Month 9

Your baby will be beginning to talk soon! You may have already heard a recognizable word, but now your baby will start to say things voluntarily. Praise your baby and congratulate her for a job well done. Babies like to please adults and if she knows that you are proud, she will be more likely to attempt it again. When you are talking to her, use hand motions to show her what you are talking about. Remember to use clear words so that she can imitate your sounds. When your baby is crying for help or whining for something that she wants, remind her that she can tell you what she wants without crying.

He can crawl up stairs now, so make sure you are using gates at your stairways. He may be able to stand up and take steps at this point. He is able to walk with the support of a sturdy structure or your help. Your baby likes to bang toys together and make noise. If you give your baby blocks, watch him build a tower with them. Your baby probably likes to scribble on paper and likes when she can see you do the same.

Your baby may be scared of things that she was scared of before. This is normal and will probably pass. Your baby is becoming stubborn and begins to test authority at times. This is a part of her becoming independent. She likes to show you her toys, but most likely does not like to share them. Because your baby is beginning to test you and needs more guidance now, it is important to know how to discipline babies. You should prevent a situation that will allow him to do something that you do not like. Do not leave the remote on the table if you don’t want him to push a button. Ignore behaviors that are not harmful. If your baby has pulled all of your socks out of the drawer, pick them up and ignore it. Otherwise, it teaches him that he can do things to get your attention. Reward your baby when she is playing well. Don’t keep your baby in a playpen or swing all day long. She will not be able to experience the freedom she needs to learn.

Encourage him to use all of his senses every day. Play different types of music for your baby to hear. Introduce your baby to different cultures by playing international music. Allow him to play with toys that have various textures, patterns, colors, sizes and shapes. When you are feeding your baby, give him a variety of flavors try. Your baby can even experience different scents.

Give your baby a large bowl full of dry cereal, noodles,rice, water or other small items. Hand him some measuring spoons or cups and let him dump and scoop the objects. When he learns how to use one item, give him another one to try out. You can also give him old boxes or containers to stack. Other toys that your baby might like are: balls, nesting blocks, books, bath toys, push toys, toys with lights and sounds, musical instruments, dolls and puppets, large trucks and cars, and toy telephones.

Continue to encourage your baby to feed herself by giving her fruits, vegetables, crackers, cereals and cheeses that he can easily eat on his own. Even if your baby is messy when he is eating, praise him for feeding himself. If your baby refuses one type of food today, try it again another day. It can take several tries before a baby will like some foods.

Developmental Milestones 9 Months Old


  • Enjoys walking while holding onto a sturdy object
  • Perfects pulling to a standing position
  • Can stand with assistance
  • Some babies will take small steps on their own


  • Your baby loves to play games
  • Uses the pincer grasp well
  • Drinks from a cup
  • Says mama and dada
  • Understands no
  • Can complete simple commands


  • Does not like sleep-may skip the morning nap
  • Wants to be with you or another familiar face
  • Shy around strangers
  • Is beginning to understand that you will return when you leave

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Toys with faces
  • Stuffed animals
  • Books
  • Balls
  • Musical toys
  • Stacking toys
  • Building toys
  • Toys that roll
  • Push toys
  • Exersaucer
  • Jumpers
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  1. my4kids 27 December 2015

    marchmomma84 - i disagree my son knows dudu is dog cause he is chasing her when he is saying it or playing with her and he says baba when he is reaching for his bottle or i am getting one out of the refriderator my son is very smart for his age and after having 3 older children i know when they know they are saying and what it goes with it is different for every child so far josh is ahead of the game the others were a lil older before they said a bunch of words.

  2. kalf 27 December 2015

    On saying words...I agree with little cutie does a ton of babbling...sounds like google, doodle, etc. I thought maybe he said dog once, but probably just sounded like it. He doesn't seem to be connecting his words with something specific. He does seem to understand a lot of what I say to him though. They are only 9 months...still babies : ) I am not ready for him to carry on a conversation : )

  3. cindy1989 27 December 2015

    all that matters is that our babys are doing the things the docs are expecting them to . saying mama or dada is plenty to my opinion :D. my doc did not seem concerned about my son only saying mama, dada and hi (once in the while) so im not going to either . every baby grows at his own pace. but if u are still conserned just call your doc ... it does not cost anything to ask and thats what i do when im not sure about something :D

  4. zajaceks 27 December 2015

    my lil man still doesnt sleep through the night He wakes up atleast once for a bottle my oldest wasnt like this Am i alone any tips. I feed him before bed and give him cereal but he still wakes up atleast once.

