So I am 15 weeks and I get to find out the gender of my baby next week. So I am going to tell you how my symptoms were and still are and you tell me your opinion. So I am super tired still and i had no morning sickness and my boobs weren`t tender till I was 9 weeks and they still don`t hurt that bad. I was urinating a lot. And my urine color is bright yellow(tmi). I am 20 years old and I want a boy but a girl is great too. My babys heartbeat is between 148 and 151. It kept moving so she couldn`t get an accurate number. As I said the baby moves a lot already so it`s very active. So what do you all think, boy or girl? Has anyone had the same symptoms and had a boy? Has anyone had the same symptoms and had a girl? Please share I am so excited to find out.

Melissamellish asked