Hello, everyone.

Two months ago I found out that I’m unable to give birth to a baby. I’m married and my husband dreams to become a father. We decided not to give up and started the research. Our friends recommended us to adopt a kid. I think it’s because they already have one adopted boy and now they are going to adopt one more boy. The problem is that the adoption center offered us to adopt a 3 years old child. I definitely dream about a newborn. I want to feel his amazing smell, to feed him or her with milk and so on. It’s a real dream for me. I wanted to be a mother since childhood. Also, we have to wait for 1 or 2 years to get a baby. We were trying to get pregnant for 5 years, so we don’t want to wait anymore.

I read a lot of info about infertility. One of the most popular solutions is surrogacy.


I don’t know anyone who has used this service. That’s why I’m a little bit afraid. I just can’t imagine that some unknown woman will give birth to my baby. What if she starts smoking or drinking alcohol during her pregnancy? How will I control her? Is it possible?

I’m not sure if we have enough money for surrogacy, but if it really works… We’ll do our best. What other problems will I face if I choose the surrogacy? What should I pay attention to choosing the medical center?

I definitely have a lot of questions, because I want to realize my dream. You can’t even imagine how hard it is. I walk along the street looking at other parents with their kids and I feel terrible. I want to change my life so much. I want to get a baby!

So, adopt or surrogate?

Hello, dear. I’m so sorry you are going through all these problems. But I definitely understand you. Infertility is a very popular problem nowadays. 20% of women are infertile. Thank God medicine is developing and the doctors found the solution. Unfortunately there’s no treatment, which lets you give birth to your baby by yourself. But, as you said, surrogacy is an option. I faced surrogacy 3 years ago, when I found out that I’m infertile. My husband found a great medical center in Ukraine. These people helped us realize our dream. So, I assure you that it works. I am a happy mother of 2 years old son. He was born by the surrogate mother. But my husband and me are his biological parents. The genetics of the surrogate mother isn’t transferred to the baby. It was really hard to see some unknown person carrying my baby. But I knew that I would get this baby as soon as he/she is born. This thought made me feel a bit better. We found out that our surrogate is pregnant in 21 days after the embryo transfer. It was the happiest day of my life. I found out that I’m gonna be a mom. The surrogate was under the doctor’s control for 9 months. So, I had nothing to worry about. I visited her twice a week. We were walking, reading and even talking to her stomach. Sounds strange, but I needed this. We had a great lawyer. He created a very good contract to protect us. There’s no chance that the surrogate will keep the baby. You have nothing to worry about.

You know, whatever you choose you will have to accept the baby born by another woman. But in case of adoption you will get a baby, which will not look like you. And if you use the help of the surrogate mother your baby will be genetically yours. It’s up to you, but I would better choose the surrogacy. I don’t know what is being infertile. My first baby was born when I was 18. I wasn’t married but my boyfriend was glad to hear the news. So, we got married when I was 5 months pregnant. Then, in 4 years, my second baby was born. It was a girl. Now I am a happy mother of 2 amazing kids. But, unfortunately, my sister, who is 3 years older, is infertile. She was 35 when her husband found the medical center in Ukraine. I won’t be surprised if it is the same center, which Amanda was speaking about. They really helped this family to become parents. The doctors offered them to use the help of the surrogate mother. They agreed because it was their last chance. And they do not regret! Now they are a happy parents of amazing boy. He looks exactly like his father. The preparation took a couple of weeks. Plus 21 days of waiting. In 3 weeks they found out that the surrogate is pregnant. The whole family gathered to celebrate it. I couldn’t imagine that modern medicine can do such a miracle. I wish every woman could become a mother. And I’m very glad that surrogacy was invented. It is a real miracle for infertile couples. Think twice before making a choice. I wish you good luck!