Ok so this isnt really a pregnancy question.. But i didnt know where else to ask..just wondering what u guys would do if u were me. So i have a 19mo old son and a 3 mo old daughter..i got engaged on nov 1st..now all our families are asking us when the date is but we havnt decided yet. We were kinda thinking next summer or the yr after but my MIL keeps saying this summer, but we both agreed thats way too soon. Another thing is my fiance wants another baby..but i kinda think 2 is enough, esp cuz i wanna start going back to school or work and i really wanna get my body back. It feels like im over stressing about everything right now, esp my weight. Ive lost 39lbs since aubree was born sept 26th..i still have 10 more lbs to go to get to my goal weight of 135. Im now looking into getting a `mommy makeover` which will roughly cost me 6000-8000. But now that the hubby wants another one im debating when and if i should get it done..and if we do have another baby i wanna have it soon cuz i dont wanna wait till our first 2 are 3-4 then hafta start all over again. I dunno what to do…getting married,starting school/work.. Loosing weight and getting surgery…i think im just over stressing..oh nd im 20yrs old btw 🙂