Hello, forum visitors! I need your advice.

Well, I am going to turn to IVF. I am 42 and it is the only way for me to have a baby. I really want to make my family full and big. My spouse wants it too. But I am a little afraid of the procedure. So it is so helpful not only for me! I am sure that this information is needed by the other women too. Thank you for it. I am worried a bit. Hope that it will be worth of it. Of course I try to believe in myself. Choosing the clinic is very responsible and serious step. I completely understand it. And I know that I should to start with it. I hope that my first attempt will not be a failure. I know that it depends on doctors and your health. I don’t know what clinic to choose. How to make the right choice? Is there any sense to visit different clinics? I know that IVF program is the same all over the world, so I am going to pass tests not in one clinic. Now I try to learn as much information as I can. I want to do all that I can to achieve my goal. So, maybe you can tell me something useful? Maybe something about clinics? Or about the procedure in general? Hope you will help me. Thank you so much.

Answered question

Hi Amily, don’t be scared… everything will go smoothly! Remember you might need more than one transfer for success and it’s even better if you go for ICSI+IVF presuming your husband will also be around your age. You need to choose a clinic that specialises in premenopausal women to give it the best shot. Also, please get a through sperm analysis for your DH and consult the viability of your eggs based on the hormonal level reports. Women at your age might have egg quality problems, sometimes it can be helped with supplements like DHEA etc sometime doesn’t. I understand the need for being the biological mom but in case the chance looks slim with OE, it’s best to consider donor conception IVF. Yes, you’ll probably have to compromise being the biological mother but then you’ll experience both gestation and motherhood. Good Luck!

IVF helps with fertilization, embryo development, and implantation, so you can get pregnant. It is the best and very effective treatment. You should not need to afraid.