  5. Wmelon77 27 December 2015

    Hello ladies!!! It's been so long since I've been on the website. There have been so many different things going on. I can't believe Koi is 9 months now. Wow, time really does fly by!! I am loving every moment of motherhood still. I can't believe that I still feel likt the first day I had him. The love is overwhelming. Koi can say 'Mama' and 'Dada' now, but he only says 'Mama' when he's eating. Maybe it's a gum thing. Oh, he's also so close to walking!!! I can't wait.

  6. mybeautifuldestiny 27 December 2015

    Tanya... tilt their heads like how? When Destiny was very little she always had her head tilted to one side and the doctor said it was Torticollis and she should do physical therapy to correct it... but she outgrew it on her own. We didnt do physical therapy bc she was already going thru everything with the harness for her hips so if we noticed her head tilted to the side we would straighten it out and then tilt it to the other side to stretch the muscle or put a toy on the opposite side so she would do it herself... I dont know if thats what made it go away or if she just simply outgrew it. You could google torticollis and see if that helps you at all... from what I know its fairly common in little ones and sometimes lasts until adulthood.

  7. i-am-pregnant 28 December 2015

    dulcianasmom, that stinks. My hubby can be the same way - Maddy is on formula now, but was ebf for 6 months and he blames that for why he doesn't go in... but he also never puts her to bed and has only got up with her in the morning maybe 5 times. We have went rounds about it as well. My husband often thinks we can just 'break' her easily of expecting mom when we need to. Men. I hope all gets better soon.

  8. NewMommaD 28 December 2015

    My LO got up 4 times last night!!!!! He is so inconsistent. Sometimes he never wakes up, sometimes once, etc. My DH has NEVER done a night feed and my LO is on formula and has been since 2 months. I think my LO would be upset too if I wasn't the one who would tend to him through the night. Once I went out and my husband had to tend to our LO around 9pm (he goes to bed at 7) and our LO was crying and looking around to see where I was. He never does that with me. My parents have offered to take my LO for an overnight so I can get a good night's sleep, but as much as I want to, I don't think it would be fair to my LO to wake up and not have mommy there. And my parents would be very tired too. He is still a baby and I figure he will eventually sleep through the night. Once I gave him cereal RIGHT before bed, along with his bedtime bottle to see if that would help, and he woke up and would not go back to sleep that night. My DH and I are not going to celebrate New Year's by going out this year because of our LO...but we're ok with that. I would be worrying about him probably anyway. We figure its only one New Year's (unless we have more kids???) and our LO is worth missing all the New Year's Eves for the rest of time!

  9. i-am-pregnant 28 December 2015

    OK ladies, need your opinion. Raegan is very healthy. She has never really had any problems with sleeping, eating, or milestones....with that said should I be concerned that at least 4 times a week I notice in the morning when she wakes up her eyes are swollen. You can tell her top eyelid is very puffy and her eyes are very squinty. Is this normal? It's been going on for a few months now and I forgot to mention it to my pediatrician the last time we went. I think if none of your babies are having the same problem maybe I should go ahead and call. Oh, and it goes away after she's been awake for about an hour. What do y'all think?

  10. TheClaudios 28 December 2015

    marchmomma--my LOs eyes get puffy when he wakes up but not swollen but he pretty much always been like that so i think its just normal...

  11. TheClaudios 28 December 2015

    marchmomma--i just posted a pic on my page of my LO w/'puffy' eyes..i had taken the pic right when he woke up its the last pic

  12. i-am-pregnant 28 December 2015

    Well, 2 out of 3 isn't bad....and if you count Raegan that's 3 out of our 4 babies that have a little puffy problem :) Thanks! Y'all made me feel better, I guess its pretty normal. Just curious, do your babies sleep on their stomach? Raegan always sleeps on her belly with her face planted into the mattress and her butt up in the air, I'm sure that doesn't help!!

