I am 37 years old and have an IUD. My LMP was 1/5/18. In the last week or so I have been nauseous all day, whether I eat or not, have had headaches, cramps, very vivid dreams (several dreams that I am pregnant), have been falling-asleep-at-my-desk tired and as of 2 days ago my breasts are feeling fuller and are so sore that I almost cried in the shower when my wash cloth brushed against my nipple. My IUD has been successful in preventing pregnancy for a number of years now. I checked to see if I could feel the strings a couple of days ago and couldn’t. Has anyone else gotten pregnant with an IUD in place?

I also forgot to mention that a pair of jeans I have that I wear a lot are suddenly tight when they were to the point of me having to pull them up all day but I haven’t gained any weight (I weighed myself this morning)