Currently, I am 16 Wks pregnant. About a week after i found out I was preggo, My friend at work found out too. We were so excited to be going through it together and constantly talked and compared. We have become closer over the past two months because of it. Yesterday she had her first scan of her pregnancy and the dr. told her that the baby was extremely small based on her dates (fetus only measuring 6 wks) and even though it had a heartbeat, They didn`t know if there is something extremely wrong with the baby. Is it possible that she may have miscarried without knowing it and got pregnant again immediatley? Has anyone heard of this? The dr. also said her hormone levels were very low. Also, I went to the dr. yesterday too and everything looked great and I scheduled my US. I feel weird getting excited around her because I know she is hurting but everyone at work keeps asking me how it went… I don`t want to rub it in, but its hard to hide my exitement. I realize this is kind of 2 questions but I need some advice! Thanks!