I gave hubs more say so in this little guys name since I picked our first sons name and today I told a lady that comes into our office all the time the name we were thinking of and her response was that it is awful and don`t name my kid that. It hurt my feelings because she is a `mother` like figure to me and I do value her opinion. I understand not everyone will LOVE a name you pick but the way she hated it really is making me second guess the name…even if you don`t like a name you are polite about it but she just outright said she hated it =( I do like the name and I am not against it-like I said hubs was the one that picked it out but now I am really having doubts… The name is Jace (like ace with a J) and my family seems to be all for it and supportive –first name that everyone in my family doesn’t seem to hate but now I think we need to start the search again and find a different name =(