Ok all you girls that have tried the cry it out method and it worked for you I have an issue..My daughter is 7 months old this week and has NEVER fell asleep on her own but once about a month ago..She either has to have a bottle or needs rocked and sang too..It is alot of work and I mean this is at all nap times and bedtime and she still wakes up a few times a night..I am pregnant again and want this to change, so I have been trying the cry it out method or feuber method, but the problem is she gets even madder when I step in the room and talk to her or try to calm her..She thinks I should pick her up..So should I not even step in the room and just let her cry or do I still try to soothe her..I mean how can I soothe her and not pick her up and it isn`t going to work when she is still crying louder..Also she has been waking up at night once I finally do get her down at her bedtime at 12 she wakes up crying about every 2 hours..She just screams out in her sleep..I am not forsure what is causing it but I can pat her on the back or give her a few sips of her bottle and she falls asleep again, but it just concerns me why she does it..I would greatly appreciate some advice on how to fix this problem..Thanks Everyone.!!

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