Okay, it sounds a little wacky, but hear me out. My daughter is almost nine weeks old and the past couple of weeks since she has been interacting with me more, I have noticed some stuff. First, sometimes when she was alseep in her boppy, I`ll look over and she is awake- staring intently at something in the air, smiling, and sticking her tongue out. When I walk up to her and say her name she`ll keep looking at whatever and then finally look at me and smile. Usually I can track what she is looking at, but not when she does this. Also in her nursery when I rock her, she look above me (at a white wall) and intently stare and smile- she has done that for a long while. I just thought her eyes were adjusting and all that, but now it looks like shes interacting with something. She eventually look back at me, but its just so weird. She does the same in my bedroom facing away from windows or lights- its weird. So weird. Does anyone elses baby do this or have you heard of someone elses baby do this???