise if they are holing onto something sturdy. Make sure that you have babyproofed all sharp objects and tables. Show your baby the world in a safe and stimulating environment. Your baby should have a vareity of toys that will allow her to develop properly.

Your baby is babbling up a storm now! Although some words are made up, she can probably say mama or dada by this point. She sounds a lot like how we talk, just very fast and jarbled. Speak clearly when you talk to your baby so that she can hear the pronunciation of words. When you are reading, point to the objects in the story. Talk about body parts with her and tell her what animals sound like. Continue to sing songs and nursery rhymes with him. Let your baby play with musical instruments and show her how to dance to the rhythm.

Allow your baby to interact with a wide variety of different people. Your baby should be exposed to all races, sizes and ages of people. If he is exposed to this at a young age, the likelyhood of developing any type of prejudices will be slight. Because your baby will look at how you treat other people, you should set a positive example for him to follow.

Babies learn by imitation, so lrad the way for him! Show him the proper way of doing things and then, give him the chance to follow. Don’t expect perfection, learning new skills takes time and practice.

Now that she has some practice with foods, you can give her foods that are a bit chunkier. Make sure there are no large lumps, seeds or skins in her meals. Cut soft fruits and vegetables into small pieces. Give her a spoon and let her feed herself sometimes. You shouldn’t add salt, sugar, syrups, or any additional seasonings to her food. Make sure that her foods are not too hot- you could easily burn her mouth.

Developmental Milestones 8 Months Old


  • Most babies are crawling or moving about by bottom shuffling
  • Pulls himself up to a standing position
  • Vision is adult like in clarity and depth perception
  • Walks by holding onto furniture
  • May be able to stand alone momentarily
  • Can get into a sitting position from her stomach


  • Uses his index finger to point to objects that have dropped
  • Can pick up small objects and may feed himself some small finger foods (cheerios)
  • Likes to shake and bang objects
  • Is beginning to understand that objects have functions
  • Likes dropping objects and retrieving them
  • Understands smaller things fit inside larger items
  • May be able to point to an object when it is named
  • Can recognize people and objects across the room
  • Says mama or dada
  • Undersands the meaning of no


  • Obvious emotions
  • Definite separation anxiety, if he experiences it
  • May be shy around strangers
  • May become upset when you are not with him-always kiss and hug your baby and he will learn that you come back
  • May repeat acts if he applauded
  • May show signs of empathy-if he sees you cry, he may too
  • Blows kisses
  • Unhappy if you take something away

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Books
  • Blocks
  • Exersaucer
  • Stacking and nesting toys
  • Stuffed animals
  • Bath toys
  • Lighted toys
  • Cause and effect toys
  • Musical instruments
  • Rolling toys
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  1. NJDevChick 31 December 2015

    Avryls Mommy -my first son did the army crawl as well, very well... in fact he never did the 'traditional' crawl he went from that to walking.

  2. metalstar83 31 December 2015

    Anyone thinking about having another baby/ or is pregnant with number two? I really want to have another one, but I am full-time grad student with 2yrs left before I get my PhD. I am worried, because with my first baby I had four m/c's before I had him. I have endometriosis, and I am concerned if I wait too long, I will not be able to have another.

  3. delibelly 31 December 2015

    Yeah im preg with my 2nd! lol i wasnt planning it tho, it came as a shock, i still dont know how im gunna cope as me n the babies dad have split up, well i found out just after we split!

  4. Redlady 31 December 2015

    anyone's baby spitting at them? My son has started spitting at me. and was cute at first now its getting annoying.

  5. Redlady 31 December 2015

    njdevchick...maybe I should switch too. My family has been giving him big people food. and now he turns his nose up at stage 1 and two foods. He must be ready for more complex. which sucks because I bought all this food that was on sale. and Ive wasted so much because he refuses to eat it. But if I give him mashed potatoes or a bisquit he goes to town. You should have seen him jump up and down over a popeyes bisquit the other day... it was too cute.

  6. sneezy 31 December 2015

    Hey...has anyone introduced yogurt or cottage cheese yet? I've read everywhere that we're supposed to wait until our babes are 12 months to introduce cow's milk, but I'm seeing yogurt and cottage cheese on the charts for introduction this month. Is dairy ok as long as we're not replacing breastmilk/formula with cow's milk? Just wondering....

