So I need some advice…

I’m pregnant with my 4th child a girl. I have 3 girls from my past marriage. This baby will be his first. This pregnancy has been stressful complication after complication. I’ve been in pain since pretty much day one of the pregnancy. From bleeding to placenta previa to constant congestion that wont go away till I deliever to really bad veins on my legs that even with stockings my legs hurt to stand for anything long than 3 minutes. Honestly I don’t want to be in pain the whole shower faking a smile. It’s so bad I’ve been pulled out of work till I deliever. Anyways I personally don’t want a baby shower him and his family do. This baby will be their 3 grandchild on his side. Him and I are not getting along and are trying to figure out if we will stay together or not we live together but sleep in different rooms. So with everything going on a baby shower is the last thing on my mind I am not the type who likes to “put on a show” in front of people and act like we are doing great and so happy etc. So I’m thinking of saying no to the whole thing. We have 99% of the things we need from my other kids so we don’t really need the gifts. I’m just not sure if it’s bad to not have a baby shower. Thanks sorry for this being so long.

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