Can you dilate and then un-dilate? I was told I was 1 cm dilated two weeks ago, and now the doc says I`m not dilated at all. Two different doctors.

Not only is this super disappointing and frustrating… For the past two weeks I`ve been proudly telling all my friends and family that I`m 1 cm….talk about taking the wind out of my sails! Sheesh!

Now I`m left wondering:
1.) Is it possible to dilate and then un-dilate?
2.) Which of the two doctors was wrong, if any?
3.) Am I dilated or not?
Has anyone experienced this or have any ideas on what could possibly be going on?
*On a side note: When I told the second doctor that two weeks ago the doc said I was dilated, she said he checked me wrong. I thought that was unprofessional of her… no?