Hello ladies,

I wanted to know what some of you ladies know about miscarriage.

Here is my story:

My lmp was July 2nd. The date that I concived was July 8th. I ovulated from the 8th-13th. So I should be around 8 weeks now.

On July 30th I bleed not alot in the morning (brown blood) and spotted during that day and a little the next day. There hasn’t been anymore bleeding since then.

I went to the er are they they did blood work and an ultrasound sent me home. I did more bloodwork (so many i can’t even remember) my hcg levels never doubled in the 2 to 3 days like it should it took a whole week to double and they are just over 13k now.

The ultrasounds showed a sac but nothing until today they found a yok and fetal pole and heartbeat of 72. The ultrasound tech said ” I see something but doesn’t look text book to me. Kind of looks like its progressing but not the way it should”. A nurse called me and ssid pretty much the same thing. But the doctor wants to do another ultrasound.

I feel like they know its a miscarriage but want to cover themself because there is something there. I don’t know what to think. I had one nurse tell me that a week ago they were going to schedule my D&C and then now another doctor saying no another ultrasound. I can’t even feel happy about my pregnancy because i may lose the baby. Everything i read say at 8 weeks a heartrate of 72 is 91% miscarriage. I sick of waiting and want to know. The doctors and murse just keep telling me what to do when i start to bleed etc its like they already know the answer.

Has anyone had this happen or anything close?
Thanks ladies