Hello, everyone.

Two months ago I found out that I’m unable to give birth to a baby. I’m married and my husband dreams to become a father. We decided not to give up and started the research. Our friends recommended us to adopt a kid. I think it’s because they already have one adopted boy and now they are going to adopt one more boy. The problem is that the adoption center offered us to adopt a 3 years old child. I definitely dream about a newborn. I want to feel his amazing smell, to feed him or her with milk and so on. It’s a real dream for me. I wanted to be a mother since childhood. Also, we have to wait for 1 or 2 years to get a baby. We were trying to get pregnant for 5 years, so we don’t want to wait anymore.

I read a lot of info about infertility. One of the most popular solutions is surrogacy.


I don’t know anyone who has used this service. That’s why I’m a little bit afraid. I just can’t imagine that some unknown woman will give birth to my baby. What if she starts smoking or drinking alcohol during her pregnancy? How will I control her? Is it possible?

I’m not sure if we have enough money for surrogacy, but if it really works… We’ll do our best. What other problems will I face if I choose the surrogacy? What should I pay attention to choosing the medical center?

I definitely have a lot of questions, because I want to realize my dream. You can’t even imagine how hard it is. I walk along the street looking at other parents with their kids and I feel terrible. I want to change my life so much. I want to get a baby!

So, adopt or surrogate?