Okay, so i just want some females advice. My husband and i have been together for 5 years and we have been married for almost 3 year we have 3 kids together. I found out that he has been sexting someone. So let me start off with this we got together after knowing each other for a few years we got pregnant and after the birth of our 1st child he was deployed overseas and when he came home i found photos in his bag that i was unpacking he told me it was a friend and that she sent him packages while he was deployed. but lied to me saying he didnt give her the address and told me that it must have been his mother that had given it to her. I asked his mother and she said no. he then told me that he gave it to her and that he was talking to two other girls while he was deployed. we worked through it and have been fine. we then bought a house together was pregnant with our 2nd baby and got married everything fine (as from what i thought) then we got pregnant with our 3rd everything fine until i just had a bad feeling and looked at his phone and there it was texts from the same girl he talked to before. they were talking about meeting up and he was saying for her to wear a skirt. there was a photo of her that he asked for and him saying she looked good and always does. i confronted him about it and at first he said it was a guy that he was at work he was texting and joking with and then he was say it was nothing. I was beside myself and still am (almost a year later). We sat done with his mother to get advice and she didnt really know what to say but to go get counseling which we did. we went together once and then he was supposed to go on his own to figure out why he did it. but he went maybe twice and never went back. I asked him why he hasnt been back but he says he is to busy yet he will sit on the sofa playing games on his phone. So we talked and he told me that over the past 4 years he has been sexting her sending nude photos back and forth. he has done this while at drill (not home) and while he is at home in the other room while i am home in the living room with our kids. I have lost all trust in him and cant seem to get past this i dont know what else i can try to do to work on things. when i bring it up he just tries to defend himself and says that he doesnt talk to her anymore. but I was the stupid one for not seeing this happening for the past 4 years. I feel completely lost and alone. I dont want to talk to anyone in my family about it because i dont want them to change how they feel about him. I think he thinks everything is so okay and i forgive him because our 3rd child was born premature at 34 weeks and had to stay in the NICU so i broke the not talking with him and it seemed like things were better because i was a mess with my baby not being completely healthy. The thing that gets me is that he said he was going to try his best to work on himself by going to counseling taking texting off his phone and figuring out why he did what he did. almost a year later and he has yet to do any of that. I just need some advice what would you ladies do?? Thank you so very much.