I am trying to conceive from last few years. It’s been a long time to my lost child. I have no idea what should I do to get pregnant again. I am trying all the things to get what I want in my life. I feeling so empty without a baby.

I had been trying and trying and sharing my stories with doctors and nurses to get rid of the infertilty issue. some people said that I have egg issue and some issue with the periods.

I still figuring out the way to get everything that I want in my life. I hope I get right advice here.


First of all, I want to suggest you to handle this horrible situation in your life with positive attitude toward life. You can easily handle this horrible problem in your life with positive thinking and positive affirmation. You can read positive books to boost your confidence to face this horrible problem in professional way. You should not lose hope there are 20% women who face same problem like you. Today we are living in advance digital world. There are millions of medical expert researching day and night to get reliable solution of infertility. It is very important to make proper planning to conceive effectively like me. You can start your planning with natural way and go for advanced medical research based treatment to defeat your fertility problem. You should not miss this golden opportunity in your life to get real time benefits in limited time period to conceive effectively to enjoy life root life to become complete mother in your life. I can understand your mental stays at this horrible situation with stress and depression. Stress and depression are responsible for infertility. You can easily over an this horrible situation with effective yoga and meditation that is reliable method to reduce stress and depression to provide full relaxation to whole body to get sudden magic effect on your health within one week. You should very active to understand your body signal very well. You should understand the importance of a proper balance in your hormone system that is directly connected to reproduction system well working to conceive. It is very necessary to have high hemoglobin in blood that you can keep in balance your blood with rich iron food.

Hello, dear. I understand you like no one else. I’ve been fighting infertility for 5 years. Doctors were trying to assure me that I would get pregnant soon. But nothing happened. When I turned 35 I understood that I need an extra help. My husband was so disappointed. When we got married he told me that he dreams to become a father. He has always wanted to have a son. I was afraid because I thought he could leave me alone. I also wanted to become a mother. But not a single mother! I joined a lot of forums and blogs, which were writing about infertility. I believed that there is a solution. We didn’t want to adopt. But in case if we don’t find the solution…we will do it. That’s what I was thinking about. Thank God I found a couple, which is also infertile. But they have two amazing sons. Not adopted! They are their biological parents. I started asking questions. That’s how I found out about surrogacy. I can say it is something unreal. You get your baby without being pregnant. The doctor takes your eggs and your husband’s sperm. And the embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother. It takes 21 days to find out if it worked out. Now I am a happy mother of 2 years old son. He is amazing! My husband loves him so much. They spend a lot of time together. They go for a walk, read books, they even cook. Can you imagine? Our dream came true. The surrogacy fulfilled our dream. I wish you could feel the same. There’s nothing more pleasant than being a parent! And it doesn’t matter in what way your kid was born.

Hi sofia! It is very heart breaking to know about your infertility issues. I feel happy to help you in such a condition because I know how does it feel in such conditions. I am also going through the same issue for about 2 years. I have been trying to conceive but there has been no positive result in these years. I got my complete checkup that why is it happening because it made me a very depressed person. After the checkup I came to know that I am suffering from a heart diseases that is not letting me have my own baby. I suggest you that you should also have a proper treatment and know what is the reason behind this issue. I hope you will know the answer to it. Get a good gynecologist for your treatment who should be an expert and sincere to the patients. Get your partner with you so that he proves to be your strength and believes in you. Don’t ever lose hope because there are many other women like us facing this issue. Have a proper treatment for it. I know how it feels not to have your own baby but what to do. We have no choice but have patience and fight against this issue. I hope you get well and have a lot of babies.