  7. sneezy 31 December 2015

    redlady~YES! My son sprayed prunes (dark, sticky, staining prunes) all over my clothes yesterday morning! What a mess. I guess it was my fault for getting dressed for work before I fed him....duh!

  8. NJDevChick 31 December 2015

    E was my #2 lol, but no plans on #3 yet, I want to wait again another 4-5 years, by that time I will be 32ish...I want to be done with my family by around 35...

  9. Karina 31 December 2015

    I'm giving stage 3 to Emma, I do jar foods now and then so I ended up with some stage 2 in my pantry, what I do with those ones I mixed them with the food that I prepare (more chunks in it) and she's fine with them, or I add some cereal for texture, I've given her itsy bites of 'people' food and she loves it! when hubby and I sit for dinner we put Emma on the high chair and I give her those puff things and she looks at me like saying 'that's not what you are having!', hahaha

  10. Karina 31 December 2015

    so for all of you that have 'the book' what does it say about thumb sucking? I could use some advice here...thanks!

  11. angelle23 31 December 2015

    I have an 8 month old daughter and I have got in a bad habit of rocking her to sleep. I would feed her a bottle while rocking her and she would fall asleep. Then I would put her to bed in her crib. I am starting to try to put her to bed on her own now and let her cry. She is getting to the point where she crys so hard so vomits and turns blue. She has done this for the past 2 nights. I only let her cry for 15 min and then I go in there but she vomits after about 10 min of being in there. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  12. Karina 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year!!! from my goofy Emma and myself, lol...


    love Sofia's pics, cute coat!

  13. Karina 31 December 2015

    krisaustin2- everyone do what thinks is best and what works for you, no one should tell you nothing, even tho I don't rock her and use the Sleep Sense Program I feed her in the middle of the night because is the only time she lets me hold her while eating so I enjoy that moment even tho I'm super sleepy...

  14. Nicky2009 31 December 2015

    karolina, my son turns 8 months next week and doesn't crawl. He can sit, but can't get there on his own, he doesn't talk, stand up on his own... but he watches everything very alertly and I can see him trying to figure things out. I think it is quite normal. And one day, they will just surprise us by doing something new like they have always done it.

  15. mommajess 31 December 2015

    Ok friends...Tell me if your LO do this...Hudson just got his first top tooth and he is grinding it on his bottom teeth. Holy Canoli it sounds horrible!!! What can I do to get him to stop? I give him chilled teething rings and the normal kinds to chew on and teething biscuts, but he still does it. HELP!

  16. SueUK 31 December 2015

    My son is 8 months old, hasn't slept through the night at all yet, not even slept more than a 3 hour stretch EVER and I have a toddler.....boy i hope he starts to sleep soon! I'm New Year's resolution is to catch up on some sleep!!! Happy New Year everyone!

  17. BabyLUG 31 December 2015

    Hey Ladies, so I have a question. My little one is on her 3rd cold since october. She caught it from her cousin over christmas. Her nose had been running contantly in between the colds and she has been happy otherwise, maybe a little more fussy at night. This cold is different, she was up ALL night, every 2 hours to 1 1/2 hours would wake up crying and was hard to soothe and put back to sleep. She has a low grade fever of 99.0 and is just so miserable. She wasnt like this with her last colds, my question is. Should I take her to the Dr or just ride it out a couple more days? She has only had the cold a couple of days. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Im exhausted and so is she, she is sleeping taking a nap in her swing now. I feel soo bad for her.

  18. flowerschild 31 December 2015

    babylug- my LO just started to show the symptoms of a cold a few days ago and is doing the same thing at night time as yours. He seems to be in good spirits but he has a runny nose and is sneezing. I figure as long as the snot is clear there is nothing the dr can do. In the mean time I use saline spray to keep his nose clear and try my best to get him rest. I hope your LO feels better soon.

  19. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    Emilee- hope Kaylee feels better :( I dont have any advice on what else to do. sounds like your doing all the right things. Shes so cute in her dress and sitting in the chair lol. seems so grown up!

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