I`m 20 and had an unexpected, but no less joyful pregnancy. At 6 weeks I found out, having gone to planned parenthood for birth control. When I got my first sonogram, at a women`s Health clinic (which also does abortion) she said that sac was 17mm. After doing research I found that 17m is around the size of the sac at 9 weeks. I`m confused. I know I didn`t get pregnant earlier. I was a virgin up until May 6th, 2010. I`m now 8 weeks. And I personally feel that my stomach looks more pertruded. But, I can still suck it in and look normal. And you can`t see anything when I`m laying down. I`m normal weight, so I know it`s not extra fat. But, I`m still confused about measurements. I`ve yet to go to another Dr. Money is tight. Is there any suggestions for this? Am I going to have a huge baby?