My daughter is only 20 months old and definitely not capable of being independent or even remotely self sufficient. When I found out I was pregnant again, I made sure to make arrangements for help and support with the only available family I have (mom).

Today I received a call from her saying that she starts a fully one job this coming Thursday and won`t be able to help me. I am due in 10 days! I had no one else to rely on and now I`m alone. My husband works up north and is not planning to take time off because of financial reasons.

I am now terrified of what is going to happen. Hubby goes back to work Monday leaving Klaira and I to fend for ourselves ( not a big deal) but I am scared shitless to go into labor alone with a 20 month old who is relying on me. My husband will be 7 hours away and I just don`t know how I`m going to take care of a toddler, go into labor with a toddler who needs me and get myself to the hospital.

What scares me more than that is the fact that I will now be coming home from the hospital with no one to help me. I will be in pain, exhausted, and alone. I dot know how I`m going to do it.
I made all these plans with my mother so this wouldn`t happen and it didn`t matter because she broke them anyways. I went from being excited to have my son, to being desperate and scared and extremely panicked. With one phone call I am living my worst nightmare.

I don`t want to do this alone and right now I can honestly say I wish I wasn`t pregnant at all. I am not prepared to do this alone. I am terrified and really panicking.