I have been on iron pills since 6 months pregnant, it started with 1 extra iron pill a day and the anemia has not resolved itself and in fact gotten worse, I am now on 3 iron pills a day along with my daily prenatal… Needless to say having some stomach issues as well… My iron levels have dropped from 10 to 9.7 at this point… I am being induced on Tuesday and already know that Blood Transfusions are very likely to be needed, but I am very scared about losing too much blood too quickly… I think that I will be fine in the hospital because they can moniter the blood levels but am worried because my Dr. told me that I don`t have any room to bleed during birth (whatever that means, everyone bleeds during birth right?)… so my question to you all is if you are anemic and have given birth what was your experience with that?? Blood Transfusions? Did you pass out?? also would Doctors carterize (sp?) your vagina to stop blood loss??? that sounds painful… I also would like to know any information on the `after bleeding` process, those 4 – 6 weeks after giving birth that you bleed… Does my anemia mean that I will not be able to clot that blood coming out after birth? Thanks guys.