hi girls. my husband and i were discussing it, and i think i may want to homeschool my children. it seems like the people that are having kids (in my area) that are around my kids ages are purposely raising their children to be little hoodlums! for example, my ex friends 2 year old daughter sings along to icp and flips people off. my best friends daughter beats other kids up! and my cousins kid is rude and spits in peoples faces, and punched my 70 year old grandmother in the face! and the kid is 3! and the parents think its hilarious! i would be horrified if my child was ever influenced by these types of kids. i could raise them right, but peer pressure does not discriminate. i feel like sheltering is not the worst thing. i mean… why NOT let my children stay INNOCENT as they should? people keep telling me its a bad idea tho! any thoughts? i would love some opinions! thanks