I went in for an u/s this morning. My original due date, according to last period, was October 13th. I started to worry when the u/s tech asked if I was sure on my date. Baby measured right at 6 weeks. Heartbeat was 84, which doc said should be up over 100 next week. I return next Friday for another u/s. I should either hear good news or bad news then. Doc said I could have ovulated late, which she said is very common in older women. I forgot to mention to her that I am also breastfeeding, which maybe that could be a factor in ovulation changes. What do you gals think? I am obviously shaken and upset, wondering if this is the beginning of the end. Although doc did say that if I had come in expecting to be 8.5 weeks and only measured 6 with NO heartbeat, then there would be reason for concern. Anybody have a similar experience? Thanks