I have read most women asking for advice on what kind of diet to have during the period of trying to conceive. while it a foregone conclusion that factors like anxiety, depression and even age can have a greater impact, they area of diet is in many cases brushed off.
Many people would prefer to have babies when they are financially capable and in sound mind. However, issues of reproduction are influenced by several other factors, bordering on the body hormones.
The food a woman eats can have greater impact on the functions of body hormones. However, in many of the cases, these dietary loopholes take a toll on the operations of the other body organs, which can have an influence on how the body works.
Cases of ovarian infertility, which may be the first associate of diet in infertility exist in relative numbers as compared to the other forms of infertility. The conclusion was arrived at when two forms of carbs came into focus.
Certain diets like hard to digest carbs may not be appropriate for women who are trying to be pregnant according to the available data. On the other hand, certain forms of easy to digest carbs increase chances of fertility as well.
Checking your weight, lifestyle and mood, which is all dependent on a diet can shield a woman from the risk of infertility. Is this the golden rule, what do you think?


Hi I think a healthy diet can increase your fertility. Addition to this, a healthy diet can make your body disease free. In my dictionary, a healthy diet is that diet which is filled with vitamins and nutrients and contains the least amount of cholesterol. Fruits, green leafy vegetables, milk, and its by-products, fresh vegetables etc. come under healthy diet. But, you must not forget to do daily exercises, yoga, meditation etc. In total, you must follow a healthy routine to stay fit. Try to achieve your body weight to be approximately equal to body mass index. You can calculate your body mass index by a very simple formula – 24 multiplied by height again multiplied by height. But, here remember to measure your height in meters.

Hi dear. Those who did not follow a healthy diet were six times more likely to experience infertility related to ovulation than women who did. Following healthier dietary and lifestyle habits was also related to decreased odds of experiencing infertility due to other causes, such as endometriosis, although not as strongly as for ovulatory disorder infertility. There are many factors affecting fertility. Diet influences some of these, particularly egg and sperm health and ovulation, but there are many other factors at work, such as prior injury or infection, age and its strong influence on egg number and quality, and anatomic abnormalities of the uterus and fallopian tubes–problems that cannot be addressed with diet. Folic acid and iron are “both very important in DNA replication and in the maturation of the egg prior to ovulation, and folic acid may improve the response of the ovary to follicle-stimulating hormone. I hope the details I gave you on a proper diet will help you if you want to know more you can consult a good gynecologist. I did consult one in Ukraine who helped me a lot with his tips.

Hi Frida! I totally agree with your point of view that proper diet plays an important role in your fertility. You need to be healthy and fit if you want to increase your chances of fertility. I have seen it with many people. Recently one of my family members was having a problem of infertility. She consulted different gynecologists and all of them told her to improve her diet as she was not having any sort of disease. She had a proper diet plan for months and after some months she got pregnant. All was because of the proper diet she was having. Doctors suggest different diet plans for you as they are beneficial and essential for the fertility. As a women has to give birth to a baby means that she has to be much strong to handle two lives. Most of the diet plans suggested have very less cholesterol in them. the main focus is that you eat different fruits and vegetables that provide you vitamins and other essential nutrients for your body. I can not have a baby because of a heart disease and i am having proper treatment. My gynecologist has also suggested me a proper diet plan so i remain healthy in such conditions too. I may get a cure any time and my health is very important for my fertility chances. I hope you will get to know the importance of a proper diet in my comment. Take care.