Im at my wits end I dont know what to do.
My baby girl eats only minutes at a time, and no more then 8 times a day.
She gets so cranky after those few minutes and just cries! I do have a good flow of milk. I dont think its anything im eating. I have ate the same since she was born.
She was doing this a little bit a couple weeks ago. But the last couple days have been terrible!
I feel like my poor baby is starving.
She continues to act hungry after, but wont take the nipple.
But If i give her my finger she will suck on that fiercely.
She used to eat for a good half hour, now im lucky to get 10-15 minutes every 3 hours or so. She used to love to eat. Now she just screams.

The other day I noticed a bump on her gums, that looks like a tooth could pop out any time.

She doesn`t spit up or anything. No fever.
Something just is not right. And I feel so bad that I dont know what it is.

I give her gas relief drops, she still cries.
I give her tylenol, she still cries just minutes after she starts eating.

What could it be. I am so scared that she isn`t eating enough. But I dont want to give her formula, its just not natural.

I feel bad because there is a blizzard outside and we wont be able to go anywhere for a couple days at least.

I need help, what am I doing wrong?