Sorry about that. I accidentally posted it without explaining. Ok, so yeah, we are a bit young. Tony is 20 and I am 22. Before we got pregnant, we`ve been talking about it for months. It really wasn`t officially planned, but we knew there was a high change and he was always so assuring that if it happens, he will always be there with me emotionally, mentally, and financially. He said all the right things to make me believe that he would put me and the baby first. Well, fast forward to now, I am 16 week pregnant and last night we had a blow up. It`s because the past week, I noticed him seeming to avoid me. Well that`s what I felt. He would go to sleep as soon as he gets home and not even say good night and I had a fever a couple nights ago and he didn`t seem concerned and kept falling asleep even though I told him I was worried and needed emotional support and a few days ago, he stayed out really late and didn`t try to contact me. He said his phone died, but I found out he was with his friend who had a phone and he was still at work working on a school paper. There are phones there. So I told him all this last night and added that I feel like he`s not spending much time with me. He got all defensive and said he is. He just didn`t seem to want to listen to my side at all. After barely talking to him for 3 mins, he said on that note, I`m walking away and left the house. He did not come home all night and is still out this morning. Not picking up my calls or anything. Now I just feel like he`s not ready to be a father because he can`t seem to be here emotionally for me. Am I just really overreacting? Please help!! Any advice will do. I`m an emotional wreck!