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You know, my friend needs your help. Just an advice, nothing more. She is 40, and she cannot get pregnant. She turned to IVF. Unfortunately, it was a failure. Now she is frustrated. She doesn’t know what to do. She really wants to be a mother, but because of this failure she hesitates. She is not sure that she may continue. She is just afraid that the next attempt will not be successful too.

She is married and has a wonderful husband. He is always with her. He says, that he is ready to try again. He wants to continue trying to make his family full. But his wife can’t get herself together. So, maybe somebody was in the same situation? Or maybe somebody have heard about such stories and knows what to do. Please help. Any advice will be useful. I don’t know how to encourage my friend. I know that I need support her, but I don’t know how to do it better. As far as I know IVF works in 90%. And failures are only in the other 10%. Unfortunately, my friend wasn’t lucky. But I am sure, that she will able to become a mother. Now I want her to be more confident in herself. How I can’t achieve it? Thanks for any advice. Hope, that my friend will be fine.

Answered question

Sorry to hear about this. Your friend firstly has to be positive and hopeful. Changing your mind towards a certain situation can determine whether or not you will have a positive outcome. Encourage her not to lose hope. It’s also great that her husband is by her side.