So my pregnancy has been nothing short of terrible, because throughout the entire thing, i had my bf telling me how disgusting i look…
anyways.. basically our entire relationship, he`s been really hurtful and mean, coldhearted..ect.. but i stayed, you know? it didnt really matter when it was just me dealing with this… because after 4 days of crap he`d be great for 2 weeks.. and then blow up again… ive moved out about 6 times in our 3 years togetehr.. and everytime i do a go back.. like i cant stay away..
everytime we have a disagreement the norm for him is calling me a cunt and telling me to get the fuck out… he says that im ruining his life with the baby, andhe wishes that he was having her with someone other than me… he`s just REALLY hurtful.. anyways.. last saturday we had another spat, which lasted something like 3 days.. i got the usual name calling, verbal abuse.. and i just though.. you know.. i dont need this shit. my baby , most of all, doesnt need this shit… so i packed my shit in the early morning while he was sleeping and im staying with my mother.
im due in 7 weeks.. and im scared out of my mind…
He called me on wednesday from 1045 pm to 5 in the morning. SCREAMING.. like ive never heard before… over and over i got phone calls.. it was INSANE. anyways by the last phone call he threatened to kill himself.. so i called the cops and had them take him to the hospital.
His mother has been harassing me with these freaking text messages.. calling me a liar , that her son would never threaten to kill himself, and i called the cops just to make him look bad.. which is ABSOLUTELY FALSE. anyways.. now theyre threatening to take me to court for full custody of my child.. though i have no idea on what grounds.
My bf.. or.. ex i guess, called me the day after all this, and cried for hours, saying things like.. he would change, go to anger managment… get a job ( yeah right) all kinds of things.. told me he loved me so much.. this jekyl and hyde shit is killing me. i dont know how to react, what to do. i would go back if it was just me.. but my child doesnt deserve to grow up thinking that this is normal. im scared…
can i lose my baby?? should i try to make it work?? does me staying with my mother make me a less suitable parent than him, if he`s working and got his own place??? i dont know what to do.. im so upset.. i just want to be happy, and theyre not leaving me alone.. theyre harassing me, and im 8 months pregnant.. who does that?!!?
should i give him a chance.. should i wait and see when the baby comes? should i stay with my mom and move on?? is my being here affecting my chances in court??? im not a bad person..though theyre making me feel like one.. i just want whats best for my baby and for me… 🙁 help 🙁

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