I am 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Yesterday afternoon around 5pm, I went to the toilet, when I wiped, there was blood…i noticed 1 small spot on my underwear (around 1mm big). I put on a liner, wore overnight, woke up this morning with 1 spot, again around 1mm big. When i wiped there was still blood.. a brownish red colour. It is now nearly 4pm (nearly 24 hours) later, and ive had no blood on the liner ive been wearing all day today, still blood when i wipe, but not as much. What is going on here? I freaked outside last night when i saw the blood, and had a good cry.. ive looked on so many forums, and it seems like im having a threatened miscarriage. Can there be a small amount of blood, and it not be a threatened miscarriage, maybe something else… very late implantation bleed? (is 6 weeks too late)
I will go to my doctor tomorrow and see. But my mind is just going crazy right now! 🙁