I just want some peoples opinions whether they are bad or good. Need to know whether I am being selfish or not. I have been married for a little over a year. We have been together for about 1 1/2 years. I got pregnant about 2 weeks into our relationship. Well back to the beginning of this I moved up to kentucky with my mom and stepdad to get away from a ex bf. well my mom and stepdad moved back to my hometown. Well so i am stuck here without knowing anyone except my husband. I have no friends, I never leave the house except to pay bills and buy groceries. I feel so isolated. My husband works alot and when he is home, he is on the computer or watching tv. he doesn`t spend time with me anymore or with our daughter (except for a few mins). I am the only one that takes care of her. He does nothing. If i say can you feed her or change her daiper he says well can you go to work tomorrow. he is just being a smart ass. I can`t stand it anymore. I cook, clean the house and take care of her. Can`t he just help me out a little bit. I have no friends or anything. I am debating whether to move back to my hometown. I have tried talking to him but he gets mad and doesn`t want to talk. I love him but I am so miserable. I need some advice.