  13. Mommy2Mason 28 December 2015

    mrsj- exactly!! you never know what your going to find and how trustworthy the site is. Yet, I find my self googling all sorts of things on a daily basis. You would think I would know better by now.... I sliced up a sweet potato (into fry size pieces) and tossed the pieces in olive oil then baked them for about 20 minutes on 450 and Mason devoured them! He ate about 3/4 of them! Obviously I didnt season them for him but I thought they were pretty damn tasty myself - they would have been better with a pinch of salt. He wont eat cut green beans or pureed green beans but he sure loves french cut green beans. I cant figure that out either. Hope you all had a wonderful christmas!

  14. bayshay25 28 December 2015

    I never posted on this forum yet so I decided I need other mommies to talk to......Brianna is doing soo good...9 months and 1 week old today...she is the best...but teething so doesnt sleep much at night..but it will pass..glad everyone babies are doing good....

  15. Sandy127962 29 December 2015

    zajaceks my little one still wakes every night at 3am for a feed. She goes to bed at 8 so technically it is sleeping through the night although I would like to sleep past that someday she will get there. My first slept through the night at 6 months so I guess I was just spoiled

  16. kalf 29 December 2015 little guys eyes are a little puffy when he wakes up...kinda like his Daddy when he wakes up! Sometimes his eye lid even looks a tad red...I think it's b/c he sleeps on his tummy (has been sine 2 months!)and rubs his face in the mattress and rubs his eyes when he wakes up/is sleepy

  17. vero3 29 December 2015

    Ok my little one has been vomiting here and there and having diarrhea for almost 4 days, but he be haves as usual playing and happy, maybe more naps probably tired or weak from loss of fluids, his diaper keeps leaking, I have cleaned so much poop, I am over it, well is there something going around any other babies sick? I hate going to the dr its always its normal or it will go away, thats all I hear. I tried giving him juices to hydrate a bit he hates water, but then he gets diarrhea like 5 mins later, I don't bother with pedialite, I have bought it for my 1st son , my daughter and my nephew, waste of money taste is not so good and they always refuse it. Oh hope we all had a Merry xmas, and have a happy new year

  18. Lissie 29 December 2015

    bayshay which teeth is your baby getting? Mine just got bottom 2 last week and seems to be getting more? chewing on everything like a crazy baby, drooling, and fussy waking up all night etc

  19. Lissie 29 December 2015

    My son seems no where near talking like this page says...My daughter was though.

  20. Lissie 29 December 2015

    fallintoautumn//I hope your baby is feeling better. My babies alwasy did start feeding better once they felt better. It's just part of the bf cycle I think. Miserable though right? It is the worst for me when they are teething/ill.

  21. bayshay25 29 December 2015

    lissie-problem is she has no teeth and i think the ones next to where her two front teeth would be are coming in...i call them the fang teeth...its cute because she now sticks her tongue out and in cause i think she fells that her gums are rough...i just want her to get some teeth already....bc i feels sooo bad for her when she is cranky..

  22. bayshay25 29 December 2015

    Brianna doesnt talk tiehr..i mean she makes noises and knows what some animals say and know things but no mama or dada or nothing yet...but she is almost walking...which i am not ready for

  23. Lissie 29 December 2015

    bayshay// Wow she is maybe focusing on the physical development then like most a lot of boys do :) I think my lil man doesn't know animal sounds yet--but they make him giggle. It's probably personality etc but I know I really need to read to him more. I read like crazy to my daugher and she learned to talk very early. My boy is the 3rd child and I just need to make the time to read! Don't worry my son JUST BARELY has teeth! My 2.5 year old didn't get his first tooth til 1 year old! It's frustrating though huh b/c they can't eat as many types of solids yet. At least mine couldn't.

  24. Mims 30 December 2015

    Guess who took their first baby steps!!!! My little stinker!!!!!!!!!! It was soo cute and adorable. He took two little steps from one sofa to another.

