I have a question, actually looking for direction. I`m sure this has been asked a million times before, but I wouldn`t have participated in the conversation previously because I thought I was having a girl thi time, and I already have 5 daughters. Is anyone circumsising(sp) their sons? I am an only child, so no brothers to relate this with, and I am NOT about to ask if my dad or step-dad was, because frankly Id rather NOT know that much about them,lol. My husband is the ONLY guy I have ever been with, so I can`t compare whats up. He is adamant that our son have it done. I have tried to read up on it, but I find one sided opinions with little medical fact. I said I would rather let him make the choice when he is older, like we do with our daughters getting their ears pierced. My husband said it is NOT the same thing,lol, and no grown guy would ever elect to have it done . I guess Im just worried about the pain of it, I`ve heard they don`t use any anesthesia? I vaccinate my kids for obvious reasons, and if it is just medically better on him to have it done, then no problem. I live in the US, and I think I read europe does not do it? I have people telling me it`s just for cosmetic reasons, others say it prevents disease, easier to clean, just a better decision. Just looking for opinions and support I guess, not trying to start a debate or fight between anyone.