  25. TheClaudios 30 December 2015

    Has anyones LOs started to hide when taking a poop?? My little one has started this a few days ago ill catch him in the corner making a funny face lol

  26. i-am-pregnant 30 December 2015

    my daughter only has 1 tooth well have a tooth cuz its only half in... should i start feeding her stage 3 foods yet or any adult food?

  27. mfbrown 30 December 2015

    Noelle has 6 teeth and counting! More coming in! She's been a little moody but a good sport about it overall! She's eating us out of house and home though lol. She had 2 jars of food (with cereal in it) for dinner alone last night lol. And downed a bottle! And had some puffs! And was still ready for more. haha. :0) I've been letting Noelle try different foods of ours... like at Christmas dinner I gave her some potatoes with gravy... we mix real rice with her foods... she's had some real veggies... she likes to eat crackers. Popcycles she likes when she's teethy... :0) We are having a hard time getting her to use sippy cups though. She just wants to pour it. We've been trying to put her milk in there rather than a bottle but she's not interested... any help on that?

  28. Ktina78 30 December 2015

    Thanks for the advice everyone on my flu question! I hope everyone had a great Christmas with their LOs. Abby LOVED hers. She's been walking now since right before she turned 9 months and she says mama, dada, baba, baby, and bye bye in context. That's it though. We never taught her baby but she got a cabbage patch for Christmas and she opened it and said 'BABY' and now she carries it around with her and rocks it and kisses it. TOO CUTE! Where are our babies??!?

  29. GodsGift2Me 30 December 2015

    lety159, you should try the stage 3 foods, but don't push it too much. My daughter has 6 teeth and sometimes gags on stg 3 b/c she wants to swallow instead of mash it in her mouth. So sometimes I give her table food, stg 2 & 3 foods.

  30. GodsGift2Me 30 December 2015

    mfbrown, I would try the cups w/the built in straw. My daughter is the same way w/the sippy cup, and hates the bottle, but she will drink from the cup and straw.

  31. i-am-pregnant 30 December 2015

    My son isn't eating anything besides cereal and baby food...everytime he eats a whole jar or tries table food he throws it up. He has acid reflux and was wondering if anyone else has dealt with this or knows what to do. Next week is his doc appt. but for some reason this week he has been trying to eat my food like even crazier.

  32. cindy1989 30 December 2015

    [email protected] -so my son gags a lot . ever since he had this tummyvirus when he was 6 months and threw up a few times hes gotten very picky with foods and gags every time he eats solids ... i dont get it.. could it be the same ?

  33. i-am-pregnant 30 December 2015

    my LO will not even eat babyfood anymore - she hasn't for 2 months 0r so, once we started giving her bits of tablefood, that is what she wanted - I cut up whatever we are eating into tiny little pieces and she just feeds herself. I do manage to feed her applesauce or soemtimes bananas with cereal in the morning... she does have 6 teeth now, and it seems like more may be coming in the bottom on the side. She will 10 months on the 6th can't believe it!

  34. bayshay25 30 December 2015

    lissie- love the lil personalities they have...she giggles at the animals too..we have 2 chihuahuas and she laughs everytime they run after each other.... yeah i hate her not having any teeth bc she wants big girl food and she cant chew...she wants noodles but after gumming them to death she spits them out.... she eats so good by herself..with her puffs and strawberries and glad i have mommies to talk to bc my hubby has no idea...

  35. kalf 31 December 2015 son has 2 teeth and I give him some stage 3...doesn't really care for stage 3..He loves bread though! I give him an english muffin broken up with some applesauce spread on it and he loves it...they can gum just about anything! I think he doesn't care for stage 3 b/c it's not quite chewable or swallowable, but somewhere in the middle! The baby puffs and baby mum mum crackers are great because they dissolve. We do mostly stage 2 b/c it's the perfect size jar and then he always gets finger food after....puffs, cheerios, bread, he loves peices of rottiserie chicken, too!

  36. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    theclaudios - that is soo funny!! No - Raegan will go all day long in front of anyone who dare passes! But thanks for the cute mental image of your LO trying to ahem...take a dump while peeking around the corner!! CLASSIC! You should take a pic and use for blackmail later...or at least post to your profile so we can have a good laugh :) LMAO!!

  37. Wmelon77 31 December 2015


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